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Fate? Myself, T-bonz, and Mommye arrived in Las Vegas for a mini-vacation on the same day as a Blizzard eating contest at the Dairy Queen in Town Square. I became aware of the contest a week or so before, and we arrived in town a couple of hours before the contest, so of course I had to go and see what's what.

Arriving at the contest site, and who do I see but El Toro. And arriving a bit later than me - Ron Koch. Hadn't seen Toro for a few years, and hadn't eaten with Koch since my first IFOCE contest in 2005.

After signing up and all that, we waited. And waited. Did I mention we're in Las Vegas? And it's hot. HOT. Sunny and hot. The high temp that day was 108 degrees. Yowza! Why IS Las Vegas where it is?

There were four tables of eaters. 21 people. The rule sheet said everyone would get 10 minutes to eat Blizzards, and 1-2-3 would come from that. Then there was a rumor that each table would have a winner, and the four table winners would go to a final round. But that rumor was just that, and the 1-2-3 would be determined by comparing the one round totals.

Toro was at table #1 so he went first. He won the table.

Koch at table #2. He won the table. A girl at the table did 8. Another guy tied Toro.

I was at table #3. I was a little leery because sweets are not my thing. And that's a pantload of dairy. And the minis were Oreo Brownie flavor - more sweets and potentially chunky, and inconsistent. Mine were all that. Lots of dairy. Lots of chunks of Oreo & brownie. And inconsistent - some had only a few chunks, some had big Oreo chunks. But I pushed through that, and won the table with 12. Maybe, maybe I could have eaten 1 more, but I pulled up because I knew 12 was 2nd, and the final table would not beat 12.

And the final table did not beat 12. 8 was the high, and that dude looked ill.

So Toro and Pedro tied with 10. Pedro downed 2 more in the eat-off to take 3rd.

[ At the contest I would have said the Oreo Brownie Earthquake Mini Blizzards were 8 ounces. In fact they are 207 g = 7.30171 ounces. ]

More photos and video soon!



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