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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

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Another One

I got mail. It seems someone did a search on Flickr too. They found this "skinnyboy". This is not me either! Promise! Unlike the other photo to which I possibly could relate, this one is just plain weird. Keep them coming so we can clear the air!

Information Overload!

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Whoa Whoa!

Hey I was looking at some photos on Flickr, and I did a search on "Skinnyboy" to see what came up. Well, uh, this one did. I want to go on the record right now and make sure everyone knows that this is not me. Not that there's anything wrong with it. I could maybe even see myself doing this. But it would not end up on Flickr. Hopefully.

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Big Burger

I saw this photo and quick story over on SupersizedMeals. The restaurant is in Australia so it wouldn't be that convenient to get there. But it sure looks good!

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Do You Prefer Limp or Hard?

The IFOCE converged on Bikinis Bar & Grill in Austin, Texas on January 27th for the 2007 Bikinis Bar and Grill World French Fry Eating Championship. Here is my trip report. The full Flickr slideshow can be viewed here.

Ouch, a Friday afternoon is a bad time to go to the airport.

I am dazed and confused after waiting almost an hour in the security line. But focus on the shirt. Billy, the shirt kicks ass! The logo rocks!

I get to Houston. No problems with that. Getting to the airport at least. LEAVING the airport, now that's something else. I'm good with maps and I can navigate quite well, but HOLY SHIT! There are one way frontage roads, and signs on the right side of the road when the exit's on the left, and those signs say "exit on the left" when you are at the exit, and left lanes are u-turn only...yeah, whatever. And on the drive to Austin, I knew I was on the right road so it's OK but there was no sign saying "Austin XX miles" until I saw one saying "Austin 63". It's 163 from Houston to Austin, so no sign for 100 miles. But I digress...

Dinner. Chocolate milk.

Strong bones and teeth and a healthy coat. Foodarama.

I am driving from Houston to Austin. In my mind I thought it would be a quick 2 hours. I had even plotted the way on MapQuest. So I'm driving, and it's 8pm. Then 9. Gotta be getting close, right, it's been about 2 hours. Uh, no. I look at the MapQuest print out and it's 163, not 123. Crap. It's no big deal now but I had booked flights thinking it was around 2 hours between, not 3. Also part of it was that I was not driving too fast. Not because I didn't want to, but the Kia was pulling 7K on the tachometer at only 65mph. Yeah because I had the automatic in 3rd instead of Drive. Oops. I didn't find that out until I was about 2 miles from Austin. Not like the big bright "3" shouldn't have given it away earlier!

Here's where I spent the night:

Yeah not in the Embassy Suites. In the backseat of the Kia. I had folded the rear seats in hopes that it would be flat and I could stretch out. But no. Big hump.

But in the morning I did score some breakfast at the hotel. Muffins, fruit, cereal, and juice. Made-to-order eggs and pancakes were for hotel guests only. Damn elitists.

Nice spread. And free!

Banana. While eating it, I could not help but notice...

How soft and supple my hands were. You gotta understand how rough and scaly they are in Denver in the winter. Sure, humidity always smooths them, but never this fast!

Before going to BBG I figure out how I'll motor out back to Houston. With my miscalculation I know it will be tight. But that's for later.

The venue, Bikinis Bar & Grill, is easy to find and it's kind of funky. The stage is set up outside in the parking lot. It's a beautiful day.

I was looking forward to meeting Seaver Miller and Dale Boone. Dale, unfortunately, withdrew right before the event. But Seaver introduced himself. Seems like a super nice guy. I don't know the top guys that well, but Seaver may well be right up there with Tim & Conti as far as the nicest.

Seaver also has "The Achiever" on back of his coat. He can't wear this on his helmet when fighting fires, but does he wear the coat? Forgot to ask.

Stage is ready.

It looks in this photo like there is plenty of room to stand, and there was. But, if you took a step back you'd go over the edge. George even said to us very clearly: "Do not step back!"

Joey mugs.

George getting the crowd going.

The fries being brought out on trays.

The trays were each 5 pounds. The fries themselves were crispier than I would have expected. I thought as the fries cooled they would become soft. Limp, if you will. They were not too salty, but more spicy like fries at Arby's. The fries were quite delicious and run a close second to the Three Brothers pizza in good-tasting-contest-food. Rich was correct when stating that these Bikini Fries are hard because "their abundant flavor can easily distract an eater from the task at-hand".

Joey, Tim, Chip, Seaver and Larry wait to be called to the stage.

This is my 5lb tray before eating. The picture does not show the mound nature of it. In 10 minutes I'd get down 1.9 pounds.

Man, there must be some sort of performance anxiety or something. My first couple of contests, yeah, I didn't know what was going on. But by now I should be able to do in IFOCE contests what I can do when I'm not in a contest. It's not getting to the mouth. That's fine. Or where it goes. My problem, when it matters, is getting the food down. I don't know if my esophagus constricts or I stop swallowing or what.

After the 10 minutes, we had to go back to the kitchen for the weighing of the trays. Yeah, everyone's tray got weighed but I don't think it was handled that well. I didn't see anything so I'm not implying anything, but if someone wanted to eat a few more fries to better their total or do some other shenanigans they could. And why not do the weighing on the stage? The winners had already been announced, so some fans could leave knowing their guy won or got second or whatever, but some might want to hear that this guy ate that, this other guy ate that, and compare the actual finishes to what they thought would happen. Or whatever. Every contest just seems to dissolve after the eating is done. Wouldn't the sponsor want more interest to keep going? Anyway, we go on...

