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MLE eats RMOs

On the menu today:

The Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel in Black Hawk hosted the Rocky Mountain Oyster eating contest. There were 10 or so ranked eaters, a couple amateurs, and one empty spot to be filled by a random drawing at the contest.

As persona non grata at an IFOCE contest, I entered the drawing to see if I could slip in. My entry wasn't picked, so I was in the crowd. [IFOCE - when is that stick up your ass going to fall out?]

Some big ones, some not so big

1 pound plates

Mike sounded good

Pat wore his Big Sexy well

Tim with the sweater vest

Mongo came out of hiding

Click to enlarge (for X's look)

Time ends


Top 5 all got big checks

Media time for Sexy

Good contest, good to see everyone. But the highlight was the free BBQ that the Isle has every Saturday! Delicious!

Thanks to everyone for being so nice to me. Pat, Bob, Tim B., etc, class acts indeed. But, Tim J, classy #1.

Rosie's Hot Dogs

That was what I faced at the second hot dog eating contest in the 10th Anniversary season of the Rosie's Diner Car Show.

I won the first hot dog eating contest in June. Then, four competitors and 10 minutes. This time, four competitors and 10 minutes. The hot dogs were the same, the buns too. But this time it was a little hotter and sunnier so the buns really dried out where last time the buns were much softer.

Just like last time: I finished with 9.5 HDBs. 2nd place ate 8. The contest was lots of fun, and the eaters and the crowd had a great time. I am kind of disappointed that I didn't hit 10 HDBs but a win is a win.


RMO contest

Here is an ad that is in this week's Westword for the IFOCE Rocky Mountain Oyster eating contest in Black Hawk at the Isle of Capri Casino.

The King & I

Me with the King. Suck it, Marilyn.

More from Mezcal

Some more photos from my win at the taco eating contest at Mezcal...