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The Other Pee Story

My other story about Hawai'i is also pee-related. I guess it is technically not a Hawai'i thing since it didn't happen there - it developed between LAX and DIA - but it did happen returning from Hawai'i.

During the boarding on the plane in LA, I switched seats with a kid so he could sit next to his dad who was a few rows in front. Middle seat. Crap. Much water intake and not wanting to disturb the guy on the aisle, caused my bladder to really get full. I often say when I have to pee: "my back teeth are drowning", but this time they really were drowning. So in DIA when I finally could let the urine fly, it did so for 2 minutes and 55 seconds! Previously my high score, from 1993, was 2:35. I thought way back then that I would/could never improve on 2:35. But I did. 2:55!


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