A-Bomb and ...

Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Lupita's. Chicago. Part #1.

Lupita's in Denver on Colfax. This is only the second time we've been there but there are many, many more to come. I didn't get photos the first time because it was so good. Last time, tamales. Incredible. This time, Tacos al Carbon.

Grilled flank steak. Pico de Gallo. Soft corn tortillas. Avocado (which I pushed aside. Perfect. Tortillas sogged when I poured on the Pico and salsa, but still perfect.

A special note about the beans. Refried pinto beans. Consistency is optimal.

Unlike the canned beaners at Ortega's, these are the way it should be. Smooth. A few bean chunks and some bean skin. Delicious. Yeah, yeah, perfect refried beans look exactly like what you are thinking the photo looks like.

Lupita's. Get thee there.


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And Now...

I am trying something new so bear with me. I am splitting the post into two parts so I can squeeze in a word from our sponsor. Please stay tuned and read what they are all about because it is very important. We will see how it goes and take it from there. Thanks.

Lupita's. Chicago. Part #2.

Mommye Tommye and I ate there on our way to Chicago. The band. Did you know they've put out 30 albums. 30! Well, I guess it is Chicago so they've put out XXX albums not 30. I, like most of you, could not name many of their songs. But you'd recognize many of them.

About halfway through the drummer went off on a killer drum solo. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida good.

The show wrapped up with one of the two songs I could name before the show...


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So on The Daily Show they had a clip of W making a speech somewhere about education. What he says is classic: “blah blah blah the childrens do learn”. Speech about education. I will hopefully find this clip on YouTube and get it up so everyone can see it. W. How did this idiot get elected?!? Oh yeah.

Costa Vida

T & I discovered there are two Costa Vida's around Denver, so since we were near one, we went to see what they are about.

I went in to order. Like Qdoba or Chipotle, you stand on one side of the sneeze guard and order each item as you go down the line - black or pinto beans, chicken or steak or pork, which salsa, cheese on it, and then unlike Chipotle and Qdoba they stick the burrito in a Quiznos-style oven-conveyor to heat the burrito and warm the tortilla. The tortillas are not steamed before building it like at Chip and Q. At Costa Vida you are given the option of smothering the burrito. I did not have my shredded beef + black beans + rice + cheese + medium salsa smothered. After heating, she added lettuce and pico de gallo on the side.

The presentation looked good.

Yeah, LOOKED good. Nah, it wasn't that bad but nothing special and nothing to write home about.

On the prep line the shredded beef is bathing in its own juices or a sauce - very flavorful in concept but in burrito form it really makes the burrito too wet.

And the cheese melts in the oven - sounds delicious but the melted cheese mixes with the juice to make an even wetter burrito. And with the lettuce and pico served on the side you have to cram a bit on the wet burrito before a bite. I gave up on that and let the burrito innards fall in the lettuce as the burrito disintegrated. A tasty pile of stuff to enjoy at the end though.

My burrito chain rankings (of these 5):

1. Qdoba (the Poblano Pesto Burrito is the best thing ever. EVER!)
2. Chipotle (consistently the biggest burritos & dependably good.)
3. Baja Fresh (the tortillas = heaven.)
4. Moe's (a distant 4th. Very distant.)
5. Costa Vida (Yes, behind Moe's.)

But do not think this review is all negative. There were two pretty good things:

The napkins are stacked in a neat unique way -

And the sink in the bathroom is pretty cool -


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Unity? Yeah Right.

What is this Unity party all about? They want a ticket of two candidates, one Republican and one Democrat. That does not seem like that would work. I guess they want to appeal to moderates, but I think they might have a tough time joining the two parties. I will try to find more.

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New Live DMB!

So DMB fans are digging in to their positions regarding the new live release that was announced today. It is a show from Portugal that was in May of this year. This is the tenth live release from the band. Most people are happy at any live release. But some people think this release is weird because the last live release was from March 2007 and there are so many shows to choose from so why another from 2007. I am firmly in the camp saying LIVE – HELL YEAH.


