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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Brat Eating Contest!

Humpy's in Kona had an Oktoberfest Party. And like last year there was a brat eating contest. And like last year I won! And like last year there was no real competition at the contest.

Here is a photo of the eaters at the table. 7 of us. There was one guy who could have been a threat. And a girl who manned up.

Winner: First one to eat 8 of the brats. At the beginning the deal was brats and buns. Buns were huge and dry. After maybe a few minutes of watching us struggle the organizers realized nobody would finish and they relented on that. Just eat the meat.

Training for triathlons and training for eating contests do not go together! Training for triathlons and being in eating contests do go together.

Anyway, I did pull away. When I finished my eight, a guy and a girl kept eating even though there was only the first place prize. It was close, 4, 5, 6, 7. They both put in their last bite of #8 at the same time. Chew chew chew. The guy grabbed his water, she didn't. He barely edged her out. Humpy's, liking the heart in them, gave them both gift cards.

Right now there are not many eating events here but maybe that will change...