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JNG #4

T-bonz' burrito in front

I wanted to better my Jack-n-Grill 7 pound breakfast burrito time. A few months ago I finished it in a little over 23 minutes.

We order. Last time I had the ham bits replaced with bacon. This time I did not opt for that, and I asked to have the burrito smothered in red and green chile. I previously have gone all green. To remind you, the burrito is: 15 potatoes, 12 eggs, some diced ham, green chile, cheese, 18" tortilla, smothered in green chile, red chile, and covered with more cheese.

Last time, the potatoes were cut in strips kind of like french fries. Really easy to eat. Me and Jimmy liked that a lot. This time, the potatoes were not in strips, they were big chunks like my first two attempts. In some cases, BIG chunks. And there seemed to be a lot more potato. Much less egg.

When it arrives, I dig in. It's hot! Not spice heat, but steamy temperature heat. But I go for it. And I start off really well. Maybe for 12 minutes I am flying through it and getting it down. It is hot, but I sip down iced tea and water to cool down the big bites I am putting in.

I taper off a bit, speed-wise. At 39 minutes, 5 pounds down. I'm full. There's officially no time limit to this challenge, but as we know it's not about time. But with 2 pounds left, and being full, I decide to take a bit of a break. I pretty much knew that would not work, but in all of my previous challenges I had never tried taking a break.

For the next 15 minutes I pick at the potato poundage that is left, but I hardly make a meaningful dent at all. At 54 minutes, I throw in the towel. Possibly I could have powered down one of the two mountains remaining - but that 2nd one, no way.

Too bad I forgot the scale to give me a pre and post weight. With the 5 pounds of burrito and a few pints of tea and water in me, I had a good bulge. A great bulge. Maybe the best ever.

I hadn't chomped in a while.

To see more of my bulge, click here for a gallery.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn that burrito looks good, of course i can only eat the wimpy verison..but its all good.. guaps out!


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