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PB #3

Just some thoughts about Pat Bertoletti. He is ranked #3 right now by the IFOCE. That is probably the right ranking. But he has potential to go up, and fast. Ranked ahead of him are Joey and Kobe. Yes, they beat him at Nathan’s but Pat has beaten Joey since. Pat has not competed against Kobayashi since but I think Pat may defeat Kobe in Krystal’s. Bertoletti.

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Preview of Maine

Next up: burritos in Maine. I do not know what the rules will be but hopefully there is no breaking apart of the burrito and also no dunking. If it is a 12-minute contest I am thinking the winning number will be around 9 or so. We shall see what happens!


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At. At. At. At.

I had Larry King on tonight. One segment was with OJ's attorney, some guy from Florida. Larry asked him "where is he right now". The lawyer's reply: "I don’t know where he's at". The first thing out of his mouth! Don't these guys have a lot of schooling? Don't they have to speak in court? At. My god.

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New Reese's!

"The Elvis Cup is a Reese's cup with an additional layer of banana creme below the peanut butter. The banana tastes just like they put a real banana slice in there - they absolutely nailed the taste of a banana. Banana flakes are listed on the wrapper so the taste is real bananas."

That's from someone's review. I love bananas. Banana pudding. Banana yogurt. Banana milk. Banana bananas. Peanut nuts. And I love Reese's. Who cares whether someone put their chocolate in someone's peanut butter or their peanut butter in someone's chocolate. They put bananas in Reese's! Match made in heaven!

Or so I thought. While they are not bad they in no way meet my expectations. The banana flavor disk is located at the bottom of the cup where usually chocolate and peanut butter interface. It is a thin layer of banana cream. And those are the two problems. It's a tiny flavor layer and it is not infused throughout the cup. I tasted banana flavor when I teeth-scraped on the banana cream layer. And the banana cream is delicious. But to bite normally - chocolate, peanut butter, banana cream - the flavors do not mix well because there is too little banana flavor. My palette didn't know what that hint of a new flavor was so it didn't taste as good as I expected.

I recommend that you skip trying these.


Review: Score!

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Today on my walk to the light rail to the office (maybe 1/2 mile) something magical happened. Usually I'm the one.

At one spot there are four lanes of traffic to cross. In the mornings I cross at the crosswalk since there is some traffic in the mornings. Here in Colorado it is state law to stop for peds in the crosswalk. I don't care if they stop or not unless I am right in their path.

So this morning I start across. A car in lane 1 approaches and stops. A motorcycle cop in lane 2 stops. Lane 3, car approaches and stops. But in Lane 4 a car doesn't even slow down, just zooms through. I'm in the middle of lane 2. The cop and I both look at the car in 4. Then we turn and look at each other. I nod, with a little shoulder shrug. He nods back. If there's a God in Heaven I don't know, but I do know the next thing I saw was the cop speeding off toward the scofflaw.

From there I didn't see anything that happened. I did see the cop pull Red Celica over but I thought maybe he/she would get a warning or something like that. That's the last I thought of it.

Until I go into the kitchen at work ten minutes later. Get a cup. Pour in milk. Look out the window. THERE'S THE COP WITH RED CELICA! I watch for 5 minutes. 5 more. Cop has his flip book thingy out. He's writing. He hands something to Red Celica.

Wish I knew what he handed Red. And why it took 10 minutes. Cool, huh? I'm usually getting put down by the man. Not this morning!

What Do You Want?

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South T Bar

We went up to STB to check out what's going on. We were expecting to see some kind of sign of the mining staking activity, but essentially saw nothing. And the companies made such a big deal about it in the NOITLs or whatever.

1. Did anything take place related to the staking?
2. Wow, there must've been a lot of rain. The grasses were CRAZY and, even a bigger deal, GREEN! (It's always been dry and brown for us this late)
3. There must've been some big rains. Lots of debris on the side roads, and clear road damage.

