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Dreyer's Ice Cream

There is your winning team from the first round of preliminaries of the 2010 A Taste of Colorado Dreyer's Ice Cream Team Eating Contest!

I didn't know the contest would be teams. I teamed up with two guys. I wasn't as confident being thrown the team curve, but it turned out to be pretty good.

There were 4 teams of three people. We'd all eat at the same time, and the winning team would be the team that had all 3 members finish first. Each competitor had a pint of DREYER'S MAXX NESTLE DRUMSTICK Ice Cream on a plate before them. The ice cream was in a reverse-pint pyramid. I hate gimmicky contests. One hand could hold the plate but the plate had to remain on the table.

We started. I took a couple big bites and got in a pretty good rhythm. No brain freeze! I ended up finishing first. Now for the two other guys to do their job. And they did! Dave was the 2nd individual finished, and Jim was 3rd! So I won, and our team going 1st-2nd-3rd also won. Nice! Finals on Monday!


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