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Gourmet burgers abound in the PHX, and we've done our best Wimpy impersonation gobbling through them all. But the one we always come back to, the one we start to crave after a couple of weeks away, is the Delux burger, namesake of this stylish, L.A.-like eatery, where they offer 40 international brew-ha-has on tap and a limited menu right up until the 2 a.m. closing. You read that right, nighthawks, 2 a.m. So there really is somewhere to nosh something decent after 10 p.m. in this fair city. We like pretty much everything on Delux's menu, including the sweet-potato fries, and even the fish sammy when we're feeling like lighter fare while quaffing our Stella Artois. But the Delux burger is our all-time fave: freshly ground Harris Ranch beef, served medium-rare, and topped with a mix of Gruyère and Maytag Blue cheeses, as well as a combo of caramelized onions and applewood smoked bacon. Pure atavistic delight.


Ted's Hot Dogs

More of What I WON'T Be Eating

Ted's Hot Dogs

Ted's Hot Dogs started as a hot dog cart run by a Greek immigrant named Theodore "Ted" Spiro Liaros in western New York. Today, there are nine Ted's hot dog shops -- eight in western New York and one in Tempe, run by the current president of Ted's, Spiro Liaros, Theodore's son.

Lucky us. Ted's is a diner without the frills but with plenty of trimmings for your crisp, juicy hot dog and crunchy, sweet corn dog, both cooked before your eyes. The price is right, too: We ate well for under $5, including skinny fries and a drink.

We prefer Tempe to Buffalo, too, Spiro. Glad to have you here.


Wrap That Rascal!

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More of What I WON'T Be Eating

Lon's at the Hermosa

We can't help but sigh when we think about Hermosa Inn and its beloved restaurant, Lon's. With its view of Camelback Mountain, its cozy patio fireplace, and trees and cactuses everywhere, the place oozes so much desert charm that we wish we could live there. (Yeah, only in our dreams . . . ) Of course, painter Lon Megargee did live there in the 1930s, and these days, the old-fashioned Arizona adobe ranch house that used to be his residence is home to one of the Valley's most memorable dining destinations. From the dining rooms to the intimate bar to the candlelit stone wine cellar, the ambiance is rustic and romantic, with antique Navajo rugs, wood-beamed ceilings, and Southwestern art throughout. And true to Megargee's artistic spirit, Lon's not only serves Friday night drink specials in Megargee's former art studio (a.k.a. "the Studio Lounge"), but also hosts its own artist-in-residence series, a four-course wine dinner and reception with a different talent every month. As for executive chef Michael Rusconi's creative menu, many of the ingredients are organic, locally grown, or even plucked straight out of the inn's own gardens. For a taste of the Southwest, try the moist cactus pear lacquered breast of duck, or the smoky, pepper-crusted pork tenderloin with prickly pear braised red cabbage. Mmm. We might not be able to move in, but on the bright side, we can't wear out our welcome at the dinner table, either.


El Sol

More of What I WON'T Be Eating

El Sol Mexican Cafe & Bakery

You'll find all kinds of just-baked Mexican pastries on display at this sunny little nook, popular with the Chandler lunch crowd. But take one look at the menu, and it's pretty obvious what they do best at El Sol: burritos, which are the perfect showcase for El Sol's wonderful handmade tortillas. Start your morning with a cheap, hearty breakfast burrito, stuffed with potatoes and ham, bacon or chorizo, or drop by for a midday meal guaranteed to satisfy whatever kind of crazy burrito craving you've been having lately. We counted nine different fillings here: red or green chile, pollo or carne asada, shredded beef, shrimp, carnitas, and bean and cheese. Get any one of them fried or enchilada style, or go overboard with the Killer Burro, bursting with guacamole, sour cream, rice, and beans. It's sloppy good.



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El Bravo

More of What I WON'T Be Eating

Editorial Review for El Bravo – by Nikki Buchanan

In Short
Look past a few pinatas and Mexican beers signs and discover why this neighborhood restaurant is a local favorite for its Sonoran-style dishes. Go for the jalapeno-studded machaca or the stacked enchiladas and Navajo tacos, a definite rarity.



More of What I WON'T Be Eating

Editorial Review for Filibertos Mexican Food – by Citysearch Editors

In Short
Dozens of Mexican staples, from tortas to carne asada and super-stuffed burritos, are made fresh daily for those on the go. Filibertos is open around the clock and gets customers on their way with a quick and convenient drive thru that also operates 24 hours. And breakfast is served all day.


Virginia Is It!

Virginia might not conjure up images of mountains and ocean vistas, but you will find them in Virginia. Living there is something special. Northern Virginia is right outside Washington and that is where most people live because the commute to DC is not that bad. Arlington, Fairfax and Manassas are the big towns. The market has been suppressed for a few years, but fairfax real estate is rebounding! It is safe and family-friendly there. You will find many opportunities for golfing and boating. The historical sights in the area are something else with all the history in DC and you can also go to Williamsburg, Jamestown and more! Check it!

