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Wing Bowl Qualifier

Saturday night at Buffalo Wild Wings was night 2 of qualifying for Team Nasty in the KBPI Wing Bowl. There was a better turnout than night 1: 16 eaters on night 1, 24 on night 2. I was in round 1 with Mad Stork and Mongo. The results from the night are above.

The wings are passed out.

It's right before we begin. Stork to my left, Mongo across from me, and Mongo's brother to the left of Stork.
Eaters were given 60 seconds to sort the wings or whatever they do when handling their meat. I left my meat alone. I think touching the food before the timer begins sucks big time.

Mongo at photo left. Me, Stork, Aaron.

Good wings, but not too saucy.

Even though the wings were not too saucy, it burned like hell when I set a little piece flying toward my eye with about a minute to go. Ouch. I Popeyed in.

The EMTs were at the ready if I needed them to flush my eye. In round 2 Scooter did the same thing I did. Could've been a busy night for the medical folks but we didn't want to make them do some actual work.

Round 2 is getting ready.

Round 2 is going for it.

Scooter in round 2. He would win round 2 with 26 ounces.


Round 1 -
Big Sexy, 30.5
Sam, 30.5
Wags, 30
Me, 29.5
Stork, 29.5
Mongo, 29.5
Shiz, 29.5
Deetz, 17.75
Toothless, 14.5
Aaron, 9.75
Troll, 8
Rooster, .5

Round 2 -
Scooter, 26. The only really notable result in the round.



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