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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

I Heart Chili Dogs

Here's something I didn't know. I came across Wikipedia's entry on the Cleveland Steamer, which informs us that crapping on one's chest and then rubbing it in with your ass has also been referred to as the Cincinnati Bow Tie and the Pasadena Mudslide. All worthy locales to claim ownership of that.

From there, a Google search for Blumpie (I had too much free time I guess) took me to the Dictionary of Poo Sex, where I learned of the Chili Dog.

Check out these steps to taking your relationship to another level:

1. Crap a loose, Slushee-like stool on a woman's chest. There's your buns and chili.
2. Now add a hot dog, in the form of your hard d1ck, to slide through the mess.

Warning from the Dictionary: "Discoloring of the breasts may occur." Not a problem, I don't think, if it's not bikini season.

Some couple somewhere has done this. I absolutely guarantee it. If the Interwebs have done anything, it's exposed us to activities of the strangest people on the planet, stories mainstream media never touched before or since. But you know these scatalogicians are out there. Perhaps they live next door to you. And maybe he delivered that gyro pizza, because it would've started the job just fine.

Review: Got Bad Credit?

If you have bad credit then I found a really great site for you to visit. You know very well that the way to improve your credit is to get a loan or open a credit card but you are in a catch 22 because it is hard to find companies willing to lend and make bad credit loans. Especially now with the number of people in trouble growing day by day. Look here for all kinds of info, resources, and other valuable information. So you can get that credit card - bad credit and all.


With chili dogs coming up at the end of the week, it's time to eat some. What comes to mind when thinking of chili dogs?

Of course, 7-11! Jeez, I haven't eaten Big Bites since high school. I select two 1/4-pound "Bigger Big Bite" winners from the rollers.

I dispense some chili, scoop on some onions and pico de gallo, and I'm good to go.

After the first bite it's clear why I haven't had these since high school.

No, actually they aren't all that bad. In fact the hot dog itself is quite tasty and flavorful. Maybe all-beef. Well, maybe not but quite good. The bun, too, is quite tasty. There's some component of potato roll in there. Substantial, hardy, delicious. Also the bun did not get soggy from the chili.

Here is a closer picture of the chili. The chili sucked. I think what I crapped out of my ass this morning tasted better than this chili.

But the pico was good. Next time I would leave the chili off, and the chili dogs would not be half bad.

Keypoint Is Help

I have never made a claim against anyone or any company but if I had to do it I think I found a great name to go with. They primarily handle financial claims or being mis-sold, but that is where so much happens these days, and probably in the future as well. Their name is Keypoint, and they know how to handle claims. They have gotten their client more than 50 million Pounds. They seem to know their stuff very well.

Making a claim against another is a daunting thing to do. Whether it is unfair bank charges, endowment policy misselling, Accident Claims or just plain bad advice Keypoint is here to help. It is great that a company can help you with this, but they are also here to help by giving advice. It can be tough to sort out your will, or how to figure out how to retire with a bigger pension, but Keypoint can sort through all of this. All of this is great because you might need a lot of help.

I think getting what you have coming to you, getting your fair share, is only proper. So do not back down from something like this. Get in touch with Keypoint, and see what they can do for you.

It's On

On Friday me and some guys are throwing down some chili dogs. The time frame is 30 minutes. I like that speed eating is not really the issue. Just keep eating. I don't know a whole lot of the specifics about what will be on each dog other than they are Vienna Beef dogs (8 to the pound), Chicago-style poppy seed buns, and chili.

I have no idea how many I can get down. With the chili on them I'm sure we won't dunk but the weight and volume of the water will be replaced (more so?) by the chili. My prediction is that the winning number is 21. But who knows.

Naked Naturals

Here is another benefit of PayPerPost. Every now and then they send you product samples and then you write a review of the product. A couple of days ago I received some shampoo in the Naked Naturals product line. It is Awapuhi and Lavender flavor. I do not know what Awapuhi is but it is a great combo.

I have used this shampoo sample two times, and it is great stuff! My hair has fantastic body, my bangs look incredible, and this naked naturals is a terrific product and natural shampoo. Naked Naturals says the shampoo makes your hair 7x stronger – I cannot confirm or deny this claim but it sounds good. I love this stuff and it smells great. They have some other flavors and other products but the one they sent me is really good. I would not mind trying other products. That is how good this stuff is. Oh and I forgot to let you know how manageable my hair is after using this shampoo. Good stuff.

You can go to their site and read all about the products. And then you can even buy it right online. And you should definitely check it out. You will be glad you did, and so will your hair.


