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Final Wing Bowl Heats

Here's the result sheet from the final two rounds. Not much to note.

The two final qualifying rounds for Team Nasty in Wing Bowl X. I had a spot in round 1 and I was going to tryout my new focuses but Uncle Nasty came over and talked me into not competing because I was solidly on the semifinal team and there'd be a qualifying spot for another dude to make the team. Turns out I gave up the spot for nothing since the guy did not qualify. Oh well, pay it forward right? Stork did eat in round 1. He seemed to be flying but his final total was not noteworthy. But no one else in round 1 or round 2 did better. Oy vey!

Before the eating begins. This BLOWS!
Eaters in the semis and finals are going to be allowed time, before the eating begins, to prepare their wings. I think being allowed to sort them is bad enough, but eaters can sort, loosen the drummie meat, and even crack the wings! Chicken wing eating contest? No. It's now a chicken meat eating contest. That blows! The integrity of the wing eating contest? Gone.

Stork, come on man...



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