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Not Again...

To those not familiar with the back story I am not going to get in to it. Check out eatfeats.com or beautifulbrian.com or Google to find out about the IFOCE vs. AICE deal. It's moronic, and I had not heard much about it in a while but some comments on eatfeats have brought it back up.

A guy eating for AICE is really, really good. But some people say that he's nothing because he is not eating in IFOCE contests. Um, OK. These people probably are IFOCE eaters...who should be glad Pete's not eating in the IFOCE because he'd be kicking their eating asses and the they'd have nothing to hide behind.

Anyway, people are commenting about Pete not eating in IFOCE events. I think Pete would without a doubt enter any IFOCE contest if the Sheas would allow it. I think the Sheas (would be/are?) stupid to bar Pete from competing along side of Joey and Pat. Whatever problem they have with AICE eaters has gotten really old. And the way they try to limit what "their" eaters can do has also gotten really old. And the way eaters "in" the IFOCE actually do what the Shea's say has gotten really old. I can see how the IFOCE top 10 or so would yield to the Sheas commands, but others should make up their own minds. Like Mega Munch and others have said, IT'S ONLY EATING!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Don Skinny,
Im sorry I could not be in attendance for the wing fest, please accept my sincere apology. I was pre-schuduled to attend the highly anticipated "COLOR PURPLE THE MUSICAL" on saturday before I got the news of your wing festivus. I do hope to be in attendance for your next wing-a-thon. sincerly yours, EL Guapo

Anonymous Mega Munch said...

Well put, man. Well put.


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