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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver


Everyone who lives in Arizona – as well as anyone going to Arizona (particularly Phoenix) – should check out accentral.com! They have all kinds of news and views about all things Arizona. Their newest feature is restaurant reviews done by regular citizens. This is a great idea! The feature is called "Chow 'n' Tell". Readers can then comment on the reviews. Azcentral.com has a huge reach in the area so lots of people can benefit from the reviews. Sure the reviews will center around phoenix restaurants but anything is the Azcentral.com viewing area is a potential to be reviewed.

So before you go there (Phoenix), go there (Azcentral.com).

My Latest

You might already know that I gotta watch The Real World. I am not proud about it but whatever. But now I have found another MTV "reality" show that is much, much more embarrassing to admit that I watch:

Yes, Taquita & Kaui. It's pronounced Cow-eee. Anyway, the Happi Inn is on my must-see list in Las Vegas.

Yo Quiero

Check this out! I gotsta have my Taco Bell even more than the next guy. Just stay away from the cream!!

Yeah I have always skipped the sour cream. Normally I skip any condiments. Sour cream tastes like crap, smells like crap, and any of this crap totally makes it so you cannot savor the flavor of the food you are eating. Like most toppings, it is just empty calories. Anyway.

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A faculty member at Capella University has co-authored a great new book on Appreciative Coaching. More or less it is psychology and life coaching. The book, "Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change", is about using questions and mindfulness to bring about positive change. It deals with Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny. It is good stuff so check it out.

Capella University is a full-accredited online university that has many programs that allow you to get a college degree. They have students from all 50 states and 56 countries. Capella must be good to have that draw! See what they can do for you!

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1 Down

Of course it is very, very early in the 2008 presidential process, but the democrats had their first debate last week. All the candidates have their list of what they would do if elected. And we all know it takes money. Taxes will rise no matter what. We know that. But the candidates never admit taxes will go up. But John Edwards actually said he would raise taxes. We will see how long before his chances tank.


Billy at SupersizedMeals.com has opened the store! Right now there are two kinds of shirts and one kind of boxer shorts. The stuff looks hot! I think his logo is one of the best I have ever seen! It is easy gift-giving any time because what eater would not love it!!

California Dreaming

Looking to live in luxury? If you are then head to Southern California. San Diego, La Jolla, Coronado, Rancho Santa Fe, and other communities in the area exude luxury in certain spots. And with the increasing number of people moving to the area and with the money they have then you can understand the median home price trend. Del Mar: $1.2 million. La Jolla: $1 million. Rancho Santa Fe: $2 million. Wow! But if you have the money and that is what you want, thendreamhomesmagazine.com features San Diego Homes and is the website you have to check out! These areas are very nice, and with the help you can find you can make the right move!

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Yeah! This page is pretty cool! It is perhaps mildly disturbing but it is what it is. I have always been interested in bodily functions, but even more so since beginning to eat in late 2005 so I find this fascinating. Enjoy!

I think many of these people are making themselves puke and that cheapens it somewhat but if that's what they want to do...

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This is from some photos that I have been wanting to post but had not gotten around to it..

Last month I went up to Steamboat to snowshoe and stuff. This is on the drive back from Steamboat. How is this for a view! (Click on it and enlarge it to get the full effect)

UK Mortgages

To many people in the United States the thought of mortgages in the UK is weird. It is kind of like they think people over there do not buy houses or maybe the monetary differences just cloud things up. Well, they are just like us. They buy houses and houses there are expensive just like they are here so people need to finance the purchase. There is a great site for UK Mortgages.

You will find mortgage info, calculators, and much more. Mortgage rates over there are not well-understood here, but the situation is pretty much the same. Rates rise here, then they most likely rise there. But go to the website and check it out. You might learn something.

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If you are going to Hawaii and are looking for luxury accommodations, you have gotta check this! Gebhart Properties launched a new website with some luxury homes to rent on the Big Island. They also have a Maui Condo up. The homes and the condo are first-rate – luxurious amenities, spacious sizes, custom furnishings, and classy artwork. Each rental they have sleeps many people so you can all split the cost. Each also has views, pools, and beaches! Want to read more? Go to the website. Have every one of your expectations met. Browse Gebhart and make your vacation unforgettable. You will be glad you did!

Hello Spring!

Finally a good spring storm! It started as rain last night, then slowly became snow today. Stayed in the 30s so it never got cold enough to be real snow. Big flakes. Wet. VERY sloppy. And very windy.

This is at work looking out a window. Snow, bee-otch!

Here I am on the light rail after leaving work. You can see the soaked coat, but beyond that I did not capture just how soaked I am.

The dogs were kind of wet. Honey, you can tell she's wet. Max always looks pretty much the same.


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Money Money Money

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Cheesesteak Tour - Part 2

Here is Part 1.

We did what we had to do in Canon & Florence, and then headed back. In Colorado Springs we hit the second cheesesteak stop on the tour today: Taste of Philly. Same restaurant as before but this is their Colorado Springs - North location. And it turns out there were differences between this location and the other location.

In Canon City we did see something interesting. We saw Uncle Rico. Well, not him but we saw his van. He was sleeping I guess. Uncle Rico. Napoleon Dynamite. Anyway.

The picture doesn't show it too well, but the van has a trailer hitch on the front. Front?!?

Here's the inside of this Taste of Philly. Bigger, lighter and cleaner than the other location.

My Pepper Philly is on the left. T-bone got the Chicken Mushroom Philly. It's cool that they have one grill for the meats and another separate grill for chicken. Yeah.

