A-Bomb and ...

Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

#6 - Not Tonight

We were hanging out at Olde Tyme Drafts & Dawgs, waiting around to watch Obiden do his thing at the DNC. Me, Stork, B-Renda, Mongo's brother, some dudes. The bar had some chicken nuggets cooked up. So it was on, byotch.

We each got 80 nuggets on a plate. 10 minutes on the clock. The nuggets were a good temperature. Maybe a bit on the dry side because the outer coating was more like bread crumbs and not "skin-y" like a McDonald's nugget. But they were OK. I had a modest plan of keeping the mouth clear and seeing how it went. I failed pretty miserably on that. So as the clock ticked down 10..9..8 I couldn't stuff much in because the mouth was already stuffed. At the end:

Stork - 45
Me - 44
Double A - 35
B-Renda - 32
the other guy 1 - 21
the other guy 2 - 21

The freaking democrats better not find a way to lose.


Krystal Update

... but having said that, I am confirmed for the Birmingham qualifier on September 20th. Krystals are definitely delicious (without a doubt they are the tastiest competition food I've eaten - other than the homemade corned beef and cabbage!) so I am looking forward to this.

I also am confirmed for the Skyline Chili Spaghetti Eating Championship at Kings Island in Cincinnati, OH on Monday, September 1. But this summer has been particularly hot so the money tree has dried up.

KSO V Begins

The qualifiers kick off this weekend in Chattanooga, TN. There are 7 qualifiers around the south before the Krystal Square Off finals in Chattanooga at the end of September. This year the number of qualifiers is reduced and there is a new format for amateurs to participate.

Before this year, amateurs or anyone could show up a day or two before the 8-minute qualifier and eat off in a 2-minute contest to earn their spot in the 8-minute qualifier. That was awesome. I did the 2-minute qualifier last year in Perry, GA to earn my spot in the 8-minute qualifier. Sure, I got squashed by The Locust in the 8-minute qualifier, but nobody could say I didn't deserve to be in the 8-minute contest.

This year, anyone could sign up online for the first eight spots in the 8-minute qualifier. And on the qualifier day "5 amateurs will be chosen on the spot" to eat in the 8-minute qualifier. Who will choose, and how they will choose - who knows, and I think that will suck big time. If someone wants to eat in the 8-minute, let them show what they have and earn their spot. Probably Krystal went this way for financial reasons - with gas now no road show equals big savings and not having all the overhead for putting on 10 to 15 contests in a couple of days equals even bigger savings but Krystal may regret this decision and risk their niche with the common folk and become another IFOCE sham show like the Nathan's circuit. I say that with all due respect but I liked how Krystal did the 2-minute thing before.

Big Texan News!

The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas was known for some pretty tasty steaks. And JoeyC kicked some ass there.

But they have taken the steaks off the menu. What's on the menu now? KARAOKE! Check these:

Hey t-bonz, I think this guy wears those 29x44 jeans at Cavender's!

BTSR, no. BTKR, yes!

No Polish Taco For Me

Earlier in the week I wrote about a little burrito shop in Colorado Springs that advertises a Polish Taco. But the operating hours suck for me.

I didn't know when I could make it there when they're open. But things worked out pretty much perfectly, and a couple of days ago I was there at 2pm. Perfect! But it would be not so perfect...

The owner can't get the Polish sausage anymore. Well he can, but only in a big ass pack that is four times the size he uses.


No Polish, but I am hungry since I was anticipating the taco. So I get two breakfast burritos. 11 and 12. Smoked Sausage, potato, egg, chili, cheese. Shredded chicken, potato, chili, cheese.

I didn't have my scale with me, but I'd put each one at about a pound. Much of that weight is the potatoes, but each did have healthy amounts of meat and egg. Thankfully not too much cheese.

I begin with the #11:

It's really good. Delicious. Great flavors! Some potato chunks, but the bulk of the potatoes have the consistency of mashed potatoes. The scrambled eggs are perfect. So are the quartered slices of the smoked sausage.

Here you can see the "mashed" potatoes. Unique, not something I've had before, but decidedly delicious.

Next, the 12. Shredded chicken.

Again with the potato paste. Once more, it might not sound too good but it is.

So El Rincon Burrito Shop on South Nevada in Colorado Springs. Tough hours, but oh so worth doing whatever you need to do to get there.


Could You Be a Bigger Ass?

I copied the story below. It sounds pretty much exactly the way the gone-by original eaters sound when they bitch about not getting this or not getting that like they are owed something.

Spitz, once the star, upset over Beijing snub
by Polly Hui

HONG KONG (AFP) - US swim legend Mark Spitz won't be on hand in Beijing if Michael Phelps breaks his record of seven gold medals at a single Olympics—because, he says, no one bothered to invite him.

Spitz said the International Olympic Committee, a US television network or FINA—the international body that governs world swimming—should have brought him to the Games this year, with Phelps making a go at his record.

"I never got invited. You don't go to the Olympics just to say, I am going to go. Especially because of who I am," Spitz told AFP in Hong Kong.

"I am going to sit there and watch Michael Phelps break my record anonymously? That's almost demeaning to me. It is not almost—it is."

Spitz became one of the most famous athletes in the world at the 1972 Munich Olympics, winning seven gold medals—with seven world records—in what many consider to be one of the greatest achievements in all of sport.

Phelps is aiming to better that mark in Beijing, hoping to bring home eight golds. And Spitz, now 58 and grey and without his trademark moustache, cannot understand why he wasn't asked along to see the show.

"They voted me one of the top five Olympians in all time. Some of them are dead. But they invited the other ones to go to the Olympics, but not me," he said. "Yes, I am a bit upset about it."

Now a stockbroker and motivational speaker, Spitz also thinks he could have won eight golds himself in Munich if only he had had the chance.

"I won seven events. If they had the 50m freestyle back then, which they do now, I probably would have won that too," he said.

Spitz, whose brief stint in show business in the 1970s never quite matched his success in the pool, said he attended the Athens Olympics four years ago—when Phelps also tried to break the record.

"They did not once put my face on television," he recalled. "But as soon as the swimming was over, and Michael Phelps didn't break my record, every time I went to beach volley, they put my face on the volleyballs."

Spitz said it would have been a great idea if he could be the one presenting the gold medals to Phelps, who has for years been candid about his ambition to eclipse the mark of seven golds.
And Spitz thinks Phelps will succeed—for one very good reason.

"He's almost identical to me. He's a world-record holder in all these events, so he is dominating the events just like I did," Spitz said. "He reminds me of myself."

I Eat Polish Tacos

T-bonz passed by this burrito shop in Colorado Springs on her way down to Florence. What is a Polish Taco? I don't know, but evidently she is not here too often:

7AM - 3PM? That's going to be a problem. We'll see what happens.


Don't Mess with Texas

The Travel Channel premiered the Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations featuring his visit to Amarillo on his road trip through the southwest. He stopped by Cavender's Boot City before going to the Big Texan. No word on what free belt buckle he picked. His cameraman attempted the 72 ounce steak dinner. Click here to view the clip.

I Won't Stink Now!

It's been sort of hot here. For the past 23 days the high temperatures were 90 or above every day. That run ends today, but the old record of 18 days is shattered. And that record was set twice, once in 1874 and once in 1901. So it's been hot. And dry. It rained twice in this 23 day period, .01" on July 24th and .01" on July 25th.

The average high on those 23 days was 96 and the average low was 63. That low is the bigger bitch - it never cooled down.