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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

KBPI Wing Bowl Update

Someone commented on the KBPI Wing Bowl. And I found out some stuff too.

Big Sexy was declared winner. With around 70 ounces in two 5 minute rounds. He ate 50oz of wing meat in the semis, then 20oz in the finals. He beat Mongo - he won 3 times in a row '05, '06, '07 - by an ounce. Mongo put down 39oz in the semis and 30oz in the finals. Ripper, the defending champion, puked in the semis and puked in the finals. Big Sexy puked in the finals right after winning. Then he puked again. Big Sexy stopped eating with more than a minute to go in the finals. I haven't heard the official results, but I think the five finished in this order:

Big Sexy
Mike T


Man v. Food

Here is the link to an article in the Denver Post about Adam Richman's visit to Denver for the show Man v. Food which airs on the Travel Channel.

And while you're at it, click here for my article that was on the front page - above the fold - of the Sunday Denver Post.

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Raising the Bar

Here is a video clip of Levi Levallee attempting, for the first time ever in competition, to land a double back flip on a snowmobile. At the Winter X Games in Aspen. He's been training on it for a month, and he has never actually landed it - he's been doing it into foam pits.

Pooch = Screwed

Saturday - the semifinals of KBPI Wing Bowl X in the atrium of the Pepsi Center before the Colorado Mammoth game.

Earlier in January Team Nasty and Team Willie B each held three nights of qualifying. The 143 eaters at the qualifiers were ranked by weight of chicken wings eaten, and the top 20 (10 for each team) gathered for the semifinals. The top 5 from the semis would eat at mid field at halftime of the game. One member of Team Nasty did not show up to eat in the semis. And it can be argued that a few more eaters showed up but did show up.

Buffalo Wild Wings supplied the wings. They were not hot (as on night 1 of qualifying), they were not cold, they were a nice room temperature I guess. They were not too wetly sauced, and they were not dry.

Things ran kind of late.
Waiting to begin.

Two eaters were at each folding table. One on each end.

Before starting. we were allowed a minute or so to sort the wings, and crack the joint on one end of the paddles. When the eating began I started with a few paddles. Snapping the joint before helped, and those came out pretty clean. The drummies: I had planned on corn-cobbing them but I switched to Scooby Dooing. That seemed to me to work. I got through the first pan, and got another pan of two pounds. At some point on the second pan I noticed some blood on the wings as I brought each up to my mouth. I still can't figure out if I ingested my blood or someone else's blood.

Big Sexy sporting a Big Hat.

Totals for Team Nasty.

Totals for Team Willie B.

Big Sexy 51.5
Mongo 39
Ripper 38.5
Mike T 35.5
Scooter 34.5
Sexi-Mexi 32.5
One Ton 31.5
Busta Nut 31.5
Big Poppa 31
The Skinny Kid 28.5
Wags 27.5
Reigning Champ 27
Madstork 25.5
The Hoss 24
Nascar Mike 23.5
Big Hungry 22.5
Justin 21.5
Beaver 21
A-Bomb 21

Three things I can't figure out are:
1. What was up with Big Sexy? In the qualifiers he ate 22 one night and 30.5 another. He joked he was going to eat the bones. Did he?
2. Ripper (the defending champ) puked as eating time ran out. Yet he did move through to the finals. Why?
3. How did I eat what I did? I have done wings for 5 minutes on 4 other occasions. Those were 31, 25.5, 34, 29.5. So...?

So that was the semifinals. I did not stick around for the finals so I do not know which team won (adding all the totals to determine the trophy winning team) and who won the gelt and the cash).


Wing Bowl Tomorrow

The KBPI Wing Bowl is tomorrow. Semi-finals for 20 eaters in the atrium of the Pepsi Center before the NLL game, and the finals are on the field at halftime for the top 5 from the semis.

