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Today on my walk to the light rail to the office (maybe 1/2 mile) something magical happened. Usually I'm the one.

At one spot there are four lanes of traffic to cross. In the mornings I cross at the crosswalk since there is some traffic in the mornings. Here in Colorado it is state law to stop for peds in the crosswalk. I don't care if they stop or not unless I am right in their path.

So this morning I start across. A car in lane 1 approaches and stops. A motorcycle cop in lane 2 stops. Lane 3, car approaches and stops. But in Lane 4 a car doesn't even slow down, just zooms through. I'm in the middle of lane 2. The cop and I both look at the car in 4. Then we turn and look at each other. I nod, with a little shoulder shrug. He nods back. If there's a God in Heaven I don't know, but I do know the next thing I saw was the cop speeding off toward the scofflaw.

From there I didn't see anything that happened. I did see the cop pull Red Celica over but I thought maybe he/she would get a warning or something like that. That's the last I thought of it.

Until I go into the kitchen at work ten minutes later. Get a cup. Pour in milk. Look out the window. THERE'S THE COP WITH RED CELICA! I watch for 5 minutes. 5 more. Cop has his flip book thingy out. He's writing. He hands something to Red Celica.

Wish I knew what he handed Red. And why it took 10 minutes. Cool, huh? I'm usually getting put down by the man. Not this morning!


Blogger Mega Munch said...

Why is that cop in that little picture thinking about Cheerios?

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

You have not heard about the cops 'n' cheerios connection?!?


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