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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Hawaii Photos & Video

I have uploaded to Facebook the first set of photos from Hawaii. Also there are some videos.

Steve's hot dog contest!

Today was the Steve's Snappin' Dogs hot dog eating contest at A Taste of Colorado.

Six competitors. Winner would take a spot in the oh-eleven Chow Down for Charity.

The eating began. I started out pretty clumsily but got in to a good rhythm. I was behind early, but at the end of 3 minutes I had managed to pull in to a tie for 1st. Came down to a bite. Dom Doan, who first crossed my path at a contest at Olde Tyme Bar, won it. Next time I stuff more at the end!

Here is a link to some more photos on Facebook.

Dreyer's Ice Cream

There is your winning team from the first round of preliminaries of the 2010 A Taste of Colorado Dreyer's Ice Cream Team Eating Contest!

I didn't know the contest would be teams. I teamed up with two guys. I wasn't as confident being thrown the team curve, but it turned out to be pretty good.

There were 4 teams of three people. We'd all eat at the same time, and the winning team would be the team that had all 3 members finish first. Each competitor had a pint of DREYER'S MAXX NESTLE DRUMSTICK Ice Cream on a plate before them. The ice cream was in a reverse-pint pyramid. I hate gimmicky contests. One hand could hold the plate but the plate had to remain on the table.

We started. I took a couple big bites and got in a pretty good rhythm. No brain freeze! I ended up finishing first. Now for the two other guys to do their job. And they did! Dave was the 2nd individual finished, and Jim was 3rd! So I won, and our team going 1st-2nd-3rd also won. Nice! Finals on Monday!