In previous Wing Bowls the winner got the trophy, belt, and cash. This year, all 20 eaters matter. The trophy goes to the winning team by weight eaten. The winner still gets the belt and cash. I think that's a great twist. But eaters are allowed to sort and crack their wings before the eating begins. That blows, but whatever. I have tried snapping one of the paddle joints so there is no impediment to stripping the meat. And it went OK. I'd prefer if the touching of the meat before the starting bell was not allowed, but gotta go with it.


Video: Blazin' Challenge

Here is the link to the video of me trying the Blazin' Buffalo Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings. The lighting conditions were pretty bad. And when you add in the crappy video, well you get what you get.

Blazin' Challenge

Since I gave up my spot in round 1 on the final night of qualifying for Team Nasty in KBPI Wing Bowl X (I had already solidly qualified on night #1) I decided to try the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Buffalo Challenge. You got 6 minutes to get down 12 wings. They're coated with the hottest sauce BW3 offers. So it's not the time, or the amount, but the heat. I can't remember a time when I've done something like this. Sure, we've all eaten the hot pepper in our Chinese food, or the fresh jalapeno on our chimichanga dinner at the Mexican restaurant but I don't eat stuff this hot for this long.

The wings arrive. Boy, are they saucy! And they really smell hot. Delicious, to be sure. But pungent.

Right before I begin.

My plan for the drummies and paddles was to stick it in, grip and rip. That would suck off the sauce and some meat. I'd then go back as needed so each wing was clean. Doing so would limit the hot stuff that would get on the face. Somehow things didn't go as planned and I just got through each one. In 3:10. Not a mindblowing time, but for my first time doing something like this it's not so bad.

And whatever you've heard about milk being a fantastic equalizer for spicy heat ... is true. After the wings I sucked on a bottle of vitamin D enriched whole milk and it worked. Right away. Remember that.

Final Wing Bowl Heats

Here's the result sheet from the final two rounds. Not much to note.

The two final qualifying rounds for Team Nasty in Wing Bowl X. I had a spot in round 1 and I was going to tryout my new focuses but Uncle Nasty came over and talked me into not competing because I was solidly on the semifinal team and there'd be a qualifying spot for another dude to make the team. Turns out I gave up the spot for nothing since the guy did not qualify. Oh well, pay it forward right? Stork did eat in round 1. He seemed to be flying but his final total was not noteworthy. But no one else in round 1 or round 2 did better. Oy vey!

Before the eating begins. This BLOWS!
Eaters in the semis and finals are going to be allowed time, before the eating begins, to prepare their wings. I think being allowed to sort them is bad enough, but eaters can sort, loosen the drummie meat, and even crack the wings! Chicken wing eating contest? No. It's now a chicken meat eating contest. That blows! The integrity of the wing eating contest? Gone.

Stork, come on man...


Wings, Seated

Watch me go through 10 wings. Speed run. Clearing. Sitting. That 5th wing is a bitch!


Wing Bowl Qualifier

Saturday night at Buffalo Wild Wings was night 2 of qualifying for Team Nasty in the KBPI Wing Bowl. There was a better turnout than night 1: 16 eaters on night 1, 24 on night 2. I was in round 1 with Mad Stork and Mongo. The results from the night are above.

The wings are passed out.

It's right before we begin. Stork to my left, Mongo across from me, and Mongo's brother to the left of Stork.
Eaters were given 60 seconds to sort the wings or whatever they do when handling their meat. I left my meat alone. I think touching the food before the timer begins sucks big time.

Mongo at photo left. Me, Stork, Aaron.

Good wings, but not too saucy.

Even though the wings were not too saucy, it burned like hell when I set a little piece flying toward my eye with about a minute to go. Ouch. I Popeyed in.

The EMTs were at the ready if I needed them to flush my eye. In round 2 Scooter did the same thing I did. Could've been a busy night for the medical folks but we didn't want to make them do some actual work.

Round 2 is getting ready.

Round 2 is going for it.

Scooter in round 2. He would win round 2 with 26 ounces.


