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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

See Aloha!

I put up a bunch of photos from Hawaii on Facebook. Check out the album!


While I am on vacation for a few days you can get updates at Facebook or Twitter. Definitely check there for the musubi eating contest results!

Try, Try Again...

Back at Mannie & Bo's Pizzeria in Golden to try the calzone challenge. Jimmy & I were the 1st team to conquer the team challenge. But I want to be the 1st to take down the solo challenge.

I didn't plan to try it again until September, but the situation presents itself the day before. So I go in without the lead time I prefer, but hey!

Odd look on my face. Come on, have fun with it!

Hooray us!

Their Wall. We're the 1.

Mommye's sausage sandwich. Homemade Italian sausage, green chile strip, cheese. YUM!

T-bonz went with the Taco Calzone. It's under the lettuce, tomato, and green chile.

Taco Calzone

The big 6lb calzone. A pizza and normal-sized calzone behind the big calzone.

Bo brings out the calzone.

Nice greasy goodness to the left.

Went flop-less

Letting it cool a bit before starting. It's steamy hot!

It's cooling.

About to begin.

Starting. It's still HOT.

Classic yellow sign!

Good start. Kept clear, and not much water.

Early on. Lots of meats.

Finishing 1st half.

Man, that pound of sausage is super rich!


On to the 2nd half.

2nd half.


About end of time.

One last push.

Time is about up.

2.04 pounds left.


There's the pound of cheese in it, a pound of dough, and then 4 pounds of meats. Too much meat? The calzone is so good, no doubt, but all that meat just whacks me. Yes, I ate more than my last solo attempt - so that's good - but dang it.

Amber? Miranda?


Eating Challenges in FL

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Finally, El Coyotito #3!

Worst decision ever?

GOING to eat at El Coyotito #3 wasn't the worst decision ever. Far, far from that! NOT GOING to eat at El Coyotito #3 for 13 years was the worst decision ever!

The salsa brought to the table with the chips. Good stuff!


Right on, right on!

T-bonz got a smothered shredded beef burrito. I went with a smothered birria burrito. First time I've ever had it. First time seeing birria on the menu. OMG, yes!


I took this shot because every plate on the table is not a match to any other. Awesome!

The shredded beef burrito.


Birria, above the fork. Shredded beef below.

Oh yeah!

All the bottles of Tapatio had no caps.


Go here.

We'll be back.

Over the years we had passed by lots of times. Always on the way somewhere. But we finally had it as our destination. Dios mio the birria was unbelievable.

Video from Steve's

Here is some video from the 4th annual Chow Down for Charity at Steve's Snappin' Dogs. The video has the last couple of minutes of the main event followed by the 3rd place at off in its entirety. Mongo wins the event, and Jimmy Mares takes 2nd place.

3 From Steve's

A few photos from the Chow Down for Charity hot dog eating contest at Steve's Snappin' Dogs. More to come:

2011 Chow Down for Charity Hot Dog Eating Contest

Mongo Win's 4th Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest

1st 13: Mongo - (Ties record for most hot dogs consumed at 13)
2nd 12: Jimmy Mares - (2-time winner, ties record for most hot dogs consumed)
3rd 11: Mark Sutherberg - (Took third place last three years in a row)
4th 11: Andrew Lane - (2nd Place 2010)
Michael Henderson Jr
My Vongphachanh
Ben Handwerker
Daniel Sanders
Dominique Doan - (2 time winner of A Taste of Colorado)
Sean Jensen