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Last night T-bone and I started our restaurant tour of Canon City and Florence. First up, Ortega's Family Restaurant in Canon.

The building looks cool. So you would think the food might be really good.

You can't see the restaurant well from the main road that goes through Canon. What you can see is the back of the building. There is a sign on the main road, but the front of the building is on a side street.

It looks inviting...

As for the food, it definitely wasn't bad. It was good, but nothing to write home about. Blog about it, sure, but then move on. I had tamales. In back you can see T-munny's Monster Burrito - Chicken.

Actually the shredded chicken in her burrito was very flavorful.

Here's my plate. Notice the beans. That's the main determinant for me. Good refried beans are adobe-colored and smooth with some bean skin chunkage. These beans were just out of the can and with full pinto beans -- not blended smooth at all. That's two strikes right there.

The tamales were again, good. Nothing especial.

So two strikes on the beans. Here's the third strike:

Your name is Ortega. Make the Mexican great. Skip the Italian and American. Your name is not Ortegalini. Or Bob.



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