The commercials make the Stacker at Burger King look so good. So I got two Double Stackers.

I ordered no cheese and no Stacker Sauce on both of them. I got one without cheese & sauce and one with.

Here it is. Two double stackers stacked. Quacker? I put a few fries in it.

It wasn't too messy to eat. The bottom half had the Stacker Sauce so it slipped out a little but it was all good.

Nothing special about this review. But nothing special about this burger.


Buy a Bed Here

One day we are going to have to get a new bed. And since we humans average about a third of our life in bed, it should really be special. After a lot of looking I think I have a found a site that sells some nice and comfortable looking beds. They have all kinds, woods, plastics, and great Metal Beds. I think I probably would prefer not to go with a metal bed, instead opting for a wooden bed. They offer dark woods and light woods. Me, I tend to lean toward light woods. Light woods just look so good and they seem to reflect light or interplay with it so that a room just seems brighter.

Specifically I think I would go with the Antibes line. Man, the color of the wood is fantastic! They offer the line in darker woods too, but give me the light wood color. Have a look at all they offer on their site. You might not feel the same way I do about the light colored woods. You might like to go with a darker wood. OK, they have a bunch of those. Take a look. They have a lot so you may need quite some time to check everything out but you will love it.

They Eat Meat

Witness "the most aggressive porking ever on Fremont Street". Rich Shea is pretty good as a host or emcee - whether on TV or live at a competition. I don't know how the IFOCE does it, but everyone there seems to have a quick wit (or, good script).

Review: Love Oysters?

Oysters are just ripe for a joke:

Q: What did the girl oyster say to the boy oyster?
A: "You never open up to me."

Yeah, OK, so I will stick to my day job. But what is no joke is the danger that anyone could be in if they have an occasional raw oyster. The danger is really dangerous because it can be transmitted so easily. One method is the consumption of infected seafood, and the other danger is through contaminated seawater getting in through open wounds. Scary stuff, But go to the site and learn everything. The source of the oysters does not matter, Gulf oysters are just as likely to have the problem as anywhere else so beware.

Eating It

You've seen the pictures now watch the video of me eating the big ass mofo. Or at least 37 seconds of it. This burrito was pretty damn good! Big though, but it really was good. Maybe next time I will have them substitute bacon for the ham bits.


Never Stop Learning

Being the natural that I am and loving workplace politics as much as I do, one might think I would not need any type of business training. Well, nothing could be farther than the truth. I am always looking for Management Courses because I want to stay sharp and keep the edge at work. I have been to some courses before, and I find you can learn a little but not enough specifics are given. It is kind of like they are pushing you toward the next course. But overall those courses are good overall. Good for anyone. So check out the site and see what they can offer you. You will be glad you did.

Me 0, Big Ass Burrito 1

There are not too many big eats in Denver but this is one: 7 pound breakfast burrito at Jack-n-Grill. Yesterday - with T-Bonz, the scale, and the camera - I went to check it out.

Females who finish it get free food at Jack-n-Grill for life. Males get TWO things: JACK and SQUAT.

Before going inside, me:

We ordered. T, a combo plate. Me, the grande:

The burrito is stuffed with potatoes, eggs, onions, and ham bits. Lots of cheese on top. Smothered in green chile or red. I got the pork green chile. Note: maybe 6lbs potatoes, .9lbs cheese, .09lbs eggs & onions, .01lbs ham bits.

Here it is compared to a combination plate:

The dish it came in was maybe 18" x 5" and deep. The two big tortillas did not go all around it but they sort of hooded the sides and top.

The burrito was steaming hot for about the first twenty minutes or so.

For the first half of it or so it was very delicious. The pork green chile is very very good. Trade out bacon for the ham and this thing would kick ass.

I kept eating.

And eating..

And eating...

I think this was the point:

Waving the white flag:

What was left:

I separated it into a pound on the left and a pound on the right. Maybe - MAYBE - I could have stuffed one side in me, but not both sides.

When I weighed in after, as expected up 5:

The stomach bulge is usually a bit lower. It was riding high then:

Next time: 1. Get bacon. 2. No Coke. 3. Do not eat breakfast first.

Here is a link to the full slideshow of photos.

More to follow. Video. Loud guy.


Is This News?

There is some news you should be aware of. A couple in the United Kingdom has come out and let it be known that they have spent more than $50,000 on various cosmetic surgeries. It started easily enough with the lady getting some bags under her eyes removed, and it went from there. The man got some procedures, including hair and love handles, then she got lipo and on and on. Did she get Breast Enhancement? She did not say, but maybe. I wonder if they will get more done – they have said they would rather get procedures done than go on vacations or whatever. Read more on the site. I think the couple is wrong wrong wrong but whatever.

