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More Peanut Butter!

That's me a bit richer and a bit fuller right after the 1-on-1 eating contest and eating challenge at the Rock Rest Lodge in Golden, Colorado on Feb 13th.

It was a great night. Good show, good crowd, and good fun. Beeg and J-Gro there for support. Also J-Woww and her kiddos.

GM Bob scrambled, and after some quick foot work he rustled up some competition. And it was some competition!

When we took the stage and began the 1-on-1 challenge, we were neck and neck. I went after the peanut butter burger by going one patty at a time and then leaving the top and bottom buns until after the patties were gone, and then eating a bacon burger - buns, onion, tomato, lettuce, and the bacon. DC approached it: eating two open-faced double-patty bacon burgers.

DC & I a few moments in

DC digs in

We both got all the burgerage down at about 13 minutes or so. Then it was on to the fries. He picked at them. I balled the fries. Luckily for me, he pretty much hit the wall with a few handfuls of fries left.

I kept going. I cleared my tray at about 25 minutes. But it took a little longer to clear it down, and I stopped the clock at 25:32 which is 4:09 better than my last time. Twice on the Wall of Fame! Woohoo!

Rock Rest has a gallery on Facebook of the head-to-head challenge

I have uploaded pictures here.

The Wall of Fame before the 1-on-1 challenge

J-Gro on the right: "Don't look, just eat!". Big ups to MC Guinness for keeping the crowd in it for 25 minutes!

Bob has put together a delicious menu at Rock Rest. Sure, with the bar service you can get whatever you want but the food is killer! If you don't want to try the peanut butter burger challenge then try the peanut butter burger on the menu which is one patty, less bacon, less cheese, and less fries. But really, try anything on the menu - you can't go wrong!

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