Oregano's Pizza

More of What I WON'T Be Eating

Editorial Review for Oregano's Pizza Bistro – by Citysearch Editors

In Short
Oregano's remains one of the hottest spots in town with constant crowds packing in around small tables for plenty of pastas and sandwiches, which are offered in addition to the pizza that comes in the stuffed or thin-crust variety. Save room for the pizzookie, a small pizza-size, gooey cookie served with vanilla ice cream.


NYPD Pizza

More of What I WON'T Be Eating

Editorial Review for NYPD Pizza – by Citysearch Editors

In Short
This lively storefront operation has nothing to do with cops and robbers, but the New York-style pizzas and calzones are certainly arresting. Two brothers from Long Island run the place and insist on importing the water for their particular pizza dough. These pies are the real deal.


Villas in Florida

Lowery's has been in the Florida vacation property scene since 1947. That is a long time so you know they have the experience and you also know they have lots of satisfied customers. They are based in the UK but they have an office right in the heart of their rental area too. Their site pulls a lot of information together in one convenient spot. Whether you want an Orlando Holiday Villa, rental car, or tickets to attractions Lowery's has it. Their website show pictures and has info for each separate rental property. So if you want a PlayStation there, you can see if the unit has that.

That is detail. That is Lowery's!

Bill Johnson's

More of What I WON'T Be Eating

Editorial Review for Bill Johnson's Big Apple – by Citysearch Editors

In Short
One of the country's original "shock-jocks", Bill Johnson, ran a rebel radio show out of a makeshift jail cell in his original Van Buren restaurant. Celebrity musicians, actors, cowboys and politicians all showed up to eat some great barbecue and chat it up with Johnson on air. Today, the Johnson family keeps his legendary spirit alive with several of his famous steakhouses throughout Arizona and grocery stores stocked with his famous barbecue sauces.



More of What I WON'T Be Eating

Editorial Review for Joe's Real Barbecue – by Nikki Buchanan

In Short
Located in an old brick building dating back to 1929, Joe's Real Barbecue was turned into a cafeteria-style rib restaurant that's really far too clean to call a "joint." There's a mural of agricultural Arizona on one wall, a John Deere tractor parked in the middle of the room and picnic tables outside. The menu includes pecan-smoked meats, homey side dishes and house-made desserts. Cookies are baked fresh every hour.


Hawaii Luxury!

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More of What I WON'T Be Eating

Editorial Review for Sabroso Fresh Mexican Grill – by Rhonda K. Aburomi

In Short
A bright, open room with cleanly ordered tables and walkup counter may be a bit conventional, but the aroma of expertly seasoned machaca draws fresh mex fans into the fold. Retreat to the covered patio to watch fellow patrons heft ample burritos stuffed with as much lean meat and fixings as they can handle. And don't pass on the five freshly made salsas to top it all off.



More of What I WON'T Be Eating

Editorial Review for Pepe's Taco Villa – by Nikki Buchanan

In Short
Pepe's is ironically filled with plaques that attest to owner Pepe Acosta's previous success as a car salesman at Ray Korte Chevrolet. But die-hard fans who frequent his little west side restaurant praise Pepe as a restaurateur. Noon and night, people come for authentic meals from Pepe's wife, Dora Luz, whose cooking wowed the dealership staff he used to cook for.



A faculty member at Capella University has co-authored a great new book on Appreciative Coaching. More or less it is psychology and life coaching. The book, "Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change", is about using questions and mindfulness to bring about positive change. It deals with Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny. It is good stuff so check it out.

Capella University is a full-accredited online university that has many programs that allow you to get online learning leading to a college degree. They have students from all 50 states and 56 countries. Capella must be good to have that draw! See what they can do for you!

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Los Dos Molinos

More of What I WON'T Be Eating

Editorial Review for Los Dos Molinos – by Nikki Buchanan

In Short
Chef-owner Victoria Chavez makes fresh tortillas every day to accompany her famous dishes. The labor of love is evident in plates featuring adovado ribs, chimichangas and enchilada dinners. On the weekends, the joint hops with eager patrons who often order margaritas and then wait for up to two and a half hours for a table.



Welcome to What I WON'T Be Eating, a Series

Editorial Review for Carolina's Mexican Food – by Nikki Buchanan

In Short
Beyond the primitive decor, customers quickly discover discover what so many people have known for years: This is homey, hearty, cheap food. Mobs of downtown working stiffs and other in-the-know Valley residents fill the place on a regular basis. You can go for takeout or stay in for tacos, enchiladas, burritos, flautas--all the usual stuff.


I Love Lawns

SLDA Landscape Design Associates know their business. Their name says it all. Landscape. That is what they do. And if you require their services or know someone who does, SLDA is the name to know. They are located in Boston so if you are in California they probably cannot do a whole lot for you but if you go to their web site you will see how much they know and how much there is for you to know. They use a very detailed Three Stepping Stone process to plan out your design. They know the real questions to ask to get to what you need. Check them out and start building the confidence now!

