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It's The Real World. It is. (4)

Brooke: What can I say other than that cancer is too good for you? Because suffering from cancer is noble, and nobility is something you should never possess. Your parents should teach a class called "How Not to Raise a Child," because then the world will be spared any further whiny, utterly inept, spoiled bitch-hounds like yourself. You are not only the worst reality-television personality I have ever seen, but you very may well be the worst person I have ever seen. Every time you raged freakishly or whined pathetically, I prayed that you would work yourself into such a tizzy that you suffered the program's first on-air aneurysm and we could see what a funeral looks like MTV-style. I imagine it would be excessive, like a My Super Sweet 16 episode, but all in black. And by the way, in those little teasers they show after the program, it's blatantly obvious you got a boob job, which is just so exactly what someone like you would do with her pathetic dollop of pseudo-fame. Here's hoping the silicone leaks back into your bitch-hound body and kills you!

Davis: If being gay were a job, you'd be fired. You're terrible at it. Sometimes you were catty and stirring up shit, like we like, but other times you were making out with chicks and bitching about wanting to be one of the guys. Bottom line, you suck. You just suck, Davis. At pretty much everything. I'm soooooo glad CT popped you in the face in that first episode of Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I just wish he had done more damage.

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