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New Reese's!

"The Elvis Cup is a Reese's cup with an additional layer of banana creme below the peanut butter. The banana tastes just like they put a real banana slice in there - they absolutely nailed the taste of a banana. Banana flakes are listed on the wrapper so the taste is real bananas."

That's from someone's review. I love bananas. Banana pudding. Banana yogurt. Banana milk. Banana bananas. Peanut nuts. And I love Reese's. Who cares whether someone put their chocolate in someone's peanut butter or their peanut butter in someone's chocolate. They put bananas in Reese's! Match made in heaven!

Or so I thought. While they are not bad they in no way meet my expectations. The banana flavor disk is located at the bottom of the cup where usually chocolate and peanut butter interface. It is a thin layer of banana cream. And those are the two problems. It's a tiny flavor layer and it is not infused throughout the cup. I tasted banana flavor when I teeth-scraped on the banana cream layer. And the banana cream is delicious. But to bite normally - chocolate, peanut butter, banana cream - the flavors do not mix well because there is too little banana flavor. My palette didn't know what that hint of a new flavor was so it didn't taste as good as I expected.

I recommend that you skip trying these.



Blogger Mega Munch said...

I've seen these and thought about trying them. I still might.

Blogger Liz said...

I actually really liked them and haven't seen them since the first time I bought them!

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Yeah, D, you being you I think you should try them most definitely. Hopefully you won't be as kooky as Liz and actually WANT to eat them again..


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