Holy Crap Part 2!

Remember when T-bone and I got that 64 ounce drink? Scott-o, T-bone's brother, told me of this chain in New York, Wilson Farms, that sells a freakin' 80 OUNCE drink! It was called the "Big Willie" before being renamed the "Tweener". I don't know which one of those two is funnier. 80 OUNCES! That's one Big Willie!

You Boat?

Do you love boating as much as I do? If you have a boat then you know the horrific conditions that boats can be exposed to; it is even worse out of the water like when the boat is docked or in your driveway. We all take pride in our boats. And we should. They are a big investment. The easiest step to take is to cover your boat. Canvas, plastic, soft, hard, whatever but you must cover your boat. But once you do get a cover then you have more work – keep the cover itself from ripping, opening, and getting dirty. A little maintenance is needed. There are even some boat covers that cut UV rays. Naturally, they are called sunbrellas. Check out the site!

Luxury Living

Is golf course living for you? If it is you really should check out Kierland Golf Club in North Scottsdale. It was designed in 1996. The club is on 225 acres. There are 3 nine-hole courses that can be combined for a round of par 72, 6900 yards. Not too shabby! The golf is nice, but another big draw is a 38 acre "Kierland Commons" village which offers retailers, restaurants, and offices. There are also homes, of course, that start around $500k and go to $3m. And because there are many vacation homes, there is a concierge service that prepares homes for their owners. Check the site, see what they offer, and find your next home today at Kierland real estate.

Low Bid Wins!

Wow, check out this site! It seems really cool, this bid4prizes does. It is an auction site, but with a fun twist! Normally a high bidder wins an auction. But here, the lowest bid (unique) wins. That is a cool idea! Right now there are only three items up for bid: a digital camera, a TV & DVD theater, and a BMW.

Since I am so cutting edge, that TV & DVD would be what I want. Going on the site now, the lowest unique bid is between 2318 cents and 2338 cents! Do the math! There is over a day left, so that will change but for now that is sweet! Anyway, check it out and get in on the fun!

Meet the Big House

Here are a few pictures of the Big House. It is in Florence, Colorado. The name is perfect for two reasons!

The workshop in the back is HUGE!

There is a swim lane in the back. In Florence all the lucky people have pools.

Honey & Max dig it!



When we switched from Sylvan Learning Centers to Score! we saw immediate progress with Bobby. When kids love to learn, they will learn. At Sylvan, it is so much more of a "mill" feeling than at Score learning, a very innovative tutor! We do not worry about finding out why that is but it is what it is. Bobby is flourishing at Score with his mom in Texas so that is all that matters!

No matter what the subject matter, Score can handle it and get your kid learning too! They have the normal math, reading, and writing. But they also offer study skills courses. It sometimes is how your child is studying. So I urge you to see what Score can do!

The Big House

Where in the world is this? Take a look at the photo and take a look at the clues. Take a guess, leave it in the comments, and we'll see who knows their stuff.


Review: Mint Credit Card

Mint Credit Cards will change the way people think about credit cards. A different shape than your usual rectangular, the Mint Credit Card is missing the bottom right hand corner. Kind of sleek, and a little hipper than average. This is the first design change to the average credit card in the UK in 37 years.

Mint Credit cards offer both traditional credit cards (with amazing 0% rates on purchases until 1/2008, 0% balance transfers until 8/2008, and a bonus offer) and gift cards. What's more is that they recently lowered their rates – both introductory and the typical APR. What is not to like with their uk credit card?

The 1st!

Yeah, Shamalama! I've looked high and low for a place in Denver that has a big burger, and I could find nothing. Sham looked outside Denver, in Erie, and found this bitch:

ERIE, Colo. -- Do you have a soft spot for burgers?

If so, you'll probably want to head to Erie and the Uptown Cafe for a snack.

The restaurant features a 9.5-pound creation that is one foot wide and five inches high.

The hamburger contains a 4.5-pound beef patty, a pound of cheese, five sliced tomatoes, two onions, a head of lettuce and 1.5 cups of mayonnaise.

You'll need a lot of lettuce to buy one: it goes for $25. But, if you are able to eat it all in an hour, it's free!

Review: Personal Finance

As you might know, we got the Big House. It was a big purchase, of course, and not one to be entered into without some thought. We had to think about where the funds would come from. Knowing about mortgages helped a lot. On the one hand, a mortgage could definitely be classified as "good" debt. On the other hand, it is still debt. And there would have been other costs with a traditional mortgage like other closing costs. After all was analyzed, we figured out the best way to go and went for it.

One of those ways could have been to use credit cards. What a personal finance topic! On average, Americans carry so much credit card debt. I do not know the specific number, but it is something like thousands. They will never get that paid off because the credit card companies make it so attractive to take on more debt and enter a circle where you borrow, you might even get ahead, then there is some great offer that people cannot pass up so the cycle goes on and on.

For more personal finance opinion, read the articles that NationsFinance has posted. The articles are jam packed full of good info!