BBQ Here

So keep watching for more info! T-Bonz and I met for lunch in Colorado Springs and ate at the best BBQ place yet. Maybe the ambience was not on par with Jim 'n Nicks but the food was incredible. More on this later.

Got Foot Pain?

There is a new product on the market that you must know about. Especially if you are a runner, waitress, trash man, or if you do any kind of job that requires you to be on your feet for any length of time. The only name you have to remember for getting Foot Pain Relief is ENGO. It is a line of Blister Prevention Patches. The design is so simple, so easy, and so helpful. And, they have just won so seals of approval. Customer testimonials have started flowing in, and people love it! So go to the website and learn a whole bunch about the product and then try it for yourself. You will love it!

Big Snows

This winter has been pretty huge for snow in the mountains. While the northern third or so of the state is just slightly over average, by 5% to 10%, the southern third has been pounded – it is over average by 50% or 75%. Huge. So the whole state is above average, but the south part of the state is way over. I wonder if we will pay for it when the spring runoff happens?

The Bleeding

Hey, this is great. It is the weekend so that means just one thing, right? The markets are not open today and tomorrow so at least our portfolio will not go down any for two days! SBUX has certainly taken a beating. So has CROX. WMT too. I guess everything in the portfolio has. Oh well, it must go back up right?

Beautiful Jobs

There are job boards for all kinds of jobs – from the expected white-collar stuff like computers and law stuff, to blue-collar stuff like laborer jobs. But now there is a new niche that has been filled. Anyone out there who was looking for a salon job had nowhere to turn. But now they do. BeautyJobs.com is a great new site for those looking for a cosmetology job anywhere in the US. The site is run by the Regency Beauty Institute as a means to find jobs and career growth for students at the Institute. It is a great idea and it is about time that something like this has come along. Check it out.


Billy at SupersizedMeals.com has opened the store! Right now there are two kinds of shirts and one kind of boxer shorts. The stuff looks hot! I think his logo is one of the best I have ever seen! It truly is easy gift-giving any time because what eater wouldn't love it!!


Jeez, how long has it been since I have paid attention to this? Storage for personal computers has gone off the deep end. Today I saw an ad for a portable hard drive that connects via USB. This drive is 1 terabyte of space! My god, that's HUGE! I know what with video file, photo files, MP3s, people need a lot of room but 1TB! How long before petabytes start popping up?!?

Review: Best Flowers

Weddings are getting really expensive these days and usually much of the expense is the floral area. With FiftyFlowers.com you can cut that expense way down. And get the same flowers. What they do is turn the usual process around. Why pay for the middlemen – retailers and wholesalers. Get rid of them, buy the flowers direct from suppliers, and save big bucks. It means a little more work and bulk flowers, but you can do it. Roses, mini calla lilies, daisies, and other high quality fresh-cut flowers is what they have. The flowers are shipped overnight express so you can find exactly what you want. Check them out!

You Know

Man, this is starting to get very repetitive. As you might be able to imagine CROX went -- down -- again. Wow, how'd that happen?!? That's really something, huh? And you know what else? The total portfolio went up, and that's good no doubt, but by like 0.04%. How is that even possible? 0.04%, are you kidding me?!? Well, whatever.

Remember Romance?

While the just-passed Valentine's Day is not a holiday it certainly has almost as much importance as typical holidays. If you are in a relationship with somebody odds are that somebody is expecting something. Usually they are waiting for something romantic. If you need ideas, just well check out the link and read about some ideas. The site, RomanceForEveryone.com, is really great and has many good ideas. Saying "I miss you" a lot is important and also one idea is not so much a romantic idea per se, but it is usually necessary at one point or another: saying you are sorry. That is very important to the relationship. But again, check out the site, see what it has to offer you, and get hopping on the romance and learn to pen a killer love letter!

Deja Vu All Over Again

Hmmm, let's see. Another day. Another day for the markets. CROX went down, wow that is so unexpected. Jeez, down another 5% or so. It's now down to around or so. Jeez our portfolio has taken a beating for the last few months or more. Wow.

Check It: Mexico Fun

Oh man, you have to check this out! I have found what might just be the absolute best place to get in touch for all-inclusive vacations. They offer vacations around Cancun in Mexico. If you have ever been there then you know why people love it there! Of course the sands, the fun, and the wonderful people are super. But karismahotels.com offers many more things. Great restaurants. Great pools. Just a GREAT time. The gem is the Riviera Maya Resorts, but they have more vacation destinations that you have to explore. Check them out on the web and see for yourself! The sun and fun is waiting for you!