Chip's tray getting weighed.

Check out the rack on that guy!

Afterwards, even though I had no time to waste in getting to the airport...

Soft serve, bee-otch. Finally. I don't know why I always seem to crave that after a contest. Up until now it had never worked out for one reason or another, but this time I was not passing it up. McD cone.

Oh yeah, and the contest shirts. Quite cool. I'll post some photos when I get mine out of the laundry.


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Austin - Fries


That a Good Idea!

Hall "Hoover" Hunt has posted his first poll. His poll is sort of inspired by the NCAA football polls of the coaches and the media. Only he won't poll college football coaches but rather eaters and observers of the competitive eating scene. I think this is a super idea!

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In-N-Out Is Out?

Check this story over at AHT. I've only been to an In-N-Out once, in Las Vegas, and it was OK but the variety of the menu leaves a lot to be desired. Burgers, fries, drink. That's all on the menu! True, the In-N-Out food is of higher quality than BK, Wendy's, and others but In-N-Out really fills a niche. An In-N-Out would not last long at a student union. They can go to the In-N-Out that is opening in the city.

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Remember This?

Billy at SupersizedMeals always seems to find some good stuff! A post from the 17th does not disappoint. I am sure a lot of you remember the classic commercials from Wendy's -- Where's the Beef? In the story are links to two other interesting posts, and the unforgettable commercial itself!

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Go W Go!

I have added a cool counter I found that is a running tally of the financial cost of the Iraq fiasco shit. Come on, Bushie, drive that number higher! Doin' one heckuva job!!

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Now That's a Meal!

So in IFOCE competitions we may eat grilled cheese or pizza or hot dogs. That's all good stuff! But look at this!!

They're eating BRAINS!

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Not Food Porn!

Wow! So the site where I found this picture said the guy drank beer all night long and then put a pizza in the oven. A couple hours later he remembered the pizza! I guess pizza and beer do not mix.

Review: This Site Will Kick Your Ass!

This PayPerPost thing is not all bad! Who would have known there is a site out there for fans of mixed martial arts. Not only is it just for fans, it is really for fantasy MMA. With www.dogsarefunyes.com being sort of about the competitive eating sport, I think you readers may possibly find something valuable on the MMA site.

So check out the MMA Site and see what’s up!


So over the weekend I *finally* got my blood test results in the mail. You may remember I went a while back to get a good reading on my cholesterol level. It could have potentially been really high - not a shock if it was. I had the number 213 in mind.

But it was not too bad: 206. Could be lower, but it's OK. LDL (the BAD cholesterol) is 114, a bit on the high side (under 100 is optimal). HDL (the GOOD cholesterol) is 75, nice and high from the above 40 that is optimal. Not too shabby!

PPP Concert Entry!

PayPerPost and a radio station in Orlando are running a contest. I made a short video about my most exciting concert experience! The videos must be only 30-45 seconds long. One grand prize winner will receive $500 cash!

Check out my video *here*. And the 3 videos with the most views go onto the grand price round so view it as much as you can! Watch my PayPerPost Concert!

The sound check here was before SNL began that evening. A buddy of mine produced the performance portions of the show and was checking the cameras.


It's January 13, 2007. Me, T-bone, mes and Shamalamalama converge on the International House of Pancakes on Parker & Orchard. 4:30pm.

If you haven't had IHOP pancackes before, they are good. Very good.

Here I am before ordering, just thinking about the pancakes:

Last week T & I stopped in at IHOP for a bite. At that time I did not know IHOP was having the all-you-can-eat. I did OK that day, but wanted to try it again..

On the menu there are 4 ayce options. 3 options have eggs, hash browns and meats. The 4th option is pancakes only. The first 3 options start you out with 2 pancakes, and then you can reorder by stacks of 3. The 4th options begins with 5 cakes:

Now stacks of 3:


Wow, these are good! This is my first reorder still so they are good now.

The syrup is delicious but very sweet. Thanks for the alternatives, guys. 2nd reorder. 9, 10, 11:

3rd reorder. Still good. 12, 13, 14:

4th reorder. 15, 16, 17:

5th. 18, 19, 20:

Still good. See:

6th. 21, 22, 23:

7th. 24, 25, 26:

OK, on 26 it's getting to me. Sugar overload I think. Well that and all the pancakes:

This is what's left. I had reordered one more time. So 27, 28, 29. And then had them add on 1 more cake. 30.

But I only could get down half of the final four before a little bit came back up. Thankfully it stayed in the mouth but that was a good point to stop. So I ate only half of the final four, so we deducted 2. 28.

T's sheet keeping track of the inhumanity:

Looking back on it, I do think I would have passed 30 if the reorders were ready and brought to me in any timely fashion. Seriously, I'd ask for each reorder when a reorder was brought to me thinking that would make it so a new reorder was ready and waiting when I was done with the previous stack. But no. I'd finish a stack and it was always 4, 5, or 6 minutes before another stack was in front of me. We determined that the problem was not with the server. They'd put in for another reorder right away. Both in the computer and with the cook. The problem was with the cook. I guess he did not believe the server when they reordered so he never cooked anything until he was told again. Mas rapdi, por favor! But whatever. It won't be that way next time!

Here's the pancake info again. Keep in mind this is per pancake, before the syrup and butter is added:

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