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Content Changes

No, there will still be ads. That is for sure. But with the Big House now, there will be a lot about projects we do there. So the three content areas – in no particular order – are the eating, the Big House, and ads. And whatever else may come up. See ya.

They're Back!

It is soooooo close! I can hardly wait!! Since breaking up in the mid 80s, The Police are back!! Their reunion world tour kicks off in Vancouver in a couple days, and they are playing two dates in Denver. We couldn't get through for tickets for the first date but we scored for the second night!!! Yeah!!! I was 12 when Synchronicity was released in 1983 – right in the middle of my musical opinions being formed. So naturally I love that album. And when they came to Washington D.C. on that tour, we went! Sweet show!!

And then The Police split. Sure, Sting put out some good solo stuff and Andy & Stewart popped up now and then. But there was no Police! Now, they are back! Sure, it'll be a greatest hits tour but that's what we want! Did you hear them at the Grammys and at their rehearsals? They sound GREAT and this tour is going to kick ass!

In June, a new album of hits drops! Check out this killer track listing for this new police cd!!

Disc: 1
1. Fallout
2. Can't Stand Losing You
3. Next to You
4. Roxanne
5. Truth Hits Everybody
6. Hole in My Life
7. So Lonely
8. Message in a Bottle
9. Reggatta de Blanc
10. Bring on the Night
11. Walking on the Moon
12. Don't Stand So Close to Me
13. Driven to Tears
14. Canary in a Coalmine

Disc: 2
1. Do Do Do de da da Da
2. Voices Inside My Head
3. Invisible Sun
4. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
5. Spirits in the Material World
6. Demolition Man
7. Every Breath You Take
8. Synchronicity I
9. Wrapped Around Your Finger
10. Walking in Your Footsteps
11. Synchronicity II
12. King of Pain
13. Murder by Numbers
14. Tea in the Sahara

I WANT THIS ALBUM!!! Is that a police cd or what!!! This will be a super reminder for all of us fans that The Police got back together in 2007 and (I can’t believe I get to say this) hit road for a world tour this year!!

Gimme Some Skin

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Holy Crap!

On the way back to Denver, we stopped to get some cold drinks. How's this for refreshing:

No wonder kids are so f*cked up these days! I wonder what 64 ounces of Mountain Dew or Coke or whatever will do to someone! For the record, mine is filled with Diet Coke. Gotta be sensible, right?


Billy at SupersizedMeals.com has opened the store! Right now there are two kinds of shirts and one kind of boxer shorts. The stuff looks hot! I think his logo is one of the best I have ever seen! It is easy gift-giving any time because what eater would not love it!!

Check It: Orlando Rocks!

Going to Orlando to get your fun fix? Orlando.com is your one-stop shop for any ticket you may need while you are in Orlando! Planning your getting to Orlando is not hard and planning your accommodations in Orlando is not difficult. Orlando.com knows orlando hotels! And they also can set you up with airfare, car rentals, and more. The options for fun are practically endless! Disney – and all the theme parks. Golf. Lots more!. It is nuts! They can cut through all that and sell you what you really need. They can help with water parks, Universal Studios, and more. They have night fun covered too! Medieval Times, Arabian Nights, mini-golf, Sea World. And on and on and on! For the best discounts, think Orlando.com!

PPP Does It Again!

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It's The Real World. It is. (1)

Ha, the local paper has a great write-up of MTV's Real World Denver. This might only make sense to Liz, so Liz enjoy:


Goodbye, Cruel Real World
Denver says goodbye to the worst cast ever.
By Adam Cayton-Holland
Published: May 17, 2007

A few years back, there was this commercial with Ed McCaffrey standing in front of East High School, looking like that rascal Eddie Haskell and holding a football and talking about something positive. (I believe it was for United Way, but with all the shit McCaffrey hawks these days, you never know.) The first time I ever saw this commercial was during a Monday Night Football game while I was at college, some 2,000 miles from my home. Now, I need not remind you how much I love this fine city of Denver, so you can imagine how overcome I was to see not only a Denver Bronco on my television set in Connecticut, but a Denver Bronco in front of my actual high school! I nearly seizured.

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It's The Real World. It is. (2)

"That's Ed McEastHigh!" I screamed unintelligibly.

"Adam, chill out. What are you trying to say?"

"East, man! East McSchoolfrey!"

Once my friends finally calmed me down, I explained how amazing it was to see a beloved Bronco standing in front of my high school on national television. They nodded, agreed, then disallowed me from having any more beers.

When I first heard that The Real World was going to be filming in Denver, similar pulses of excitement surged through my body. Denver, my little Denver, featured on national television for an entire season! And not just TV, MTV! I mean, that's street cred right there! Well, street cred if the year was 1989, but, hey, a lot of people still watch it.

