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Hot Wings!

I mean H-O-T Wings. At the Rock Rest Lodge in Golden, Colorado, Chef Badger has recently gotten his hands on a supply of ghost peppers. You'll remember I first met ghost peppers when I attempted the Undertaker Challenge at LBS in Las Vegas in December.

That's a serving of 8

2nd 8 were hotter than the 1st

A packet of saltines for scale

Rock Rest is pretty well-known in Denver for serving up the best chicken wings in town. And the BIGGEST chicken wings in town! These things are HUGE!

And absolutely delicious, too. The chicken is tender and it's juicy. And with ghost pepper sauce it's unbelievable. Insanely hot, yes. But phenomenal. The ghost pepper wings are not on the menu yet, but hopefully they will be soon.

First bite

They're hot

But delicious!

Flakes of ghost pepper

Wow, HOT!


Hi Frank!


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