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JNG #4

T-bonz' burrito in front

I wanted to better my Jack-n-Grill 7 pound breakfast burrito time. A few months ago I finished it in a little over 23 minutes.

We order. Last time I had the ham bits replaced with bacon. This time I did not opt for that, and I asked to have the burrito smothered in red and green chile. I previously have gone all green. To remind you, the burrito is: 15 potatoes, 12 eggs, some diced ham, green chile, cheese, 18" tortilla, smothered in green chile, red chile, and covered with more cheese.

Last time, the potatoes were cut in strips kind of like french fries. Really easy to eat. Me and Jimmy liked that a lot. This time, the potatoes were not in strips, they were big chunks like my first two attempts. In some cases, BIG chunks. And there seemed to be a lot more potato. Much less egg.

When it arrives, I dig in. It's hot! Not spice heat, but steamy temperature heat. But I go for it. And I start off really well. Maybe for 12 minutes I am flying through it and getting it down. It is hot, but I sip down iced tea and water to cool down the big bites I am putting in.

I taper off a bit, speed-wise. At 39 minutes, 5 pounds down. I'm full. There's officially no time limit to this challenge, but as we know it's not about time. But with 2 pounds left, and being full, I decide to take a bit of a break. I pretty much knew that would not work, but in all of my previous challenges I had never tried taking a break.

For the next 15 minutes I pick at the potato poundage that is left, but I hardly make a meaningful dent at all. At 54 minutes, I throw in the towel. Possibly I could have powered down one of the two mountains remaining - but that 2nd one, no way.

Too bad I forgot the scale to give me a pre and post weight. With the 5 pounds of burrito and a few pints of tea and water in me, I had a good bulge. A great bulge. Maybe the best ever.

I hadn't chomped in a while.

To see more of my bulge, click here for a gallery.



That's how much meat, white American cheese, and grilled onions are stuffed inside a 20-inch lightly-crusty-on-the-outside-but-pillowy-soft-inside Amoroso roll. In ounces. The regular cheesesteaks here usually tip the scales at well over a pound but the sandwich fixings-to-bun ratio is not usually as fixing-heavy as the challenge samich.

After ordering, signing the waiver, and being confined to the challenge zone (CAUTION!), it's on. The cheesesteak is cut in half, each half in its own basket. I usually try to do food challenges as nature intended: eat hot dogs normally, knife and fork a steak, whatever the case, but the Apollo just could not be eaten that way because of the bread-busting volume of the meat and cheese. So I started by using a fork to shovel the insides. Coach reminded me to down some of the bread too.

I really tried not to chipmunk, as I think I ALWAYS DO (and I know I shouldn't!!) whether a contest or challenge, and there wasn't too much munking but there were a few times. Bonz had me clear each time, and everything was OK.

I get through the first half of the cheesesteak in just under 8 minutes. The 2nd half is more of the same. I did let my attention wander just a bit a couple times for photos and comments. The MOD had me clear the sandwich droppings really well before calling it done, but it was called at 21:06. The other guy [the Asian Assassin] who had finished, at this location, came in with a "21 minute" time. I am thinking the time was to the minute and not the second. So because no one can prove otherwise I am saying we tied.

Wall of Fame on Colorado Blvd

Normally, eating Taste of Philly cheesesteaks can't be beat. But eating FREE Taste of Philly cheesesteaks -- nothing better!

Soon, Taste of Philly is going to offer another sandwich at the nearest-to-me Aurora location: the Green Chile Philly. That is going to be killer. I can't wait!

The waiver

It's big

Just after GO

End of 1st half

Handling the 2nd half

Coming to the end



Another t-shirt!

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Hot Wings!

I mean H-O-T Wings. At the Rock Rest Lodge in Golden, Colorado, Chef Badger has recently gotten his hands on a supply of ghost peppers. You'll remember I first met ghost peppers when I attempted the Undertaker Challenge at LBS in Las Vegas in December.

That's a serving of 8

2nd 8 were hotter than the 1st

A packet of saltines for scale

Rock Rest is pretty well-known in Denver for serving up the best chicken wings in town. And the BIGGEST chicken wings in town! These things are HUGE!

And absolutely delicious, too. The chicken is tender and it's juicy. And with ghost pepper sauce it's unbelievable. Insanely hot, yes. But phenomenal. The ghost pepper wings are not on the menu yet, but hopefully they will be soon.

First bite

They're hot

But delicious!

Flakes of ghost pepper

Wow, HOT!


Hi Frank!

PBBC Videos

Videos on Facebook of the head-to-head Peanut Butter Burger Challenge at Rock Rest Lodge in Golden:

http://tinyurl.com/yj8eblr [Part 1]


http://tinyurl.com/ykp99x5 [Part 2]


More Peanut Butter!

That's me a bit richer and a bit fuller right after the 1-on-1 eating contest and eating challenge at the Rock Rest Lodge in Golden, Colorado on Feb 13th.

It was a great night. Good show, good crowd, and good fun. Beeg and J-Gro there for support. Also J-Woww and her kiddos.

GM Bob scrambled, and after some quick foot work he rustled up some competition. And it was some competition!

When we took the stage and began the 1-on-1 challenge, we were neck and neck. I went after the peanut butter burger by going one patty at a time and then leaving the top and bottom buns until after the patties were gone, and then eating a bacon burger - buns, onion, tomato, lettuce, and the bacon. DC approached it: eating two open-faced double-patty bacon burgers.

DC & I a few moments in

DC digs in

We both got all the burgerage down at about 13 minutes or so. Then it was on to the fries. He picked at them. I balled the fries. Luckily for me, he pretty much hit the wall with a few handfuls of fries left.

I kept going. I cleared my tray at about 25 minutes. But it took a little longer to clear it down, and I stopped the clock at 25:32 which is 4:09 better than my last time. Twice on the Wall of Fame! Woohoo!

Rock Rest has a gallery on Facebook of the head-to-head challenge

I have uploaded pictures here.

The Wall of Fame before the 1-on-1 challenge

J-Gro on the right: "Don't look, just eat!". Big ups to MC Guinness for keeping the crowd in it for 25 minutes!

Bob has put together a delicious menu at Rock Rest. Sure, with the bar service you can get whatever you want but the food is killer! If you don't want to try the peanut butter burger challenge then try the peanut butter burger on the menu which is one patty, less bacon, less cheese, and less fries. But really, try anything on the menu - you can't go wrong!

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