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It's The Real World. It is. (3)

So I tuned in. And not only was I horrified to see that Denver had been boiled down to Monarck, the Downtown Tavern and a few shots of the aliens outside the Denver Performing Arts Complex, but MTV had poisoned our city with hands-down the worst cast in Real World history. If I were in college now and people said, "Hey, Adam, The Real World: Denver! Aren't you from Denver?" I would respond, "No, I'm from Pueblo, which is in Colorado, so I can see how you would get confused. Now, who wants to binge-drink?"

Although there have been some horrible cast members in the Real World's past, never in the program's history have there been so many awful people under one roof. I even hesitate to call them people, because really, what they are is infections. You ever watch a show about infections? It's not such a good time. And apparently, all of America agreed. Ratings were so low that MTV was forced to shit out another Real World/Road Rules Challenge to show alongside it. That's how desperate things got.

But thankfully, thankfully, thankfully, this week marks the final episode of The Real World: Denver, and in honor of the death of the show, I would like to address each of the cast members individually, from who I hated most to least.

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It's The Real World. It is. (4)

Brooke: What can I say other than that cancer is too good for you? Because suffering from cancer is noble, and nobility is something you should never possess. Your parents should teach a class called "How Not to Raise a Child," because then the world will be spared any further whiny, utterly inept, spoiled bitch-hounds like yourself. You are not only the worst reality-television personality I have ever seen, but you very may well be the worst person I have ever seen. Every time you raged freakishly or whined pathetically, I prayed that you would work yourself into such a tizzy that you suffered the program's first on-air aneurysm and we could see what a funeral looks like MTV-style. I imagine it would be excessive, like a My Super Sweet 16 episode, but all in black. And by the way, in those little teasers they show after the program, it's blatantly obvious you got a boob job, which is just so exactly what someone like you would do with her pathetic dollop of pseudo-fame. Here's hoping the silicone leaks back into your bitch-hound body and kills you!

Davis: If being gay were a job, you'd be fired. You're terrible at it. Sometimes you were catty and stirring up shit, like we like, but other times you were making out with chicks and bitching about wanting to be one of the guys. Bottom line, you suck. You just suck, Davis. At pretty much everything. I'm soooooo glad CT popped you in the face in that first episode of Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I just wish he had done more damage.

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Drug Rehab

Oh yeah! This place looks very sweet! Too bad for me that I did not know about this place when I went in drug rehab! Stone Hawk is in Michigan (in Battle Creek – cereal is good!). It is mid way between Chicago and Detroit. Their program looks great – I like how people there are not patients but rather "students" learning to live without drugs. Program lengths run about four to six months. The campus sits by a private lake that is stocked for fishing. Here you can feed your mind and your body to stop that hurtful addiction. So please check them out and do not think about other programs for drug treatment like I did until you give Stone Hawk a look!

It's The Real World. It is. (5)

Colie, Colie, Colie: Hey, I'm a man -- does that mean I get a blow job? Yes it does, if only I had met you. But it wouldn't be for stimulation that I would put my penis in your mouth, Colie; it would be to shut you up. You are the quintessential fresh-out-of-college, over-dependent "mess" that every man should avoid. You're a sloppy drunk, you need to get a better immune system, and I'm sure the president of Tulane cringes whenever he sees you in that sweatshirt. Oh, and sometimes it looks like you have Down syndrome. A mild case, but definitely Down's.

Stephen: I'll admit there were moments when I tolerated you, but all in all, those moments were outweighed by instances when I despised your Republican ass, like when you were acting so bitch-made as an Outward Bound instructor. Remember when you had to go to a wedding for your sister and you smugly said you didn't feel bad about leaving because you were going to see people you actually cared about? As opposed to the campers who you could give two shits about? I can't wait until you're running for city council in whatever satellite suburb you move you and your unfortunate wife to, and someone points out that it was Hurricane Katrina victims you snubbed. You say you want to be a politician, yet you can't even sit still for a photo op with Katrina victims? Way to go, James Carville.

Jenn: I have to say, you were the coolest girl. Yeah, you were a whore, but you owned being a whore. And I appreciate that. I also appreciate your fantastic tits, but who in God's name do you think you are fooling with those eyebrows, girlfriend? They're hideous! Here's a tip: When you're ripping out chunks of flesh, you may be over-plucking. At that point, you probably thought, "I'll just paint them back on and nobody will notice how freakish my eyebrows look." And that thought would be true, if by "nobody" you meant "all of America."

It's The Real World. It is. (6)

Tyrie: I like you. I really do. You were the most laid-back of the bunch. Every once in a while you said funny things. I saw you go for a jog in one episode, and there was another when you were cold chilling on the 16th Street Mall by yourself. I appreciate your getting to know Denver a little better. I just wish you hadn't gotten to know detox. Don't get me wrong: Going to detox is a badge of honor among my friends. But you damn near smacked a ho before you did it. And that bumped you to second on the list for coolest Real World member. I'm not down with hitting women. Unless it's Brooke, of course. Then you can hit the shit out of her.

Alex: You win because you're normal. And you banged a lot of chicks. Way to go, Alex!

