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Date a Star

A couple of days ago I told you about how PPP is not only giving away cash. They give away prizes, too. Now, they are giving away a date with a Hollywood star! You can win a date with actress Mirelly Taylor. You have seen her in movies (including Kiss Me Again), TV (Las Vegas and Numb3rs) and other stuff.

The promotion is called Seduce a Celeb and it sounds really cool! You can go on and view the Free videos at GoFish.com and see what you are up against. You can then submit your own video. Anyone can try so hop to it! There are some basic ground rules, but you can get all that info online when you watch the video that Mirelly posted.

While I do not know why she is doing this (OK, no doubt $$$ has something to do with it) I think this is a really neat idea! It is an online first and it is really interactive because the viewers can watch the videos and then vote for their favorite. The winner gets the date and some other stuff that is more than valuable enough to justify the time put in. I wish anyone who enters the best of luck!


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