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Mezcal Tacos!

Mezcal held a taco eating contest for couples on Valentine's Day. Using a dictionary definition of "couple" there is no doubt that Jimme & I are a couple! In it to win it!

My new hat

The happy couple

Round 1. Each couple had 10 minutes to eat a plate of 20 tacos. The tacos had a little chicken, cabbage, and some hot sauce inside the white corn tortilla. The tacos were smaller than in the previous taco contests. Jimme threw down 11 and I put down 9. After 4 minutes, we had an empty plate! The next couple finished their plate at just over 9 1/2 minutes.

Round 2. 4 couples moved on. 5 minutes, all you can eat. With a twist. One eater with their hands tied behind their back. The other eater fed tacos to the other. Being new to feeding someone, it started kind of rough for me, but we found a rhythm. Jimme ate 12. The couple in 2nd place ate 5. I don't know how my finger only was bitten twice because Jimme was in a taco eating zone!



Ate dessert Jalapeno Pumpkin Pie. Jimme had flan.

I finally got on the big trophy again!

Thanks to T-bonz for the nice camera work getting the photos and video!

Here is a link to a video

A full gallery on Facebook

Couples Video

Here is some video from the Couples Taco Eating Contest at Mezcal in Denver. Me and Jimme Mares teamed up, and destroyed the tacos. Watch the video and stay tuned here for a complete write up and photos of the contest. T-bonz, you got some great video of the contest!

See it at YouTube

Snow in February

We got snow! See more here on Facebook.