Yes, it's been a crazy ride, Real World: Denver, but it's time to leave. If you'll allow me to steal a goodbye from an episode of Cribs, I would like to say that we invited you in, we showed you all of our cars, we showed you a four-block radius of our city that you never wandered from, but now you gots to get the fuck out.

And please, pretty, pretty please, never come back.

Dream Date?

A few days ago I told you about how PPP is not only giving away cash. They give away prizes, too. Now, they are giving away a date with a Hollywood star! You can win a date with actress Mirelly Taylor. You have seen her in movies (including Kiss Me Again), TV (Las Vegas and Numb3rs) and other stuff.

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While I do not know why she is doing this (OK, no doubt $$$ has something to do with it) I think this is a really neat idea! It is an online first and it is really interactive because the viewers can watch the videos and then vote for their favorite. The winner gets the date and some other stuff that is more than valuable enough to justify the time put in. I wish anyone who enters the best of luck!

More Finger

As you can see, nothing is broken. A perfect dislocation. They put it back where it should be and everything is OK.


What did CD do this weekend?

Here's how the conversation went with the emergency room check-in girl:

Her: What are you here for today?

CD: (Showing her his elbow) I have this cut on my elbow.

Her: OK, that doesn't look too bad. Let's put a band-aid on it and...

CD: Oh, and my finger...

I would have loved to have seen her face!

08:32AM glane: any blood shots or no?
08:33AM CD: no blood
08:33AM glane: damn, too bad
08:33AM glane: blood sells
08:33AM CD: uh, yeah.... too bad
08:33AM glane: maybe next time I guess!

Secure Home

Do you think you need a home security system? There are some places that have a home security system would make sense but these things are pretty easy to get around. There is a pretty comprehensive blog site that reviews home security systems. Anyone should read these articles before committing to a system because it might open your eyes to the reality of these systems. Articles talk about the types of systems, whether to buy hard-wired or wireless, how to do it yourself, and costs. And the costs are real enlightening. You pay for the system and then an on-going monitoring fee. Anyway, check out the site and see.


There was another debate last night for the Republican presidential candidates. I did not see it last night, but I have seen clips on the news today. How the hell can anybody support any of these positions on anything? Republicans are hard to watch. Dopes.

Take Her Out

A few days ago I told you about how PPP is not only giving away cash. They give away prizes, too. Now, they are giving away a date with a Hollywood star! You can win a date with actress Mirelly Taylor. You have seen her in movies (including Kiss Me Again), TV (Las Vegas and Numb3rs) and other stuff.

The promotion is called Seduce a Celeb and it sounds really pretty cool! You can go on and view the Free videos at GoFish.com and see what you are up against. You can then submit your own video. Anyone can try so hop to it! There are some basic ground rules, but you can get all that info online when you watch the video that Mirelly posted.

While I do not know why she is doing this (OK, no doubt $$$ has something to do with it) I think this is a really neat idea! It is an online first and it is really interactive because the viewers can watch the videos and then vote for their favorite. The winner gets the date and some other stuff that is more than valuable enough to justify the time put in. I wish anyone who enters the best of luck!

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No Paper!

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Movin' On Up

Wow, today I bought a 22" widescreen LCD monitor. Up to now I've had a 15" LCD so this 22" should be pretty cool. Once it's set up I will take some photos showing the difference. I don't know what to expect...

Date a Star

A couple of days ago I told you about how PPP is not only giving away cash. They give away prizes, too. Now, they are giving away a date with a Hollywood star! You can win a date with actress Mirelly Taylor. You have seen her in movies (including Kiss Me Again), TV (Las Vegas and Numb3rs) and other stuff.

The promotion is called Seduce a Celeb and it sounds really cool! You can go on and view the Free videos at GoFish.com and see what you are up against. You can then submit your own video. Anyone can try so hop to it! There are some basic ground rules, but you can get all that info online when you watch the video that Mirelly posted.

While I do not know why she is doing this (OK, no doubt $$$ has something to do with it) I think this is a really neat idea! It is an online first and it is really interactive because the viewers can watch the videos and then vote for their favorite. The winner gets the date and some other stuff that is more than valuable enough to justify the time put in. I wish anyone who enters the best of luck!

More from Vegas

If you have seen the picture from Las Vegas, then you no doubt know how cool it is. Great focus and it alone tells a great story. What you don't know about that picture is that the photographer used some new lens filter. Here is the actual non-filtered photo:

Many thanks to Steakbellie for finding this original photo and uncovering the truth.

PPP is Knocking!

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I have not won yet but I sure want to win! Unfortunately PPP is blocked at work so I cannot keep checking the site for the special postings or I know I could grab a few. Oh well, it is all good!

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Las Vegas Hot Dog Photos

At the Las Vegas event there was a photographer with WorldPictureNetwork what is (from what I gather) a place for freelance photographers to sell their craft and make some bank. I say "make some bank" because the photos are not cheap. Take a look at photos from the event and maybe you want to browse their other photos.

