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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Now We Are Here

With my apologies to Olivia Newton-John:

A place where nobody dared to go
The pizza that we came to know
They call it Virgilio's

I don't know where I'm going with that, but Xanadu went there. And she took it to the neck.

And less than 24 hours later, she thought about doing this too:

And less than 24 hours later, she did this:

Getting ready

She had to crack it open to let it cool. That's my burger in the foreground: patty, ham, and a hot dog.

Loving it

Still going

Getting there

Oh my!



The thing that I find impressive is that she didn't plan on doing the burrito. Or the pizza, for whatever that's worth. For the pizza she arrived in town, went to the place, and ate it. No real thought about it. And the burrito, we went there just to eat something, but she decided to eat the burrito. And during the eating, she didn't go for time but she just ate it. We were just chilling, talking, and before long it was gone!

Want more photos? Go to the gallery on Facebook.

The Govanator

Govnr's Park. Denver's Original Tavern. Big burger.


Steve's 5th

That's a Denver dog at Steve's Snappin' Dogs. Chili con carne, cheddar jack cheese, jalapeno peppers, sliced bacon, sliced tomato & lettuce wrapped in a flour tortilla. Yes, a hot dog burrito! And it's good!

Steve's celebrated its 5th anniversary this weekend. Awesome! Every customer got a free Twinkie or Cupcake.

The Denver Dog in front, and a Dallas Dog in back (Chili con carne, cheddar jack cheese).

Last bite. There's only one bad thing about the dogs at Steve's. At the end, they're gone.


Jimmy and I met up at Abo's Pizza to take their 28" pizza challenge. A team of two people have 1 hour to completely eat a 28" two-topping pizza. You cannot stand up once the time starts. We chose red onion and pepperoni. 32 teams have tried, and none of them have finished the pizza, let alone in the time limit.

20 minutes later, it's time. We have a seat, and we dig in. It's hot, just out of the oven. We're both handsy eaters so we have no problem: slide off the hot cheese + topping layer and work on the crust.

Going in I thought 20 minutes would be our time. It ended up that we took more time, but my thought of 20 minutes was right on in one way: the cheese, which was at the start hot and gooey, solidified and congealed quite dramatically at 20 minutes. Too bad we missed that time.

We finished in 32:02. That time could have been a few minutes better if I didn't take so long to clear at the end. The Abo's guy waited until we cleared before stopping the time.

We are the only team out of 32 previous teams to finish. And for other teams to beat the challenge now they'd have to do it with a faster time than ours. A first for me: a photo of Jimmy and I (Team JiminBomber) will go on the restaurant wall right by the menu board!

Pizza specs: 12.5 pounds - 7 lbs dough, 2 lbs sauce, 2 lbs cheese, 1.5 lbs of red onion + pepperoni.



You remember a couple months ago when I went to America's Bar & Grill to eat in the Atomic Reaper Wing Eating Contest? To put it mildly, I suffered mightily with the intestinal after-effects. Vowed to NEVER do it again?


Well, I went back! They held another Atomic Reaper Wing Eating Contest. I won, but who can really win with these things?

T-bonz did some spot on coachy-coachin'. The contest was held on the patio in the single degree temps. 10 saucy, saucy wings. First one done won.

2nd place. He's hating it.

Me working it

The other guys at my table ate only a few wings.

T-bonz, kick me in the balls if I ever think about eating one of these Reapers again.



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How Now

T-bonz and I go to Brown Cow for one of their challenges.

See, I was in a good mood.

But when I get there I decided to try their burger challenge. I think it's the first time I try a challenge on a whim.

The burger is 100% angus chuck. Very good meat.

Nice clean place. I think it was a Tokyo Joe's before.

The menu

Waiting for it to arrive

This is the Cow Tipper. 3 pounds of steakburger + 1 lb bun + 1 lb toppings (cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles) + 1 lb thin cut fries + 32 oz shake (I went with strawberry). 1 hour to eat it.

Close shot

It's loaded. Bun is buttered.

The meat is very tasty

Lube up the meat

Trying something - ANYTHING - to get that dense bun down.


I chugged the shake as the clock wound down.

Shake: done. Burger: meat + toppings done. Fries: half done.



Another shot of the remains

The bun they use


8 pounds is probably out of my range even if I prepared. But to only have most of the bun and 1/2 the fries left is pretty good for me. For going in cold, not having pooped that day, and not knowing what this would be, I'm OK with it. Another failure sucks, and T-bonz was coachy-coachin like crazy, but it happens.

As for Brown Cow, get there! Yes, their site (and Facebook page) need some updating quite badly, but that shake had to be the best ever. Also worth a mention: the meat. Delicious, not greasy, and I wish there could be more meat and less bun. Next time: I'll have a hunger that can only be satisfied with more cowbell!

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