A-Bomb and ...

Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Big Snows!

Denver and areas around it have been pounded by snow the last two days. It's winding down, but here are a few totals:

Aurora -- 16.3 inches
Centennial -- 15.5 inches
Parker -- 19.3 inches
Kittredge -- 30 inches
Conifer -- 34 inches
Broomfield -- 25.4 inches
Eldorado Springs -- 36 inches
Pinecliffe -- 43.8 inches

For many more totals, go to the Denver National Weather Service page.


The Monster Burrito

The Nascar Cafe in Las Vegas has a big burrito. The B3. The Big Badass Burrito:

The B3 Burrito Proportions:
Flour tortillas (4) - 20 ounces
Rice - 18 ounces
Refried beans - 20 ounces
Cheese - 10 ounces
Lettuce - 6 ounces
Shredded meat - 12 ounces
Ranchero sauce - 5 ounces
Diced tomato - 2 ounces
Guacamole - 4 ounces
Sour cream - 6 ounces

One Million Dollars

Today I had to go to serve Jury Doodye. I was selected. Trial ran late. Enough of that. But while we were waiting to go into court, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" was on the TV in the room. I knew a competitive eater had been on the show and was #4 in a list of winners who get to come back on the show for a chance at $1,000,000. Today I saw he had fallen to #5. The game has a few weeks to go, so only time will tell if Tim "Eater X" Janus has another shot at the big moolah.

Hot Hot Hot

There's a new burger challenge in Las Vegas. This is from a Las Vegas newsletter:

Do you need your spicy fix? LBS: A Burger Joint is adding the belly-busting “Extreme Burger” to the menu. The $30 burger comes with a twist - if you can finish it within an hour, along with the pound of French fries that accompany it, the meal is free!

The delectable monstrosity includes six half-pound beef patties loaded with American cheese, smoked bacon, Portobello mushroom, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, LBS burger sauce, spicy mustard, herb mayo and ghost peppers on a fresh baked sweet egg bun all served with a pound of fresh hand-cut French fries.

Ghost peppers, also known as naga jolokia peppers, were confirmed by Guinness World Records to be the hottest chili in the world, making this burger one of Las Vegas’ spiciest. The “Extreme Burger” customer will be given the opportunity to finish the 4 lb, scorching hot burger and a pound of fries within one hour to receive the grand prize of having the burger re-named in their honor and be the inaugural member of the Heroes of the Hamburger wall.

“We wanted to put forth this challenge to all of the hamburger enthusiasts in Las Vegas,” said Billy Richardson restaurateur and owner of LBS: A Burger Joint. “The ‘Extreme Burger’ is quite a feat, but we know that Vegas locals have the eating-power to rise up to the challenge.”

For more information on LBS: A Burger Joint, please call 702.835.9393 or visit www.lbsburger.com.

Wing King Challenge

Today it was up to Boulder to do the Wing King Challenge at the West End Tavern. 50 wings in 30 minutes. They began this challenge a month or so ago and 3 guys had completed it out of 10 or 12 that have attempted it. Make that 4.

They bring out a pail of wings. Not too big, not too small. And the wings were steaming just-out-of-the-oil hot. Coach had a great idea right away: take a lot of the wings out of the pail to cool, and keep doing that every now and then. There was a lot of sauce on the wings; not hot, not mild, somewhere in between.

I got out of the gate very well. Flying through the wings, I was about halfway complete in 8 or 10 minutes. Then I began collecting in my cheeks. So much so that I got all the meat off the bone in 29 minutes and took a few minutes to clear the stored meat. But the time stops when the last bone is cleared of meat.

The staff at West End was great. They were totally into it, and they got a kick out of how messily I ate. Big ups to Alyssa and Cotton Balls. The rules say I have to wait 12 months before doing it again but hopefully we can work something out so I can shave some time off my time.



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The Shirt Off My Back

The photo above shows the shirt I wore at the hot dog eating contest in Frederick last month. The competition hot dogs were boiled. I thought nothing of course of the hot dog juice that ran down my shirt during the contest. I thought it'd be washed and be fine. But no. Not my favorite Life is Good t-shirt. It's trashed with the stains. What was in those hot dog juices? And what went in my belly? T-bonz tried soaking the shirt in Oxi Clean, but no luck. The stains on the shorts came out, but the shirt is gone. Any ideas people?

Mmm. Pie.

Four Mile Historic Park in Denver had a pumpkin festival, and there was a pie eating contest. Before the contest I thought 'pumpkin festival so naturally it'll be pumpkin pie'. Well, I was wrong.

It was fruit pie. Hands-free. But you could hold the tin, just couldn't use hands to eat it or shovel it in. And it was: Apple pie or cherry pie. I really don't like either. But we did get to choose. I chose cherry. In hindsight, terrible choice.

Contest length was 2 short minutes. The defending champion went with apple. He agreed that I ate more pie, but his apple pie was more sturdy than the juicy cherry pie so the judge made the call for the defending champ. I pulled 2nd. There were two other guys in the adult class.

Here is a video of the contest.

Lost 53.2 Pounds!

Since July 27th, when I began this experiment, I've LOST 53.2 pounds in 62 days! Is that great or what? Of course in that same time I've GAINED 47.6 pounds so I'm basically back to where I started. That's 34.954% of my body weight that I've lost in 62 days! I wonder how long it'll take to lose 100% of my body weight?