The slide show is here.

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Where's He At?

This subdivision is in Canon City off of highway 115. Subdivision in Canon?

The subdivision is right down the road from Merlino's Belvedere which is a super famous landmark in the Canon/Florence metroplex. We have not gone there yet but we will try it out soon.

Go Here!

Here is a fun one. Each and every week Quiz Rocket adds new fun quizzes and personality tests to their site. They are free. Some are trivia based and some are more personality related. They already have about 18 quizzes posted. Pop Culture, One Hit Wonder Songs, dumb test, and more. Have a look and have fun!


Last night T-bone and I started our restaurant tour of Canon City and Florence. First up, Ortega's Family Restaurant in Canon.

The building looks cool. So you would think the food might be really good.

You can't see the restaurant well from the main road that goes through Canon. What you can see is the back of the building. There is a sign on the main road, but the front of the building is on a side street.

It looks inviting...

As for the food, it definitely wasn't bad. It was good, but nothing to write home about. Blog about it, sure, but then move on. I had tamales. In back you can see T-munny's Monster Burrito - Chicken.

Actually the shredded chicken in her burrito was very flavorful.

Here's my plate. Notice the beans. That's the main determinant for me. Good refried beans are adobe-colored and smooth with some bean skin chunkage. These beans were just out of the can and with full pinto beans -- not blended smooth at all. That's two strikes right there.

The tamales were again, good. Nothing especial.

So two strikes on the beans. Here's the third strike:

Your name is Ortega. Make the Mexican great. Skip the Italian and American. Your name is not Ortegalini. Or Bob.


More Encomia News

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New Wendy's Burgers!

Wendy's is hyping their new $0.50 hamburgers. I thought they would be a new burger a la Krystal or White Castle. But they're not new burgers -- just the same Jr. Hamburger that was on their 99-cent value menu. Just cheaper now.

I tried them a couple of days ago. Not too bad. The bun is just over 3" round. The patty is just over 3" too, but square. That's like the Bambinos -- square patty with a round bun. Isn't that bad feng shui or something? The patty is thin -- 3/8" or 1/4". The Jrs. also have a squirt of ketchup, squirt of mustard, and a couple of pickle slices.

On her way back from class, T picked up some Jrs. for me...

These were plain. No condiments. No pickles. Each one was 80g.

The square patty on the round bun is just wrong. Deliciously wrong.


Check Encomia

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Cap'n Crunch..Er, Cap'n Munch

This video is quite impressive. Captain Thunderclap takes on putting down a 1-pound steak in 2 minutes or less. As I watched I wondered how fast Pat, Joey or Kobayashi could down it. And how long it would take one of them to do the Big Texan challenge. Too bad we'll never know.

Thanks to Mega Munch and Super Sized Meals.

Review: Home Improvements

There are many home improvement sites out there. But I think I might have found the best one. Anglian has been around for thirty six years so you know they must be good. Check out their site for information on windows, doors, and roof trim. They specialize in Conservatories. For any Home improvements you want done, think Anglian.

The Other Fence

The Big House has a chain link fence in front. Mun and I don't care for the look but it is what it is. There are some fixes to make.

One of the corner posts is dented. It wasn't that way before. I think our neighbor hit it. Just like he did to the kick ass fence in the back.

Here is a part where the bar connecting the fencing to the gate has come off.

And this is the end post. It is bent at the bottom and all fucked up but we shall see what I can do.

This final shot is of the branches and leaves around back. They're getting close to the wires.


Christmas Shopping Soon

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Small Victory

Woohoo! Handy Andy or what?!? Switched out the old mailbox on the House for a new, shiny, lockable model. Drilling into the stucco was weird.

We didn't want to get mail at our physical address but we do so it's all good. But we're getting credit card offers delivered to the House mailbox so a lock is a good move.

Next up: for da Honey.

1. Weatherstripping doors, etc
2. Seal cracks in stucco and parging
3. Motion-activated light in back
4. The ramp covering
5. Attic insulation