A-Bomb and ...

Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver


Let's start with this:

That's me getting my photo taken for the Apollo Challenge Wall of Fame at Taste of Philly. At this store for the 2nd time. Overall, for the 4th time.

This is the wall of fame and the Highlands Ranch store. The two guys on the right have times of 13 and 15 minutes.

CJo signing the waiver to get some. Some of the Apollo Challenge: 44 ounces of meat, 18 ounces of a white cheese, 1/2 pound of onions, all stuffed inside of a 20" Amoroso roll. I think there had to be more cheese than that.

CJo digging in.

My 2nd half. I fork in the meat until it's able to be picked up and eaten like a sandwich. I got the 1st half down in just over 6 minutes.


My last couple of bites on the 2nd half.

There is a full gallery on Facebook of photos that T-bonz took. Good work, coach!

I Passed

I had a routine physical, and here's my blood test results:

Eat the Meat

Went down to Oktoberfest Denver for a brat eating contest. Joey Chestnut and Bryan Beard would be one exhibition within the contest which had the representatives from charities eating for them. I was eating for Project Angel Heart. There were 10 or 11 others.

I got there early and walked around a bit. Saw this:

It's called Stein Hoisting. Objective is to hold up the steins of beer, arms stretched out and elbows locked. I entered. Didn't last long. Damn liquid!

Crazy Legs Conti on the microphone. He caused some stuff in the eating world last year when he was caught on video doing some stuff. I had to laugh like shit when as the totals of brats eating were being tabulated and he says something like "nobody palm anything or try any other sleight of hand stuff". Hilarious!

8 minutes on the clock.

Look at the guy next to me. Oh, my first drink in the contest was of this tea. It wasn't good at all.

I have the meat juice all over my face.

Sorry for that last comment. But not sorry enough to remove it! Near the end.

The final stuff at the end. The counting was by whole brats, so the final stuff had to be the whole thing.

I finished with 16. The MLE guns: Joey downed 38, Big Sexy with 30.

I won $250 for Project Angel Heart. That's great, and I feel great for doing that, but 3rd place didn't get it done for them. Oh well, we'll see what happens next...

I have a Facebook gallery here. Many thanks to Barb Grob for some awesome photos!

Update on 2011

As of 9/18/2011, I have participated in 22 eating contests in 2011:

7 1st places
9 2nd places
1 3rd place
4 4th places
1 5th place

Musubi Madness?

In Hawaii last time there was a musubi eating contest at a festival. Great tunes by MokuLeo. Here are some pictures:

Musubi? No, just fist-sized triangular wedges of sticky rice. No seaweed. No protein.

Before the main event, a keiki musubi eating contest

Without a doubt the best spot for any eating contest I've been in!

Getting ready for the contest

We all started with a plate of 5 musubi wedges

Not a great format for me - first to finish 5 blocks, but it's Hawaii!

There were a few girls in the contest

A good time. Another 2nd, but at least the brother team that went 1-2 last year did not repeat.

8/20/2011 - 2nd Annual Battle Musubi
Auto Body Hawaii, Kona HI
13 competitors, first to finish 5 musubi

Top 3:
1. 2:13 - Ted Maiau
2. 2:25 - me 
3. 2:26 - Joe Maiau 

Next year hopefully the first-to-finish format will change to 8 or 10 minutes. And, maybe the musubi will have seaweed and some protein of Spam or beef or chicken.

My List

Here is a list of the top 5 natural occurrences I want to experience. In alphabetical order.

1. Earthquake
2. Hurricane
3. Tornado
4. Tsunami
5. Volcano Eruption