McCain You Dog!

Oh jeez, the latest news from the campaign trail is that the New York Times paper has broken a story about some shenanigans Mac had with a female lobbyist in 2000. Did they even have Viagra then? Anyway, typical reactions from the McCain camp. But whatever.

Review: Sales Training

There is a great new site out there that is about sales training in the United Kingdom. Sales is a really tough field. Most of our interactions with salesmen have been with either cold callers on the phone or cold knockers on the door. That has got to be as tough, tough field. A boss of mine used to equate retail sales with cold sales. But no, in retail sales – at a ski shop – every customer walked into that shop on their own – they want to be there, heck they might even want to buy something.

But what we commonly think of as sales is trying to get customers to come around and put down their money or get involved. When customers did not want to before the cold call began. Man, that has got to be tough.

AS-SA has that great website where you can go and learn all there is to learn about sales. And you should go, find out what the big news is, and make up your mind about whether or not it is for you. The courses for Sales Training that they offer run the gamut from Commitment Selling to Writing Proposals, so they probably offer what you want. But see for yourself. And just think about what is possible.

CROX Update

So earlier I did say CROX went down. And it surely went down 13%, so not a good day, but pretty much everything else in my portfolio eeked up some. Still, with CROX going down that much the fate of my portfolio was sealed. Ouch. Man this sucks right now.

IFOCE, Then...

Many people are getting into the IFOCE for the cash. There is a lot of it to win, and a lot to go around to everyone so get ready for a cash money infusion. But if the eating does not work out, then check out this site for the best info available on plumbing courses and sales training. Avand is the company, and if you are in the UK then you will know them as providers of some great Plumbing Courses. Many of the things you learn in these plumbing courses can be used in everyday life and in just about anything you do. But of course you might want to look into employment in plumbing.

There is quite a lot of money to be made in that field. We have had to call plumbers many times, and like car mechanics the bills are incredible. The parts are quite inexpensive, but then the labor charges are outrageous! But they do good work. One time we had some banging pipes, and the plumber had to come back many times to totally fix the problem. Good man. Good plumber. See Avand. You can do the same! Get all the details on the site, you will be glad you did!


Today, if you can believe it, CROX went down again. Big time. 13%. They released some financials, that were not bad at all, but 1 cent less than the street expected. And down they went. What?!?


The next time you plan on going to Las Vegas, click on bestofvegas.com for the best prices on the best of Las Vegas Hotels and Las Vegas Shows. Unlike those other general travel sites, that do their thing very well, bestofvegas.com focuses only on Las Vegas and giving its customers a great time in Sin City. You simply have to see a couple of shows when you go to Las Vegas. Cirque do Soleil, Blue Man Group, and there are many more world-class shows. And bestofvegas.com can lead you in the right direction. Hotels, clubs, shows, even tours – they have it and they have the best of it. Check them out!


Yeah, so big surprise to you I am sure, but the markets finished down overall today and so - of course - did SBUX and WMT. CROX too, but SBUX and WMT are my current pissahs. I believe each one didn't finish down so much but down is down. CROX went down percentage-wise a little more but oh well. Any end in sight?!?

Democrats, Suck It

Just on the whole subprime/foreclosure/predatory lending subject. They both are saying how people were tricked or pushed into these loans or whatever. Well, people SHOULD READ THE FUCKING CONTRACT. And UNDERSTAND IT. There's no way around that, and that's the way I see it. I agree that government should help their people when stuff beyond their control happens to them but this is not the case here. READ THE CONTRACT!

Check It: Get Em Here

I have luckily only been shut out once when trying to get tickets for an event. But even then it is still sort of a hassle. And I normally do not get the seats I really want. But now you do not need to worry about getting shut out, or the hassle, or bad seats! Premium Seats USA provides a HUGE selection of first-class seats to concerts, sports, and theater. Want Miami Heat Tickets? They have them. Cubs? They have them. Blue Man Group? Got them. Just about anything – they have them! Going to Vegas? Seeing a show? Check them first and get what you want!

Go Dukes!

I went to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia from 1989-1991. Then I took off for Colorado. Here is an article about a grilled cheese eating competition held at JMU. The winner ate 12 sandwiches in 8 minutes - not too shabby!