As earlier, the sandwich is not lacking a lot of hot meat:

And juicy. Hot, juicy meat.

Same good bread. The philly here is actually better than the one before. Maybe it's a function of time, too. But here there seemed to be more meat in the PCS, and more juice = more better.

And here's after. That's a better mark than before:

So overall, this location was better today. Not that the other one was shabby in any way but the sandwich here was meatier, it was juicier, it was delicious. And as before, Honey and Max gave their samples two thumbs up.

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Lock It Up

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What is it? It is compression but more secure because of the algorithm used to lock it up! You can protect any data you want, and it is so easy because it can seamlessly do what it does when you want. And for a limited time it is free! What can be better than that?

Go to www.securezip.com now!

Cheesesteak Tour - Part 1

The setup is here.

We pile in the E and head down just before 9am. I have not had a philly cheesesteak before so I don't know if the time is good or not. How big is it? How greasy is it? I don't do cheese anyway, so how will that be at 10am or so. Oh well, see how it goes.

Below is a shot of Pikes Peak from the highway. Colorado Springs sits right below Pikes Peak, so the scenery is cool and the mountains-related recreational opportunities are very close. I wouldn't mind living there but the population is heavily skewed toward thumpers.

First stop, Taste of Philly. It's just after 10am. We've driven by it a lot but never noticed it because 1) before now it was like who cares, and 2) it's wedged in between a dive motel and a laundry place so there always were other things to look at.

The menu is not too extensive. "Colorado Springs' Best" Cheesesteaks, hoagies, wraps, salads, Tastykakes. Their cheesesteaks have melted white American cheese. From what I've seen and read, a PCS usually has Chees Whiz. It was an option here but I was sticking to the normal menu. I ordered a small Pepper Philly.

It does look good!

Pretty simple I guess. Amoroso bread, chopped steak, grilled onions (chopped), and grilled green peppers (also chopped).

Lots of meat in there! The melted cheese is just along the bottom. I thought there'd be more so I am pleasantly surprised. If there had been I think the cheese taste would overpower the meat taste. The meat was delicious. Not too greasy.

Oh yeah!

Finally, dig in:

Holy shit! That's good!



You can see here that the meat is not too greasy:

I wish there was some way to capture the aroma! And same with the taste!

All gone. There are only three drops of cheese/grease.

This girl at work who is from Pennsylvannia always makes a huge deal about brining back Tastycakes. "You can't get these ANYWHERE out here". Umm, yeah you can.

Max tasted a bit of it.

So did Honey.

They both gave Taste of Philly two thumbs up!

My first time. Really good. The bread was perfect - not too much of it so it did not get in the way of enjoying the chopped meat. Just the right amount of cheese. The onions and peppers added just the right amount of flavor. The meat was killer. Meat:bread was ideal. Really good.

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Dog Dogs!

At Winter Park there was a contest for dogs - Dress Your Dog Hot. Here are a couple shots...

Deciding to dress up the dogs is crossing over a line, but we did:

Max and Honey looked pretty hot in their grass skirts, tube top shirts and flowery arm band accents things.

This was a goldendoodle. Cross between a golden retriever and a poodle.

This was the eventual winner. Her dog was in a one piece ski suit. She even cut a hole out of it for the tail.

Chihuahua in a taco. That's a very delicious meat filling for a taco!

Beat It

Although it is a multi billion-dollar business you will never listed in any economic report. The legitimate industry is supposedly there to supply raw ingredients for the medicine industry. But somehow it goes wrong somewhere. Drug addiction has been known over the centuries to be a great way to get one self into trouble. Although there are places in the world that actually condone such "hobby" a majority part of the world and society detest it.

We know laws are enacted to stop the epidemic because it could cause other social problems that may force society into chaos. However not everyone who is/was an addict really wanted to be one in the first place. Some of us could understand why these individuals might choose such a route to solve or at least hold the pain of life at bay for a moment or two. I would certainly support those addicts who really do want to stop via drug rehab. It takes a strong will to fight something that your body is highly dependent on.

Thus the 4rehabilitation website somehow does give a few pointers and articles on the matter of how to stop this addiction that not only claims society but at the same time forces everything surrounding it to have a negative effect. There are plenty of articles posted to give an idea how to fight the addiction and detoxify the body from the illegal substances. Hopefully the site can make the difference to help others fight the addiction by disseminating the information it has. It has many articles and other resources online that can help you get started.

You can stop the downward spiral. But you have to want to stop it. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt! Take a look at the site, and maybe even give them a call to learn more. Just do it.

See Morrissey

I have one ticket to the Morrissey show in Denver that is for sale. The show is on May 9th at the Fillmore. All seats in the Fillmore are General Admission so you can get there as early as you want to get the spot you want. We saw Morrissey a couple years ago and since he has been around so long he knows how to put on a great show.

Big PPP News!

Big news! PayPerPost has acquired another company! What company? No one knows. They are not saying. They are going to announce it next week. I think it may have something to do with online ads or something since that is what PPP is all about! But either way I bet it is going to be good for us.

As you probably have noticed by now I am big time into this PPP thing. Why more of you do not do this I do not know because it is so easy. You get paid to write about the things you love. You would post anyway, why not get paid to do it! And you people who get your panties in a wad about PPP, well, just relax.

Anyway, back to the news about PPP. When they announce whatever they have to announce I will definitely let you know if something will come of it. Hopefully the news will make for more opportunities for me to post because lately there have not been too many since this segmentation was put in place. Segmentation has resulted in some big money opps but the reins have been tightened and it is hard to qualify for those. So I cannot wait for the big news!