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A commenter asked for more info on my workouts. Basically, how I stay so lean and mean doing this eating thing.

When I started eating in the fall of 2005, my first rule of engagement - then and now - was to not do any visible harm to my body. I didn't want my insides to go to shit either, but just be smart about it and they won't. For 34 years (well, not from birth - from about age 10 or so.. We'll say 24 years) up to that time in 2005, I had been very good with regards to working out, eating healthfully, and staying very fit. And not really enjoying eating - it was more of eating to meet caloric needs of the human machine so I could be more fit. I love to take on new challenges, step outside the societal norms, and live life the way I want. With eating, I got those challenges, new tastes, and could do it my way.

That's why I hold the IFOCE in high regard - through them I got into this eating world, through them I found a new outlet, and through them I discovered new challenges. Without the IFOCE to legitimize this whole eating scene, I wouldn't be eating today. Thanks, IFOCE! But more on that whole thing later.

If you've seen my weight charts, you will see there are definitely spikes, but the overall trend is an identifiable undulating average. Over the years I have conditioned my body to want to be at the settled average. So the weight spikes with the food, but then my body does a lot of work to get back down. And then I take steps to help the body as well. Normally a specific challenge is 3 days long. Day 1, the day before a challenge, I don't conscientiously eat less but I do eat foods that for me are easier to digest. Maybe rice, pasta, cheese, chicken - like that. Day 2 is challenge day. Say the challenge is at 2pm. Breakfast is usually a protein shake or a bit of cereal. 6 hours before the challenge time is my food cutoff time - that means no food solid or otherwise. Liquids like water or Gatorade are OK until the 2 hour cutoff. When that hits, I can take a few sips of water. Then I do the challenge. Normally I will not want to eat again that day. Day 3 is about recovery. I eat pretty much the same as on Day 1. I try to get in a workout. Usually I recover somewhat and feel "normal" after this day. If not, I do it again each day until I have recovered, feel good, and my weight stabilizes where it was before the challenge.

Workouts in the few days leading up to a challenge, and for a few days after a challenge, are heavier on the cardio. Stationary bike, or newly added, an elliptical machine with moving arm poles. The bike gives me a better cardio workout than the elliptical but I dig the elliptical because it is a good cardio workout with involvement of the arms. Better overall I think. I also lift weights in these times but perhaps the weight is lighter with more reps and less rest between sets so I get good burn with added cardio. Workouts that are outside the challenge/recovery window are less about cardio and more about - not getting "big" but increasing the maximums. Each session includes the usual bench press, curls, leg press, etc. I don't do the legs one day, shoulders the next routine. I like more of an overall workout each time. I mix up which exercises I do when in each workout so my body doesn't get in a rut.

It's not like I do anything special. It's not easy. It's work. But I know my body and I know what needs to be done. I know what my body can do and what it takes to make sure the first rule is not violated.

I think it's so funny when people say "you eat like that so you have no self-control" or something like that. As you can see from above, it's all about self-control, discipline, and being very aware of what I am doing.


Blogger Tom said...

Thanks for this info, I find it very interesting.

I have a similar method of maintaining weight only my spikes aren't quite as high as we don't have eating challenges in the UK - so I have to improvise lol.

Do you count calories or just use your intuition day-to-day?

Anonymous Teddy said...

How often do you work out? Like, amount of times per week and hours per day. Thanks! Your eating abilities are amazing, dude!


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