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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Thrown Out

So I'm in the Big House, and last night I went into the master suite to go to bed. I see this:

That's Max sleeping up by the head of the bed. Sleeping soundly. Breathing deeply. What do I do? WWAD? I grab that orange blanket and the pillow under it and settle in on the couch!

Jeez, we go out of our way for these dogs! Who does not like dogs?!? Screw them!

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At work there was a biometric screening fair. Blood pressure, cholesterol and BMI. They were not doing the only thing I really was hoping they would do - Body Fat %. Maybe next time.

But here are my results, and some good info about each test:

Everyone should get something like this done whenever you have the opportunity because anything can happen at any time.

Get An Edge

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This is one supersized meal if there ever has been a supersized meal! This thing is HUGE!! And, might I add, quite delicious looking! Take a look at each layer and savor the goodness! I do not know where this photo came from but it's all good. I am going to break this bad boy down and I will post my findings!!

Perry Video

I have uploaded video from the Krystal Square Off 2-minute qualifier in Perry. In the video is the 2 minute eating, counting of the boxes, and the winner getting the lovely medal.

Watch the video

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The New Guy

Bush has nominated someone to fill the slot vacated by "I don't recall". Hopefully the dems will see what this guys is all about. No wonder people who are polled do not give the Congress all that high marks. They are the majority but they are not doing a thing. So screw them. But, who knows..

Penny Presses

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Perry: Pound for Pound

A few people at work, some who do not follow competitive eating regularly (gasp!) , saw some of the Las Vegas news and they saw some pictures and video from Perry. They were amazed that a diminutive Rich LeFevre could compete with - and beat! - a near mountain of a man like Russ Keeler. And yada yada yada I took the results from Perry and listed each competitors' weight in relation to what they ate. I had not done this in a couple years because this is all mathematical and doesn't matter a whole lot but it is interesting (to me if nobody else!).

In column A is how many Krystal burgers each ate per pound of their body weight as announced by Michael Castellano. In column B is how many burgers each person would have eaten if the person was 145 pounds.

I am not going to draw any conclusions here. Other than Rich is a freakin' animal.

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Full Perry Results

The full results from the Krystal Square Off qualifier in Perry have been posted. LeFevre wins. But then you got Meatsweat, Meatsweat, Meatsweat, Meatsweat.

1) Rich LeFevre-51
2) Eric Livingston-31
2) Russell Keeler-31
4) Micah Collins-29
5) Andrew Lane-21
6) Chris Gilbert-19
6) Dustin Bell-19
8) Rich Foley-17
9) Jeff Jackson-15
10) William Graham-11

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There are finally some events posted on the International Federation of Competitive Eating's site. Notable though in what is not posted yet - a taquito contest at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix. The fair's site lists this event as happening but nothing on the IFOCE's page as of yet...

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Kind of Quiet?

There is not a whole lot going on with the International Federation of Competitive Eating right noe but it probably will not be long before there is. It certainly is weird that these down times enter in every now and then but it is what it is I guess. Keep checking here and on their events list.

Nice Stuff

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K in Perry

Rich 56
SB and Keeler 31 ?
Wing Kong 29
ME 21
and ...

Oh man, two realistic goals going in to Perry.

1. Eat in 2-minute qualifier to qualify for local finals. DID IT.
2. In finals do a tray. DID IT. 21.

And a 3rd thought was 24. Didn't do that but it's good. I think there are still 3 or so in me from yesterday.

Now a drive to Atlanta and flight back. Ugh. But Rich has that too...

I thought the ATL contingent would show - Bubba, Legend, Barlow? But no. And maybe Dale Boone. No again. Him and Kobayashi are the two people in CE I want to meet.

Cash? No! Bikes!

Prizes for winning or doing well in an IFOCE event are usually cash and trophies. But here is a great unique idea – bikes! Everyone loves cruiser bikes. Maybe one for on the beach, or on a road around town, or for a good workout. Beach cruiser bikes are great! Great way to motivate employees, too! Christmas is coming!

Huge Win!

I had gone to Perry without a spot reserved at the final table. Back in August when the KSO schedule was announced I decided then that I would not sign up for a spot through the IFOCE but rather show up somewhere and either qualify in one of the 2-minute qualifiers or not qualify and go home with my tail between my legs.

I got to Atlanta late on Friday. Before going to the free hotel (thanks Hangman!) I stopped in at a Krystal.

My parents came out to Colorado from Florida in September and they had brought 10 Krystals. I had never had one before. The steam of the fresh burgers in Florida had condensed pretty well and sogged the buns by the time we opened the container in Colorado, so I really wanted to get some fresh burgers in Atlanta. It was Saturday morning by the time I ordered and ate my combo #1 but the unsoggy burgers were delicious. Nice!

I ate, went to the very small (but free) hotel room. Shockingly a few hours later I pooped!

My normal schedule is a 12-18 hour rotation, but with the tell-tale yellow hue there was no denying - some hamburger bun carbs were on the way out already! Woohoo!

Oh, the photo above is showing you how crazy small the room was. Me on the pot, face against the wall. And who can possibly say that we did not evolve from apes? Does that back hair say simian or what?!?

In the morning I get to the fair in Perry pretty early, meet up with my parents, and hang out until 2-minute sign-ups begin. Turns out Russ Keeler is hanging out too. I made him out as a likely contender (meet him and you'll know why I assumed that!) but I did not know it was Russ Keeler until a bit later. I had not met him before and to me pictures of him looked unlike the live person.

