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Scotch Egg Contest

Scotch Eggs are on the menu for the Scotch Egg Eating Contest at the Argyll Gastropub. This is the first contest I've gone in to without eating the contest food beforehand; but eggs are good. So is sausage. And fried stuff is delicious.

The Scotch eggs at Argyll have a twist over the usual eggs. Take a soft-boiled egg, wrap it in sausage,coat in bread crumbs, deep fry it, and it's done.

12 of us sit down at the table. Some local celebrities, some chefs, Steve (of Steve's Snappin' Dogs) and some regular people. We each get a plate of 10 eggs, a clear cup of water, and a napkin. 7 minutes on the clock.

On go, I do. The eggs are really good. The outer crust is not too hard, the sausage wrap not too thick, and the yolk pops just right and is some really effective lube. The eggs are somewhat rich, but not too over-powering.

You know how I eat in these things. Not Juliet-debris at all, but stuffed cheeks and yolk on my hands and face. Some of the competitors are grossed out. Ha! Most people eat between 1 and 7 eggs. Steve downed 7. The Argyll executive chef did 8. Martini-swilling Garret ate 10. Me, 13 1/2. And Garret ate his 10 really cleanly.

But a win is always good. And I ate a new food. Good cause + good food = good times!

The food editors at the Westword and 5280. They were really disgusted. By me! Hooray me!

Be sure to check out the full gallery of photos. And the video. T-bonz, you kick ass! Oh, and big ups to our rabbi who was in attendance.



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