There are two of me:


I woke up this morning and found out I had left the front door unlocked as well as the door on the deck. Oops. But it is fine up here in Evergreen. Sure, there is crime here but not like in a city. If I had one of the newest LaserShield Security Systems there would be no worries! It is very easy to install, monitored around-the-clock, wireless, and so very portable. And it is high-tech using the latest infrared technology. It is available everywhere (and at big retailers like Comp USA, Home Depot, Costco, Kmart, Montgomery Ward, Sears and more), so check it out today!

Mother's Day is Now

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I hope everyone already has done something or you have something planned. The earliest celebration honoring mothers dates back to the annual spring festival of ancient Greece dedicated to Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. The Greeks would pay tribute with honey cakes and fine drinks and flowers at dawn. As it was then and as it is now, it is a day where we take some time to thank the person that brought us into this world and/or cared for us when we were young.

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Morrissey Video!

I have uploaded a bit of video that I recorded at the Morrissey show in Denver on May 9. I recorded it on my digital camera. You cannot see much but you can get an idea how it looked and how cool the light show was. It was a great show. If you were there, great! If not, then you should be kicking yourself in the ass.


Vote Early, Vote Often

My site was nominated for Best Food Blog!
I have nominated Billy and supersizedmeals.com for a Blogger Choice Award. Best Food Blog is the category but I also nominated him in Best Health Blog & Best Entertainment Blog but Food is the primary one. So go to www.bloggerschoiceawards.com and Show him some love, people!

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Asparagus Video

The Butler has posted a link to a pretty good video from the 2007 World Deep Fried Asparagus Championship in California held at the end of April. The shooter had a couple of friends in the contest so the video focuses on them but that is a good thing. Enjoy!

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Morrissey Setlist

Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Panic / Let Me Kiss You / I Will See You In Far Off Places / All You Need Is Me / Lucky Lisp / Everyday Is Like Sunday / The National Front Disco / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Irish Blood, English Heart / Ganglord / In The Future When All's Well / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy // Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

And read a whole lot more here.

Review: Keep the Books

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Don't Eat Here

Before the Morrissey show last night T-bone and I went to the Spicy Pickle for dinner. Sub sandwiches, they have soup, that kind of stuff. It sucked. Well, my sandwich was OK. But amount to price ratio was crap. Same with T. Also her bread, ciabatta, sucked ass because it was so hard and dry. Do not bother.

Review: AIMPromote

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Fish? Hunt?

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Ha ha, something is seriously wrong with W because he seems to be caving to the pressure and also to the democrats. Finally the dope is maybe doing something right about Iraq. Maybe; it is still early. Well, over 4 years but whatever. I still think he is a jackass no matter what but we will see what happens. Dumbass.


I guess Dave thought nobody was looking...

Dave playing with his balls

Click the picture for a closer view. Not only did the captain of the Hungry Hooligans custom-make two Manitoba Meatsweats beach balls, he decided on the questionable fashion choice of wearing a fleece in Las Vegas. Is this photo evidence of his abandoning the Hungry Hooligans?

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New Bambino Burgers! (Part 1)

This won't be a big deal to many of you, but it is here.

Denver has no Krystal (Dallas is nearest) or White Castle (closest in Kansas City), but there is a place to get little burgers (aka sliders) now! Good Times, a chain in the mountain west, has introduced Bambino Burgers!

I can find nothing about them except one mention in a local paper from May 4th so I guess these are brand new. I saw them on a Good Times marquee on the way home from working out at 24 Hour.

So I got a 5-pack for dinner Sunday to check them out:


New Bambino Burgers! (Part 2)

On the menu they're one for 75 cents, 3 for $2.25, and 5 for $3.75. You can add cheese for 10 cents each. You know me and cheese -- I passed on that.

Opening the 5-pack:

Nice packagin.! Convenient carry handle, and each Bambino is in its own sleeve.

Each one I had was between 2.7 to 2.9 ounces. I don't know how that compares to Krystal or WC but I imagine closely.

Let's see what goes in to one:


Check It: Go To Him

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New Bambino Burgers! (Part 3)

The 3" x 3" bun is squishy white bread but toasted just enough to give it good flavor and not fall apart. The square patty (they say 100% all natural Coleman beef) is lightly seasoned maybe with only pepper and salt.

Under the patty is one pickle slice and a shot of their "secret" sauce. It looks and tastes very much like Thousand Islands but it's secret.

Taking a bite is flavorful indeed:

Overall they taste pretty good. Let's see how the market reacts. *I* give them two greasy thumbs way up.


New Bambino Burgers! (Part 4)

The new Bambino burgers from Good Times were quite delicious. I would love to do a taste test between a Krystal, a White Castle, and a Bambino but that kind of thing is not very convenient as all 3 restaurants do not overlap much if at all. Oh well, these were good.


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Review: Encyclocentral.com

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Who Knew!

Thanks to the great Anonymous for answering my plea for help about the cranes. Everyone learn something:


The More You Know.