Update for Today

Well, it has been a few hours since the markets in the United States closed. And after getting off to a generally good start, I guess reality came back and the major markets finished the day like you might expect. Down. Down. Down. I have not figured out what is behind this sentiment, but I will keep looking.


Xpander Communications is the source to go to for small businesses who want to dive in to new things like VOIP (voice over IP – the new buzzword that everyone seems to be talking about!). Xpander wants to make things easy for its customers using hosted Call Center VoIP Phone Systems so they are there to guide you however you want. If you have branches scattered all over then their solutions are what you need so you can simply (and freely!) use 4-digit dialing to bring everyone together. Free and easy. What can be better! There are tons of other benefits so check them out and see what they and their Nimbus product can do for you!


Well the markets in the US opened this morning, and guess what? CROX started downward. SBUX started downward. So did WMT. Man, what is it? They are solid companies. What is up with these?

Eat Here

Toreros Mexican Restaurant in Cañon City. I got the pork burrito combination. Looks like nothing special, right?

But this pork burrito is nothing but big chunks of pork and more big chunks of pork. Delicious. That's good eats!


Find a Job

With the way many people think the internet belongs to the United States it is only natural that most job sites focus mostly on the US. But the internet belongs to everyone. That is why I think it is really great a site is devoted only to jobs in Australia. Jobs are just as hard to get there as they are here. And this site, jobs.com.au, is a super resource for you. It is organized so well, and you will find all kinds of information related to getting a job in Australia. Try it for yourself and see how wonderful this site is! And good luck in your search!

A Needed Break

Thankfully the stock markets in the US are not open on this Presidents' Day holiday. CROX and SBUX are really getting beat up. Heck, everything is! After buying some SBUX and WMT last week, down more they kept going. Turnaround in site? We keep watching.

Get Organized

Being the high-powered real estate agent that I am, I figured out that my contacts, listings, buyers, finances, appointments, and tasks are all so disorganized and lying around here and there. But now there is an answer for my needs - awesome real estate software – AgentOrganizer. This is a great software package!

If you act now you can even download a free 15 day trial version.

I found out you can even create flyers, letters, and perform mail merges from within the software! Who needs Microsoft Office! I have checked out my fair share of real estate software, and AgentOrganizer is by far the easiest to learn and use. See for yourself!

Brewery Bar III

This is the beef and bean burrito at the Brewery Bar III. It is minus the cheese on top, and smothered in their Best-of-Denver HOT green chile. This place serves up some unreal grub. Get there.


Be Touched

I do not know about you but after a long, hard day at work I love relaxing with the help of a great massage. It feels so good to let the cares subside for a while and smooth sore muscles and let it all sink in. But, getting people to give massages, though the best, is kind of expensive. Massage Chairs by Human Touch are almost as good as the real deal! Check out their site for more information. It is a great site and will tell you everything you need to know. Have a look at Human Touch – they are great, and you will never feel as good!

Wing Bowl Pictures

Here are a few pictures taken by G-Money from the KBPI Wing Bowl semifinals in the Pepsi Center.

At each of the ten tables there were only two eaters so everyone had plenty of room.

Each eater had a 5lb tray of wings in front of them.

Mad Stork on the left. Willie B on the right.

Think Plastic Surgery

So with the rock star like focus that we competitive eaters get in the different media – in newspaper articles, television, radio, whatever – I have been giving some thought to looking my best. And today looking your best means just one thing – plastic surgery. There are a dizzying array of procedures that can be done. A very short list – facelift, browlift, eyelift, rhinoplasty. Maybe you want breast augmentation, breast lift, or gynecomastia. How about liposuction or a tummy tuck? Also skin care ideas, resurfacing, botox things, and other injectables. There are still more procedures that are possible, but that list of procedures is a list of the most common procedures and really the procedures that people think of as "normal" in that they are more or less accepted by the people out there as routine.

Nothing is routine, of course, but if you are in Beverly Hills – or near it – then you should check out Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. Probably the really great thing that sets them apart in the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery scene is their deluxe surgery center. Many plastic surgery centers do just about all of their procedures in the plastic surgery main office. But at Rodeo Drive they do most procedures in their state of the art surgery center. That is much better for the patient. At Rodeo Drive they put the patient first. Hey, without them all of this would not be possible! And not only that, but they are located right on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. You know what that means – Prada, Gucci, and so many other big time names that you know the shopping is going to be out of this world.

So when you think California breast augmentation, think of Rodeo Drive. If you think Beverly Hills liposuction, think of Rodeo Drive. And have a look at their fantastic site. You will be glad you did!