A-Bomb and ...

Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Going To California

Wow, how nice! Their red carpet for the Meatsweats was very different than in Denver:

And look who I ran into at DIA. I guess the governent got to him too because he looks not too enthused at this whole Meatsweats-me thing:

Be that as it might, I get there.

At 11:30PM. I knew that I was flying back at 8:00PM tomorrow after the competition was over at about 1:00. I went by the Frontier desk to see if there were any earlier flights. Sweet, there is one at 4:15PM. No problem. Eat. Get back. Be on the way at 4:15PM. Yeah, remember that.

Got the car. Got a little lost trying to find the hotel. For the third time, another shout out to The Hangman. Free stay at the Days Inn. Make that, free stay at the Days Inn in a King mini-suite. Thanks, Hangman! That's good stuff!

Saturday morning. Didn't have any idea who'd be at the contest. Rich, sure. Maybe Toro. Maybe Kevin Ross. Maybe Erb. Badlands performing, no? Maybe Joey would make an appearance since he lives nearby? Castellano? Nerz?

Turns out - yes, no, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes.

Ryan Nerz working the crowd.

Not too many people there in the beginning, but Ryan worked it very well and the crowd of 200 or so got into the scene and had a good time. Here's a short video of him on stage. Joey showing up:

Ryan brought him up on stage for a few words:

The entrants list was full, but the eater turnout was something less than expected. Rich, Erbivore, me. Kevin Ross and Toro were on the list but not there. Most local guys did not show up either. But two did: Bert Chi and Jake True. Readers of eatfeats.com might know Jake as "Jake from SF". It's good to put a face to the name. Hopefully both guys will enter more competitions - good guys.

Slated to eat: Rich, Erb, me, Bert, Jake. One guy volunteers. And then Ryan gets another guy. So 7. That's weird, but it worked.

On to the eating. Many of you might have heard of the dogs. The IFOCE termed them "jumbo dogs". And they were:

Here's a shot of my plates before the eating.

The dogs were skinless, definitely fatter than the "normal" Nathan's contest dogs. But also a little shorter. I've heard "5 of these are like 8 of the other" and "3.2 ounces" and some other things, but whatever. But I do know that on GO I took a bite of 1/3 of the dog and tried to swallow it without chewing as I do with the normal Nathan's. Big mistake.

It lodges. I swig some water to get it down. Yeah, that's no help as I cough the water back up since it can't go down. I turn, cough out the dog, Ryan asks if I'm alright, I make the mental note to chew more, and on it goes. Chew more? Shit.

Aren't I past this? I had not chomped my tongue since the Nathan's qualifiers last year. Here we go again!

These photos were after the contest. When it happened I felt it for sure. It wasn't the pain but the thought of eating hot dogs with some special ketchup that got me. Ketchup on hot dogs? No! But it was quite delicious actually.

The eating continued and at the end:

1. Rich LeFevre, 21 jumbo dogs (equivalent to 34 HDB)
2. Jason "Erbivore" Erb 9 jumbo dogs (equivalent to 16 HDB)
3. Andrew "Skinnyboy" Lane, 8 jumbo dogs (equivalent to 14 HDB)

IFOCE.com reported these results.

After the contest I tended to the tongue:

These photos were taken at the airport a couple hours later so the blood stains looked much less impressive than they were right after the eating.

On the way back to San Jose I was going to stop at La Costena and get one of their legendary burritos, but with the tongue flappage I knew salsa and heat would just KILL, so I got soft-serve:

Had to get to the airport for that 4:15 flight, right? I failed to see the "MON. WED. FRI." part. So I returned the car and was at the airport WAAAYYYY too early. And that sucked because to a tech guy I am in our Mecca right now. Silicon Valley. Ebay. Apple. HP. Would have been much to see. Time to kill at the airport:

Doh, I have the pack on...



Daly City Money

Daly City Results

Rich 21
Erb 9
Me 8
Jake 6
Bert 7
Wong 5
Another 5

Daly City

Oops...They got the wrong dogs..

Bacon Cheeseburger, Really!

I saw this on ahamburgertoday. You like burgers? You like bacon even more? Follow along..


