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Perry: Pound for Pound

A few people at work, some who do not follow competitive eating regularly (gasp!) , saw some of the Las Vegas news and they saw some pictures and video from Perry. They were amazed that a diminutive Rich LeFevre could compete with - and beat! - a near mountain of a man like Russ Keeler. And yada yada yada I took the results from Perry and listed each competitors' weight in relation to what they ate. I had not done this in a couple years because this is all mathematical and doesn't matter a whole lot but it is interesting (to me if nobody else!).

In column A is how many Krystal burgers each ate per pound of their body weight as announced by Michael Castellano. In column B is how many burgers each person would have eaten if the person was 145 pounds.

I am not going to draw any conclusions here. Other than Rich is a freakin' animal.


Blogger Mega Munch said...

Pssh! Who weighs 145 pounds?! Skinny little weaklings, that's who. I'm mean, really the only peopl...oh.

Anonymous erbivore said...

What is the standard deviation and beta of this analysis? Did you take into consideration the r-squared?

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Erb, there is no standard deviation and beta.. but there is THUNDER and LIGHTNING, byotch. I got your r-squared right here!!


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