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The Fall Off Bike

I did take a fall, well made to fall, from the bike on 1/5/2018. I was going downhill. A car just in front. A kid on a skateboard popped out from nowhere on the right. He stopped short to miss the car, but he kicked his board back - into my path. So I had a split second to go left and run into the kid. Go right and hit a curb and maybe some trees. Or go straight and try to bunny hop the moving board. I go straight, pop up, and my front wheel lands on the board. It gets pulled right, I fly over the handle bars, crash on my hip on the asphalt, bounce over to my other side, and head butt the curb. Bloodied, but I could walk. So I finish the ride, then triage...

 The fall happened at 11am. Above it the left hip at 9:30pm.

 Three days later.

 Later that evening.

Seven days later.

Now three months later it is not sore, and it is back to normal color. The swelling is 95% or so down.