A-Bomb and ...

Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Denver results

Below are the numbers for Skinnyboy's first competition that took place in Denver on 9/3/2005. Compare with Albuquerque and Raleigh (those are down further in the posts)and you can see how much he improved in that short time..

Nothing new

There is no news - no contests scheduled at this time. IFOCE still doing chicken wings, Krystals. Baked beans in Phoenix tomorrow. Grape eating wc in a couple weeks. I'm waiting. I'm in my post-comp detox. Oh, this weekend Chestnut scored 32.5 gc! New world record! Later.

Again the numbers...

Calculations from the NC results. Who dominated - again - on
a pound-for-pound basis?

Remember, before August 30th I really cannot recall ever having a "normal" gc. I didn't do cheese before. Didn't do butter either. Probably won't again except for IFOCE stuff.


Quick results. More later.

Hall Hunt 20
Bubba Yarbrough 19
Frank Wach 17 1/2
Brian Subich 15
Larry McNeil 14 1/2
Andrew Lane 13

Set the PR. End of grilled cheese road for now. There is 1 qualifier left, but a competitor may only be in 3 -- for me that was Denver, Albuquerque, and yesterday. I cannot be disappointed with the results; first 8, then 12.5, then 13. Steady progress, and great training.



Training last night.

Being curious I weighed before training and weighed after completing training -

BEFORE 144.5 lbs
AFTER 149.0 lbs


Here It Is!

Got this in the mail:

Opened to find -

Some more figures

Looking at the Albuquerque results -

On another subject:

First winner of the new IT department monthly award.

Aurora Loan Services
MVP Award for Outstanding Performance
Information Technology Division

A guy snapped the photo on his camera when we got back upstairs..

You can read more here.

Who Really Dominated in Albuquerque?

Looking at the New Mexico results another way:

Another way to look at the NM results is by weight:

Leland ate .048 gc per pound
Levi ate .045 gc per pound
I ate .086 gc per pound

Or, turn that to this:

I ate 12.5. For those guys to have eaten, pound-for-pound, similar to what I did, Leland would have to eat 28.44 and Levi would have to eat 25.86. So, Skinnyboy dominated!


My steak tacos have 31.5g of fat, and 903 calories. How about yours?


Training for the next gc comp is underway. I did take most of a week off after Albuquerque. This past Friday I began watering again, with 1.5 liters. That's no problem so today I bumped it up to 1/2 gallon. One chug, mind you. I have not timed it, but I'm probably pulling a little over a minute. Tonight, eating sammies resumes.