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Nathan's Finals

So the line up for the Nathan's finals on July 4th is just about set. It is looking really strong and maybe one of the best competitions in the history of these contests. Be sure to tune in to ESPN on 7/4 at 10am mountain time. Of course the big story is Kobayashi and Joey, but there are 18 other eaters!


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The Police Are Back!

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So right now I am troubleshooting an electrical problem. This outlet is acting funny. The top half is dead, so that is that. But the bottom half seems OK with some things but dead with others. Hmm. Are our garbage disposal and dishwasher shorted out? Hmmm. What can it be? I will keep you informed.

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I am in the process of downloading the Rage Against the Machine show from the Coachella Festival earlier this spring in California. There is some point when Zack goes off on the current administration. Some comparison to war criminals or something. Hang on and I will let you know what I find.

Pancakes Update

I have been able to find out some more info about the all-you-can-eat pancakes. It is going down at Village Inn through the end of July! That is a lot of time to get on this. Once. Twice. More. More later but until then get your pancake eating belly ready! Later on.

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AYCE Pancakes?

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More iPhone Stuff!

HA! Take that! See another iPhone Review and Video here!

BH - The Move Is Done

On the drive down to Florence, T-scone caught this picture of me and the truck from behind (by the way, she did THE BEST job staying behind me and blocking when I had to get over and whatnot!).

What.. Under the 'P'.. White thing..

Meatsweats, byotch!

Here's me. Much earlier in the day, and happily unaware of the beast awaiting...

Another before the day really began. Naively anticipating the fun! How bad could this be?!?

At the rest stop. Me and the truck, then T, then her mom.

I had to go into the weigh station. I had never done that before. Very exciting.

For the record, the truck is 1800 pounds when empty. We were 3790. That's a lot of shit. I think the friggin' armoire and the one-heavy-bitch treadmill together were the ton.

And here I am. Spent.

No more. 14 or 15 hours. Loaded some stuff in Aurora. Up to Evergreen. Loaded EVERYTHING else. Down to Florence. Unloaded. I'm getting too old for this kinda crap.

Oh, and here's a bonus one...

Nice car and everything, right? Yeah, the old guy driving with his wife in the passenger seat must be doing alright. Living in Denver, cruising around, but he's driving and trying to dial his cell phone. No wait. That's not a phone he's concentrating on. What is he doing? He's trying to turn something on. AWWWW, NO WAY! OLD GUY! IT'S AN EAR HAIR TRIMMER! He's flying up I-25, wife in the co-pilot, and he's digging for gold with his EAR HAIR TRIMMER!


Here It Comes

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BH - The Move

Big House! We're moving stuff down there this weekend. Picked up the truck, loaded some stuff we have here, we'll motor up to Evergreen tomorrow to get lots of shit, then bust a move to the Big House. Mongo, kick ass in MN!


Did You Hear...

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New Photos

I ran across these recently. These are some photos from the 2006 Nathan's qualifier at the Mall of America in Minnesota. The MoA put up a site for the 2007 qualifier and these were on the 'photos from last year' section..

Chip won with 38.

Spy Time

There is a really good new series coming up soon on USA Network. It drops on the 28th of June and it looks hot. It is called Burn Notice and it is about a CIA operative. Yeah USA Network's Burn Notice is about a spy so maybe it will be more James Bondsy than MacGyverish but maybe it will takes parts of both guys and bring the best of both worlds. He will probably be using disguises and stuff like that, but will he use the best disguise ever? What is that, you ask? The Groucho glasses! Hands down! Big plastic frames, a fake discolored nose, and the moustache! That is the best disguise and it is virtually impossible to tell who is wearing it! Well, we will just have to wait and see if Michael Weston employs that technique. But even if not the technique is still a winner! Along with the Groucho glasses, every spy worth anything has got to have a paper clip, a piece of gum, and some used dental floss. Hey, if MacGyver can do it, Weston can too! Anyway, set your Tivo now or just plan to watch the debut episode on June 28. You will not be sorry!


Wow, the IFOCE contest on June 23rd, the pigs' feet, just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER! The eaters in that competition not only will enjoy PIGS FEET but also PIGS KNUCKLES... Yowza!