Round 1 -
Big Sexy, 30.5
Sam, 30.5
Wags, 30
Me, 29.5
Stork, 29.5
Mongo, 29.5
Shiz, 29.5
Deetz, 17.75
Toothless, 14.5
Aaron, 9.75
Troll, 8
Rooster, .5

Round 2 -
Scooter, 26. The only really notable result in the round.


Not Again...

To those not familiar with the back story I am not going to get in to it. Check out eatfeats.com or beautifulbrian.com or Google to find out about the IFOCE vs. AICE deal. It's moronic, and I had not heard much about it in a while but some comments on eatfeats have brought it back up.

A guy eating for AICE is really, really good. But some people say that he's nothing because he is not eating in IFOCE contests. Um, OK. These people probably are IFOCE eaters...who should be glad Pete's not eating in the IFOCE because he'd be kicking their eating asses and the they'd have nothing to hide behind.

Anyway, people are commenting about Pete not eating in IFOCE events. I think Pete would without a doubt enter any IFOCE contest if the Sheas would allow it. I think the Sheas (would be/are?) stupid to bar Pete from competing along side of Joey and Pat. Whatever problem they have with AICE eaters has gotten really old. And the way they try to limit what "their" eaters can do has also gotten really old. And the way eaters "in" the IFOCE actually do what the Shea's say has gotten really old. I can see how the IFOCE top 10 or so would yield to the Sheas commands, but others should make up their own minds. Like Mega Munch and others have said, IT'S ONLY EATING!

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2 and 0 in 2009!

Last night were rounds 1 and 2 of the prelims for Team Uncle Nasty of Wing Bowl X. The semi finals will be held in the atrium of the Pepsi Center before the NLL Colorado Mammoth game on January 24th. The finals will be on the floor during halftime of the game.

Buffalo Wild Wings was the venue last night. A few tables were pushed together, the 10 contestants were called up, the wings were brought out, weighed, and we were off. I think Stork and I were the only ones standing - everybody else was seated. A couple more eaters stood up as time went on. The round was 5 minutes. I got through the first tray (30-some wings) in a little over 2 minutes. My second tray was brought out right on time. But it was HOT, like right out of the fryer HOT. Had to hit the bottle a lot to get these down.

After the weighing, the top 3 in round 1 were Nascar Mike with 22 1/2 ounces, Big Sexy with 23 ounces, and me with 25 1/2 ounces. Last year the top 2 of each round qualified for the semi finals, but this year the top 10 of all the rounds qualify. So my 25.5 probably would be enough to qualify but I could surely do better!

So on to round 2! We're called up like before and I scored my lucky crack again. Same thing as before: tray 1 finished, and on to the just-as-in-round-1 HOT tray 2. At the end, Beaver did 29 ounces, and I tied for 1st with 34 ounces. Nice improvement from round 1. I'll be back next Saturday to hopefully improve on the 34.

A full set of pictures is here.


The Other Pee Story

My other story about Hawai'i is also pee-related. I guess it is technically not a Hawai'i thing since it didn't happen there - it developed between LAX and DIA - but it did happen returning from Hawai'i.

During the boarding on the plane in LA, I switched seats with a kid so he could sit next to his dad who was a few rows in front. Middle seat. Crap. Much water intake and not wanting to disturb the guy on the aisle, caused my bladder to really get full. I often say when I have to pee: "my back teeth are drowning", but this time they really were drowning. So in DIA when I finally could let the urine fly, it did so for 2 minutes and 55 seconds! Previously my high score, from 1993, was 2:35. I thought way back then that I would/could never improve on 2:35. But I did. 2:55!

Hawai'i #1

One of the two more notable things that happened in Hawai'i:

All of us at one time or another have begun peeing in two streams. I can find no anecdotal evidence of this happening before, so this might be the first recorded incidence of this: my pee started out in THREE streams! It didn't last too long before the middle and lower two pee streams merged into one, and then shortly thereafter the two remaining streams became one stream.