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Saturday - the semifinals of KBPI Wing Bowl X in the atrium of the Pepsi Center before the Colorado Mammoth game.

Earlier in January Team Nasty and Team Willie B each held three nights of qualifying. The 143 eaters at the qualifiers were ranked by weight of chicken wings eaten, and the top 20 (10 for each team) gathered for the semifinals. The top 5 from the semis would eat at mid field at halftime of the game. One member of Team Nasty did not show up to eat in the semis. And it can be argued that a few more eaters showed up but did show up.

Buffalo Wild Wings supplied the wings. They were not hot (as on night 1 of qualifying), they were not cold, they were a nice room temperature I guess. They were not too wetly sauced, and they were not dry.

Things ran kind of late.
Waiting to begin.

Two eaters were at each folding table. One on each end.

Before starting. we were allowed a minute or so to sort the wings, and crack the joint on one end of the paddles. When the eating began I started with a few paddles. Snapping the joint before helped, and those came out pretty clean. The drummies: I had planned on corn-cobbing them but I switched to Scooby Dooing. That seemed to me to work. I got through the first pan, and got another pan of two pounds. At some point on the second pan I noticed some blood on the wings as I brought each up to my mouth. I still can't figure out if I ingested my blood or someone else's blood.

Big Sexy sporting a Big Hat.

Totals for Team Nasty.

Totals for Team Willie B.

Big Sexy 51.5
Mongo 39
Ripper 38.5
Mike T 35.5
Scooter 34.5
Sexi-Mexi 32.5
One Ton 31.5
Busta Nut 31.5
Big Poppa 31
The Skinny Kid 28.5
Wags 27.5
Reigning Champ 27
Madstork 25.5
The Hoss 24
Nascar Mike 23.5
Big Hungry 22.5
Justin 21.5
Beaver 21
A-Bomb 21

Three things I can't figure out are:
1. What was up with Big Sexy? In the qualifiers he ate 22 one night and 30.5 another. He joked he was going to eat the bones. Did he?
2. Ripper (the defending champ) puked as eating time ran out. Yet he did move through to the finals. Why?
3. How did I eat what I did? I have done wings for 5 minutes on 4 other occasions. Those were 31, 25.5, 34, 29.5. So...?

So that was the semifinals. I did not stick around for the finals so I do not know which team won (adding all the totals to determine the trophy winning team) and who won the gelt and the cash).



Anonymous secured said...

Big Sexy won the wing bowl comp that night during Halftime of the Mammoth game. Even though he got up and did a b line to the trashcan and hurled. which was replied over and over the rest of the night. I don't get how he still one though.

oh well, it is always a site to see wingbowl


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