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The Queen

Check out this photo that I found on What Would Tyler Do?, Tyler Durden's site.

At the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party there was in In-N-Out counter set up in the back. Helen Mirren wins an Oscar then has a burger! That's too cool!

National Marathon

All you runners out there should already know about the Wirefly National Marathon coming up at the end of March. Anyone who is going to be running in it seriously should already be far into their workout schedule, but there is still time for anyone to enter or to at least plan on being there to support the runners.

The new course is great! It starts and finishes at RFK Stadium, and goes all around DC so you would have a wonderful tour! You will get great looks at the Capitol, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and so much more! Wow! And the marathon is a certified qualifier for the Boston Marathon. On the site you will find some good advice from the race director about how to train for the race. The course is not too hilly but there are long stretches of downhill grades, uphill grade, and flat sections. Courses like these are almost harder than more roller coaster-type courses because on long stretches the same muscles get used again and again for many miles. Be prepared!

The best part of this event is the assistance it gives to many, many charities in the Washington metro area. The organization that puts on the race, the Greater Washington Sports Alliance Foundation, is committed to supporting local youth organizations that use sports to build character, encourage physical fitness and enhance education. Just a few: Special Olympics, YMCA, and Joy of Sports. That is good stuff! It is great when a sporting event is about more than the sporting event itself.

Find out more about the big event and do what you can. Either take part in the race or just come out and watch! Any way you choose will be a great sign to the race officials and to the charities about the great support that the racing community can provide.


Billy at SupersizedMeals.com has opened the store! Right now there are two kinds of shirts and one kind of boxer shorts. The stuff looks hot! I think his logo is one of the best I've ever seen! It's easy gift-giving any time because what eater wouldn't love it!!


If you own a home then it is no doubt that you are ever at a point where you have no improvement projects to take on. I know we are that way. If you do one thing then you find many more to do that are related to the original one or you find brand new things to do.

It may be the garage, or bathroom remodeling, or flooring, or whatever, there are things to do! For home improvement ideas be sure to see luxuryhousingtrends.com because they have a lot of interesting stuff. We got a new bathroom tub, and now the flooring in there just has to be done. So you will never be done! And with this site you will find ideas forever!

World Turned Upside Down?

The super sleuths over at A Hamburger Today have made a big BIG discovery. The Luther Burger had attained legendary status. And now this!

I Drink Coffee

Well, no, but if I did I would drink this Healthy Coffee! Gano Cafe is the first beverage made from Ganoderma extract which is well-known and coveted in Japan, China, and Korea. You will have more energy while having less fatigue. Of the 2500 species of Ganoderma, only 6 have the greatest therapeutic value and this coffee has all 6! Order up!

Watch This Guy!

I got an email from a guy in San Diego who went to a new Cheeburger Cheeburger in Carmel Mountain Ranch. His name is Brian Stoops, and he's just 15! He ordered a Pounder. From what I can tell, the burger is topped with cheese alone. He ate the thing in 2:11! That's pretty impressive, B!

See the video!

This Guy is Great!

Oliver Gaspirtz has created a really cool site featuring his award-winning cartoons, comics, animated cartoons, and hilarious pictures! His works have appeared in many magazines and books. Overall his sense of humor is dark, but his stuff is so funny! Also check out his story and background about him. That and all the comics – good stuff!

Yeah That is Weird

I found this link in a post by Liz.

Read more here.

F*ck tha Police

"the jury has found you guilty of being a redneck, white bread, chickensh#t muthaf*cker" - N.W.A 1998

No, wait, not those police, these Police:

Sure they are old, sure it is all about the money, and sure it probably won't sound as good as it did in 1983 or 1984 but they're back. The tour starts at the end of May and we are the 4th date. We'll see how tight things are by then.


Back It Up

When people or businesses are evaluating backup solutions there are many potential methods: tape, disk, optical. But one that they should also consider is online. It is easy and it is also low-cost. That is what they can do. Who? IBackup - Online Backup. They offer great pre-paid plans. Their site has a wealth of information so see what they have to offer.


I worked from home today. Nasty chest cold or bird flu. I had CNN on, and there was a big deal made about an airline passenger bill of rights. It seems many people have been more or less held hostage on planes for 3, 4, 8, 11 hours as the planes sit on the tarmac in bad weather because going back to the gate would cause the plane to lose its place in line. And these hostages do not get adequate air, food, water, or bathroom. Why do airlines do this, and why do we need legislation to tell the airline companies to provide water??


PayPerPost has been filming its rise from startup to a still-young-but-more-mature web 2.0 player. The result of the filming is their reality show RockStartup. They are on episode #12 right now, and each episode is better than the last! I have two favorite episodes. Episode #11 called Can't Hardly Weight, and episode #10 titled Out of Site. I like #11 because it deals with the employees all joining in to a Biggest Loser contest. I hope they follow up on that show and from time to time we get to see how everyone is doing. My other favorite is #10, and it deals in part with the development team releasing some new site features LIVE. They run into a glitch, and pass it off as "network problems" to their boss. Man, that is ballsy!