I get in the first qualifier. When the eating begins, I go to dunk and the bun just completely disintegrates when pulled out of the cup. Instead of holding each burger in my fingers I end up eating mush from my cupped hand. In the end, I get 11 down. Qualifying, not necessarily winning, was the goal. With double digits qualifying was safely done. After Kittie counted 8 for one guy, and 10 for another, my 11 won it! So for an hour:

Russ was in the second qualifier. He won his with 14. I did not see the board again so I do not know where my 11 and his 14 stood after qualifying but I was in so it's all good.

Sunday. Before I ran into Rich in the parking lot I did not know who the "name" would be. It had not been announced in the press or anything. With Joey going to waffles, I thought Rich but time would tell.

The stage was not that wide so there'd be 4 eaters up top and 6 below. Only 10 eaters in the final. Rich, Steak, Micah, Russ, and 6 qualifiers.

For the eight-minute, I had two numbers: 20 and 24. 20, of course one tray. And 24, a Steamer Pack. After the intros, the eating began and I stuck to my plan perfectly - to do 3 a minute. That'd be 24. For 15 or 16, I was on target. With 16, and then 17, I started getting too much in the mouth and not down. 18, same. 19, same. At that point the 10-9-8 began. Stuff in #20. Two chews. That's a tray! Stuff in #21. Mike calls time and my mouth is PACKED! I take a sip. Nowhere for it to go. That won't work. Just get it down. Slow. Slow. After a minute or maybe two I do actually get it down and clear. Ugh. But 21!

So that's that.

My mom got video of both contests. It's with my crappy $80 digital video camera but I'll see what's worth a damn and get that up.

And here is a slideshow of the photos:

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Your Skinnyboy got his first win. Or "win". But a 1st is a 1st. I was in the first 2-minute qualifier today in Perry.

I think one guy had 8, and another guy had 10. At the end of 2 minutes, I put down 11. That should be enough to get in tomorrow. That's what I wanted to do.

"Coulda Shoulda". I should have done a few more but the buns, when dipped and pulled out of the cup, just disintegrated. Easily the messiest I've eaten. At the end I crammed one, and balled up and ate all the bunnage on the table to tidy the area up a bit. Maybe the Krystals were too fresh. The guy who ate 10 was super clean & his area was spotless and dry. I'll be cleaner tomorrow.

Russ Keeler was in the second 2-minute round, and he won his round too. Meatsweats power! More later.


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In the Big House

I am in the Big House doing some things but I will get some things up when I have time. There have been a few things that I have photographed because they are just so very interesting so keep checking back and you will get the latest happenings. Take it easy, byotch.

IFOCE Needs Them

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Going to Perry

I am getting ready to head to Perry for the 2-minute qualifier to get in the Local Finals for the Krystal Square Off IV World Hamburger Eating Championship. I have to eat enough delicious little burgers in my 2-minute qualifier in order to make it into the Local Finals.

These events are in Perry, GA. I expect the Atlanta contingent - Bubba, Larry, Paul - to be there, and maybe Dale Boone. You know his story. But he's one person I want to meet. Along with Kobayashi. More later.


Damn! 1658?!? That's one cool thing about the East Coast - all the history. Well there is a lot of history here, too, just not as much European-white-man-recorded history.

So anyway I'm driving back to New Hampshire after the Costa Vida burritos and just outside of Portland I hit Scarborough. 1658! There's gotta be one:

Usually T-bone and I wander the cemetery-du-jour together trying to find the oldest grave but she's not here. But the town was incorporated in 1658 so this has gotta be good! So I go looking.

Many are from the mid or early 1800s. Some from the late 1700s. That's good, but not the payoff I was expecting. But on the way back:

Sucks for Charles!

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Costa Vida World Burrito Eating Championship

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Your Meatsweats #2

Costa Vida World Burrito Eating Championship

Date: 09/22/2007
Location: South Portland, ME
Winner: Eater X, 10.75 Costa Vida Big Kahuna Burritos in 12 minutes

The event was loads of fun and we were taken care of well by everyone with Costa Vida. There were a few Meatsweats there. And, oh yeah, X is a member of the Meatsweats! The burritos were 18 ounces, filled with black beans and sweet pork. Maybe there was some melted cheese in there, too. Delicious.

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Your Meatsweats #3

Costa Vida World Burrito Eating Championship

Date: 09/22/2007
Location: South Portland, ME
Winner: Eater X, 10.75 Costa Vida Big Kahuna Burritos in 12 minutes

The event was fun and we were taken care of well by Costa Vida. There were a few Meatsweats there. And, oh yeah, X is a member of the Meatsweats!

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Smell This...

I love the smell of new Crocs in the morning:

In DIA on the way to Maine I went by the Crocs kiosk. They had some new styles that I had not seen yet -


There was also a new style that I did not get a photo of. It's a thong with a 3 inch heel.

The Crocs with the lining (Mammoth) are pretty cool (hint, hint, T!)

Burritos in Maine!!

Sonya 10
X 10.75
Crazy Legs ?
Tim 6.?
Me 2.5
Davekos 3?
Wild Bill 3?
US Male 4?
NZ guy 2.?
Local guy 1.?
Pete's homey ?

Rich about Sonya: "Slender sickle of death"

Shawn Kirby 2.75
Note - no totals by a name means they were on a list of expected, but were no there

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The Video

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Scarborough, Maine. And who was Carl Biggins or Higgins ... Forgot his last name ... But I digress.

There is a bit of a windchill factor right now. High 50's. Foggy. Will it burn off? We shall see and also we will see how it impacts things. Do I think it will? No. May dampen the mood of the crowd.

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Big Zits. Get Yer Big Zits Here.

Christ, I thought I was through my adolescence. A few days ago I had a monster whitehead just to the right of my mouth. That went away. But now I have a juicy whitehead above my left eye. For me, it has always been eating crappily = skin issues so hopefully the crappy eating will end soon so my face can once again be as smooth as a baby's butt.