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KBPI Wing Bowl Update

Someone commented on the KBPI Wing Bowl. And I found out some stuff too.

Big Sexy was declared winner. With around 70 ounces in two 5 minute rounds. He ate 50oz of wing meat in the semis, then 20oz in the finals. He beat Mongo - he won 3 times in a row '05, '06, '07 - by an ounce. Mongo put down 39oz in the semis and 30oz in the finals. Ripper, the defending champion, puked in the semis and puked in the finals. Big Sexy puked in the finals right after winning. Then he puked again. Big Sexy stopped eating with more than a minute to go in the finals. I haven't heard the official results, but I think the five finished in this order:

Big Sexy
Mike T



Blogger Bryan said...


Ripper pulled off 3rd and Scooter got 4th if I can remember right..

-Big Sexy

Blogger Bryan said...

and just to clear something up, I double checked and made sure it was ok to throw up right after the time stopped. They told me that as long as I didn't throw up while time was going, and what happened after the contest wasn't relevant. I understand there are alot of people that are throwing a fit because I threw up right afterwards. If I knew it was a big deal, I would've just waited til later. But it's fine, I'll gladly prove to everyone next year that I can do it without throwing up. A-Bomb, I hope youre there next year.

-Big Sexy


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