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PPP is Knocking!

Not only is Pay Per Post hooking us up with cold hard cash, they also give away great prizes on Tuesdays. On Tuesday there are some special advertising opportunities that pay off with prizes! In the past, people have won Apple TVs, a PS3 system, and a bunch of other stuff. On May 15th, you can get your hands on a Slingbox, a Nintendo Wii, a Yamaha Surround Sound System or a Logitech universal remote! That is sweet! The prizes are provided by Bid4Prizes – themselves a PPP advertiser.

I have not won yet but I sure want to win! Unfortunately PPP is blocked at work so I cannot keep checking the site for the special postings or I know I could grab a few. Oh well, it is all good!

So I really do not know why you people with blogs are not hopping on the PPP bandwagon. I mean what can be easier than writing about the things you love, and post about anyway. And if you use my affiliate logo on the right then we both can get some extra cash! That is a win-win situation! Take it from me, the PPP train is pretty nice and pretty easy! Join up, check it out, and make up your own mind.


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