Save Your Money

There are quite a few coupon sites but one great coupons site is CouponChief.com! All you need to do is go to the site, find the merchant where you want to shop, click on the coupon and you are automatically redirected to the merchant site and any coupons get applied automatically! No more entering codes! CouponChief has so many merchants from A to Z so you probably will find the one you want!

We shop from Circuit City for a lot for electronics and computer stuff, and this site has a dizzying array of very useful CircuitCity.com coupons! CircuitCity.com has some great deals and CouponChief makes the deals even better! Stop by and see for yourself!

Las Vegas

A quick trip. Fly to Las Vegas on Wednesday night, hang out, and then fly back on Thursday night.

Hey, Frontier, sit on it! What'd I do to you?!? And be grammatically correct at least. It's not "A whole" but rather "Asshole" or "A-hole".

Oh, and I know the TSA is super vigilant about guns, knives, nail clippers, water and stuff, but are they lax on drugs now:

My bag of Gatorade-flavored blow made it through no problem.

And big thanks to The Hangman! The accomodations, free.

The Knights Inn is not located in the best part of town. I hopped on the wrong bus when I got to town. And it was 9:30pm and dark. When I got off the bus these two guys said to me "Hey boss". I shot back "What up". I had about a mile to walk to the Inn. I thought for sure they might come back with some of their homeys and kick my ass. Cut me. And leave me for dead. But thankfully they did not. Note to me: next time, shut up.

Here's a view from the Inn.

It's only a tantalizing mile or so east of the Strip but there was nothing glamorous about it. The hot water got luke warm at best.

The remote for the TV. All the buttons worked except On/Off.

But again, free is free. So if hot water and the remote control are the only complaints it's fine.

Thursday morning I woke up early in anticipation of the Happi Inn. I had the local news on and happened to catch the Mike, Rich and Pat segment. I videoed some of it on the camera. Not great quality, but whatever. Later the anchor was talking about a murder investigation. Police want tips. "You can remain anonymous AND you don't have to leave your name". Do anonymous tipsters normally leave their name?

The weather on Thursday was great. Blue sky, sunny, and not hot at all - high of maybe 75 or 80. On the pilgrimage to Mecca I go by the NYNY to check out the venue. There's not a whole lot going on this early.

For the AVLV readers, where is this:

And now, take it in:

What an experience. Hallowed ground indeed.

Moving on.

Vegas is always changing. Stuff being torn down. Stuff being put up.

Maybe someone can answer this. I have always wondered. How do they get the cranes put up? With a crane? But how does that one get put up? With a crane? But how...?

At noon or so I head:

Like last year, the setup in great. Raised stage, lots of room on the stage. The NYNY puts on a good event with a DJ, free soft drinks, and a good crowd.

Also like last year, there is an employee-team contest in 3 or 4 heats (of 6 minutes each), a local celebrity contest (for fire, police, radio personalities...).

Here is another shot of the employee contest:

On the white plate is bacon. I don't know if anyone condimentized with it.

In the center here is The Undertaker. I don't know what employee team he is competing on. He came to kick ass. He ate 18 HDB in 6 minutes. And here the NYNY emcee announced to the crowd: "Stick around, the pros are coming up and Pat Bertilli..."

The stage is being set for us. Crowd gathering:

Lovely Carlene claims her spot. Rich went on to put down a personal-best 33!

There was a good turnout. Pat, Rich, Mongo, Mad Stork, Kevin, Toro, Erb. And four local guys whose names I didn't get. And one woman whose name I also didn't get. I don't know if this idea was inspired by the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight, but there was a scale. As people were announced, we got weighed. The crowd dug that - hearing the before & after weights was cool. Pat gained 17 pounds!

At the end, it was Pat with 46!

He scored not one, but two trophies:

I think one was from Nathan's and the other was from NYNY.

And I guess Toro got one for his historic performance:

The IFOCE has not released ny official results beyond second place. But from what I saw:

1 - Pat - 46
2 - Rich - 33
3 - Mongo - 23
4 - Kevin Ross - 14.25
5 - Erbivore - 14
6 - Mad Stork - 13
6 - Me - 13

After that, I don't know what the local guys and the woman did. I didn't get a good look but the woman had one empty plate and 2.5 left on the other. Her with 7 or 8! That's pretty good! I had gone with the intention of getting every name and every total, but yeah that didn't happen.

The buns had been heated up on the grill so they were slightly toasted. The dogs were not hot but not cool. I started out pretty well. First plate in just over 2 1/2 minutes. After second plate, just over 6 minutes gone. Cool, right on my own pace! But then, wham. I did 10 in 6 minutes. But then just 3 in the next 6 minutes. Damn. Meh, it is what it is.

Heading back to the airport, I couldn't take my eyes off this guys heels:

Both pictures suck because we were walking so they don't capture how cracked, weathered, and open-sored they were.

I did get time for some high rolling. On arrival, made $1.10 in the airport. The BJ action at NYNY was hot. Slots and a few BJs later, down $40 when I got home.