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Blazin' Challenge

Since I gave up my spot in round 1 on the final night of qualifying for Team Nasty in KBPI Wing Bowl X (I had already solidly qualified on night #1) I decided to try the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Buffalo Challenge. You got 6 minutes to get down 12 wings. They're coated with the hottest sauce BW3 offers. So it's not the time, or the amount, but the heat. I can't remember a time when I've done something like this. Sure, we've all eaten the hot pepper in our Chinese food, or the fresh jalapeno on our chimichanga dinner at the Mexican restaurant but I don't eat stuff this hot for this long.

The wings arrive. Boy, are they saucy! And they really smell hot. Delicious, to be sure. But pungent.

Right before I begin.

My plan for the drummies and paddles was to stick it in, grip and rip. That would suck off the sauce and some meat. I'd then go back as needed so each wing was clean. Doing so would limit the hot stuff that would get on the face. Somehow things didn't go as planned and I just got through each one. In 3:10. Not a mindblowing time, but for my first time doing something like this it's not so bad.

And whatever you've heard about milk being a fantastic equalizer for spicy heat ... is true. After the wings I sucked on a bottle of vitamin D enriched whole milk and it worked. Right away. Remember that.


Anonymous erb said...

I did six of those one night and the next morning it burned just as bad coming out. The record in Portland is 1:12 for 12, and I have no plans on trying it.

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