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Please read this information from ojrikin:

I have decided to move the blog to eatfeats.com and integrate the blog with the database currently hosted at that URL unless there is overwhelming demand for the blog to stay at trencherwomen. The focus of the blog has gradually shifted from female competitive eaters to competitive eating in general and it is time that the domain name reflected that (and the fact that a sizeable portion of the population does not know what a trencher(wo)man is probably has not helped things).

I will set trencherwomen to automatically redirect to eatfeats when I have the database intregation complete which I hope will be by July 25, which is the anniversary of the date trencherwomen.com was pointed to the blog. After the search engines have indexed the new URL in a month or two, I will stop the automatic redirection and restore the original focus of trencherwomen by syndicating the blog entries dealing with female competitive eaters on it.

The Gum

There has been no update for a few days because it's healing well. Nothing out of the ordinary. The gum looks great. As expected I have not yet resumed normal eating, but soon.

BODY WORLDS 2: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies

We went to the sold-out exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. If you want to read more about what it is, go here. Good stuff.

The exhibit does not allow photos, and there were security people around, but I did get some shots that can give you a peek in.

A woman who was 4 months pregnant.

This is compartment man. Various slices of his body are opened like dresser drawers to expose what is inside.

A guy swinging a baseball bat.

Here you saw a body sliced 10 times through from left to right.

This woman had her spine and back opened up so you could look inside.

There were many more organs and such in glass cases. It was all very well-marked. Eyeballs, hearts, lungs, there was all kinds of stuff. Stomachs, instestines, livers. All cool. Even a duodenum. Or is it duaDEEnum? Sorry, inside joke.

If you get the chance to see this exhibit, do.


The doctor liked what he saw. "Keep doing what you are doing". Cool & soft food for a while longer..

And On...

Same story. Not a whole lot has changed - the graft is still whitish but pinking up. I'm still eating cool & soft foods. Tonight I cooked up some elbows and sauce, put some in a bowl, chilled the stuff in the fridge, and then ate it when cooled. I have a followup appointment tomorrow, so check back for a better update!

And Now

The healing is moving along nicely. I can't wait to eat normally.





Smoothie - strawberry instant breakfast, banana yogurt, 1/2 banana

Sunny D
1/2 lb ground beef
can of kidney beans
some rice
Sunny D

Look Here

Photos of both areas, yesterday afternoon:

The graft is a not-too-pleasant whitish color. The white is because the outer surface of the graft did not pick up blood flow. Hopefully other parts of the graft are healthy. This white layer is expected and it will slough off in time.

This is the donor area. It's coming along nicely.

Eating stuff sucks right now. I can't really chew so consuming anything now is more or less insert & swallow. Yesterday -

Orange yogurt
Three meat-substitute sausage patties. Cut up in little bits, cooled.
Powerbar. Banana flavor, original. Sticky. Cut up in little bits.

2 Wendy's Frostys

Baked potato
Ice cream


Yesterday I went in to Thomas J Chapman, DDS, PC, to have a mouth issue repaired. As you can see in a picture later, the gum around my lower left front tooth has receded. It's been going on for a couple of years. Not too painful yet, beyond the occaisional bleeding gum, but it would keep receding and getting more painful over time if I didn't do anything, so here it is. And I have had a self-imposed moratorium on eating corn-on-the-cob or ribs or anything similar to that which could hit the receding gum and not feel all too good.

The actual surgery itself took about an hour. Basically, cut the donor graft from the roof of my mouth and put that over the receding area. Sounds simple enough. But (isn't there always one?) it involved copious amounts of local anesthesia to numb the gum area to be repaired and also numb the donor location on the roof of my mouth.

Here, the assistant is taking a mold of my upper mouth so they can fashion a clear plastic guard that covers up the donor site so no food or anything else comes in contact with the area. To get the graft the doctor cut the 1/2" by 1/4" piece from the mouth roof surface so there is no flap of skin or whatever to help heal the area. It's just an open wound until it heals. And in the mouth that could take a while.

Here the goop is pulled out.

It did not taste very good.

I am cool, indeed, but the shades are their idea. There are scalpels and needles and other sharp things flying around so they are minimizing potential problems.

Below, cleaning the area to be fixed. Lots of blood.

Here is the photo in which you can see the issue. You may have to zoom in. Look at my lower left front tooth. On your right. You can see how the gum is lower than that on the other tooth beside it.

The instruments. And bloody swabs.

In this picture you see the graft. It is the red thing to the left of the white square. Not very big.

Dr. Chapman is sewing in the graft. It was cool to watch him puncture the gum again and again with the suture hook deal. Sewing the little graft in that little area cannot be easy.

Here's me & Dr. Chapman.

With all the anesthesia, I did not feel anything during the surgery. Except once, but he rectified that right away. When the anesthesia started to wear off, things got a little uncomfortable.

That's where things are right now. The donor area is kind of sore, but tolerable as long as nothing touches the spot (except for the plastic guard, which sort of cools the area). The place where he cleaned and sewed in the graft - doesn't feel all that great. We'll see how it goes!

Last night I had a couple scrambled eggs for dinner. Let them cool, then ate. And some ice cream. No chewing then, but today I tried chewing.

I will update later.

Full Nathan's Results

Results from the qualifiers and full championship results can be seen here.


Great time! Lots of fun with T, da Honey and Maxi Lou. We left town on Sunday morning and got back earlier today. We were on the road today when the contest at Nathan's was going on, but ojrifkin was teleblogging so it was just like watching it on ESPN! Congratulations to everyone who was there, but especially to Erik for winning the final qualifier yesterday.


On the way down we made the pit stop in Colorado Springs. This one is real convenient, quite fresh, and well-maintained.

See, the cleaning supplies are at the ready.

Nothing fancy, but it works. None of the sensor crap. If I want to wash my hands, I want to have the say as to when the water turns off.

The spot were you tear the paper off was broken, but otherwise everything was in order.

Now we are in CaƱon. We didn't even have to leave the car for lunch. But I did leave.

The door was right in front of people in their car eating. Why did they choose that spot?

Stepping inside, it is a rather oddly-large room being a one-at-a-time restroom. But OK. No sensors here.

No towels to dry your hands with, either.

Well they are there but the dispenser does not dispense.

I said before that Mandalay Bay ranks #1. And it does. But you can't beat the view this room has:

Hank's has everything you might need when on the road. Good gas, great eats, and fantastic facilities.

Follow the arrow.

Pick up some reading material. Do what you need to do, learn something about the area, and plan your day all in one spot!

Clean. The hot is hot. But sensors. Oh Hank!

Nothing fancy.

Can't wait until next time! Later!

Nathan's on ESPN

If you do miss the live broadcast, there are some other airings. Note the times are Mountain time.

2006 Hot Dog Eating Contest
ESPN Jul 04 10:00am
Special/Sports, 60 Mins.

At Coney Island, N.Y.

Original Airdate: July 4, 2006.

Future Airings:
* 2006 Hot Dog Eating Contest, ESPN2 Jul 04 03:00pm
* 2006 Hot Dog Eating Contest, ESPN2 Jul 04 03:00pm
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