Even though those two are my favorites, you should check out the episodes and decide your favorites! They are fun to watch. And they are short – most are 5 or 10 minutes. Each episode can be viewed online or you can choose to download each one in a handful of formats and watch at your leisure. They are also available via an iTunes subscription. Here is episode #11:

But there are 11 more episodes! Check them out!

What I Eat - 2/22

Last day. I think I forgot why I was even doing this.

Yeah, yeah, more cereal

And Tart. Here note the inhumanity I must endure by getting up so freakin' early!

Surprisingly it's quite good.

Two-day-old cupcake. I like it when the frosting gets all crunchy.


Cuties kick ass.

They Are Tight

We have a wireless network at home that is pretty secure. In my experience with using wireless networks in public places, easily more than half of those wireless networks I come across are practically unprotected.

Cisco offers the best in WiFi networking. They offer you the freedom of a wireless network that allows you to roam around without any cables while still connected to your network. Yet the Cisco technology allows for the security and management you have come to expect from a wired network. From a business standpoint, Cisco's Unified Wireless Network is a cost-effective system that allows for real-time core business applications to become a reality meanwhile offering enterprise-class secure networking.

What I Eat - 2/21



But, you would be right. About both. I didn't get a photo of the Tart, but it's the same flavor as yesterday so go look at that one if you need a visual. But here's something different in the repertoire:


It's Authentico so it must be good.

Forget the DP. Take a look at the most beautiful girl in the world in that picture.

MMMMango. Pineapple.

Max, Honey, Nuts.



It is that time of year again. What time? Time for you to score some karma points by donating some much-needed cash to the Fraternal Order of Police! As an added bonus to anyone who donates in 2007 they will send you a shiny and new gold, silver or bronze supporter shield you can mount in your car or in your home! You know law enforcement performs a very vital function in every community out there and the Fraternal Order does what they can to support them. So Get your FOP Gold Supporter Shield or silver or bronze, but help them out! You will be glad you did!

Go Team Go!

Each year members of the band at Princeton hold a marathon. At White Castle. In 2004 a team of 39 guys and gals put down a combined total of around 570 burgers. The team total was 582 5/8 but some people got style points for various things. You can read all about it at SupersizedMeals.

There is no note saying how many are in this tower but there are a lot.

Go Toward the Light

A couple of our friends are artists (shout out to Paul & Steve!) and we are acquiring a collection of their works. As we have been doing that, T & I have come to the conclusion that the lighting in our house is pretty woeful. It is not Kitchen Lighting we need, but maybe track lighting. Hello shoppremier.com! They have lighting of every kind, parts, and free shipping on orders over $100! See them now.

What I Eat - 2/20

Another day. Another breakfast. Another bowl of cereal. And another Tart.

At work we had a potluck. Mardi Gras theme. I brought a bag of pretzels.

The potluck staple, weenies in barbeque sauce, were there!

Someone brought in meals from Popeye's. Fried chicken, potatoes, all that. And biscuits. When the float came by I did a good Girls Gone Wild imitation to score the dog toy and the magnetic beads (below).


The Need

Post deleted.

What I Eat - 2/19

Holiday from work! Woohoo!

Good idea for everyone seeking good health is to eat breakfast every day.

T & I were out getting me fixed up with glasses. Perfect timing for lunch:

Chicken taco combo. Their flour tortillas kick some ass!

Sam's Club getting some kibble. Gots ta have some samples. This was Go-gurt or something. Meh.

Yeah, Mom. Two pair.

We were going to have ice cream at Sam's, but the machine was "frozen". Isn't that how you want an ice cream machine?

Foreman'd turkey pastrami.


It's Over

The official snow depth reading this morning was under 1" so the record chase ended yesterday with a 2" reading. Too bad, but it has been too warm for the snow to hang around longer. There are still some piles, and north-facing snow is still relatively deep.

63 DAYS................NOVEMBER 26 1983 - JANUARY 27 1984
61 DAYS AND OVER.......DECEMBER 21 2006 - FEBRUARY 19 2007
60 DAYS................DECEMBER 01 1913 - JANUARY 29 1914
48 DAYS................DECEMBER 24 1982 - FEBRUARY 9 1983
43 DAYS................DECEMBER 19 1973 - JANUARY 30 1974
39 DAYS................NOVEMBER 21 1992 - DECEMBER 29 1992
38 DAYS................DECEMBER 24 1987 - JANUARY 30 1988
35 DAYS.................JANUARY 02 1949 - FEBRUARY 5 1949
33 DAYS................DECEMBER 17 1918 - JANUARY 18 1919
27 DAYS.................JANUARY 28 1989 - FEBRUARY 23 1989

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