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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Sam's Employee Contest

Here is some video from the Sam's Associates Hot Dog Eating Contest from Overland Park. The winner, Tank, ate 3 tasty Nathan's hot dogs in 1:37 to edge out Hound Dog.


And the girl

There was one contestant who won a radio contest to be there. She stood between Erik and Chris. Until she bowed out after seeing Erik and Chris eat some and dunk some.


Did he boot? Someone down the table did.. Him? I do not know...

Hot dogs in Kansas City

2 Abatsas 23

Bruss ??

1 Denmark 24

Erb 12

Me 10

3 Local Green dude Nick 21

Too funny. George Shea on mic.

UPDATE: nic the incredible bulk fry

New BK Anus Burger

Now appearing at your local Burger King: a couple of new burgers - Steakhouse and Loaded Steakhouse. I went to try the Steakhouse. Patty, cheese, crispy onions, and a hearty special A1 steak sauce. Hold the pesky lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. The bun is the regular sesame seed type of bun. Their website says the Steakhouse comes with the corn-dusted bun, but mine did not.

I ordered two and made it a double.

The patties were quite good. Good quality anus. BK at one time had the Angus Beef Burger and these patties remind me of those. They are thinner than those were but tasted very good.

Overall the Steakhouse Burger is OK. The meat and bun tasted good, but the cheese and crispy onions were nasty. 2 good, 2 bad. Tiebreaker: the A1 sauce. A nice smokey flavor, but a bit too sweet. I'd say pass on this.


Size Does Matter

T-bonz and I were in the Big House over the weekend, and we found time to hit Alfonso's again. It's a killer Mexican place in the Conoco. We hadn't been there in a while (here's the last time). I know I said I wanted to try each menu item, but the Yumbo was calling my name. And here it is:

Forearm to end of my index finger. T-bonz went with the enchilada and tostada combo:

The first bite:


That's the guacamole and the sour cream to which I said "NO". But with the Yumbo being so delicious, I tried to keep going. Guacamole and sour cream made for a super messy experience:

Thankfully the dude saw and offered to make me one without the guac and sc. In the beginning after hitting guac & sc I thought "oh well" and would have eaten it. But another Yumbo was readied and I could enjoy the steak, beans, rice, and pico without the nasty-ass guacamole & sour cream.

Joey Chestnut Did What?

At the end of March, Joey Chestnut sauntered into the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas and broke Frank Pastore's longstanding steak dinner record time of 9 1/2 minutes set in 1987. Joey devoured the 72oz top sirloin steak, baked potato, salad, dinner roll and shrimp cocktail in 8:52. I checked out the web cam video that Bobby Lee put up on YouTube. Joey started with the steak. 34 bites and gone! In just over 6 minutes! Then he polished off the other stuff in under 3 minutes! Damn!


If you haven't heard of them yet, you will soon! The Flobots are a band born in Denver, but they have gone national. They've signed a record deal and put out their 2007 indie record - it dropped yesterday. I call them Rage-lite. They're very political, but their music is sonically a lot more hip hop than RATM's aggression. They performed on Carson Daly's show last night. Check it out.

You Gotta See These!

Here are the links to the videos from the hot dog eating on Saturday. T-bonz recorded some classic footage of the drunk heckler at Olde Tyme Drafts & Dawgs. Most are a minute long, some are under that. That's how the camera is. There are 14 little videos and you've gotta watch each of them! Click here.

Hot Dog Eating Contest

On Saturday evening the contest was Hot Dogs at Olde Tyme Drafts & Dawgs in Englewood. But no one showed. I did, but nobody else. Even though there were a few RSVPs. Fuckers. Screw those people who joined the Meetup group but did not participate.

Since no one showed for the contest, I decided to try the "eat 20 hot dogs in two hours" so the patrons would have some entertainment.

Someone going for the 8/1hr or 20/2hrs gets this flag to put on their table. The 8/1 are chili dogs, while the 20/2 are just hot dog and bun.

The EMTs were there for the contest. No contest happened, but they decided to hang around and watch me eat the 20 in 2 hours.

I began a little after 7pm.

I was hungry and focused. I was not eating fast because I knew the time would not be a problem like it was for the big steak. After 10 1/2 down, this drunk girl saunters over.

I let my guard down and I let her shit got to me. I wasn't drinking, but she was definitely a buzzkill. Just take a look at these videos to see what I mean...

I have uploaded the videos to YouTube and I will post the links later. You gotta see these!

But even with her crap and me losing focus, I got through 4 more. And then:

Not too voluminous, and not too chunky - maybe only half a dog and some bunnage.

But it was enough.

My try at 20 in 2 hours was over. Why didn't I just pause when the drunk girl started bothering me? It's not like I had to worry about the time. I puked with well over an hour to go, so if I had paused and resumed when she either left or passed out I would have been golden. Damn.

I'll be back. I think this will be harder to finish than the big steak but it definitely can be done.

My Big Texan Booty

OK I did not finish the entire steak dinner at the Big Texan in Amarillo (click here for the report, click here for the video), but the road trip down there was not all for nothing:

Woohoo! Another t-shirt!

A lovely commemorative boot cup...

And this is not specifically from the Big Texan, but I got it free when I completed my purchase for $10 or more.

Don't mess with Texan, byotch.


Hot Dogs on Saturday

My aim for the hotdog competition on Saturday is to try a new way. First and most importantly is to keep in mind I am going for my own number - do not worry about anyone else because I have my number and everything else will fall wherever it falls. That means do not get all worked up and stuff the mouth so full that chewing is damn near impossible and swallowing is slowed (which is what always happens). Keep it flowing. I will try a new method on the dogs, and the buns too. We'll see what happens, but I feel good about it - but it all starts with #1.

Big Texan Steak Eating Video

I've put up the video. It is not the most thrilling 9+ minutes, but it is what it is. It is embedded below, or the direct link is right here.

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Big Texan, Big Deal

How the MEAT beat ME this time.

So this is how I thought it would end:

But here is how it did end:

The steak dinner sounded innocent enough. Baked potato, dinner salad, dinner roll, 3 shrimp, and the steak.

The steak was cooked perfectly. It was quite tasty, very flavorful, and no gristle or fat whatsoever.

There was some paperwork to complete, and then it was on.

Much of the next hour was this:

The steak really is not that big. This really shouldn't be so hard to do. I thought the steak would be more daunting - plate-sized (which it was) but thicker throughout. It was a few inches thick in the middle but the edges were normal. My steak was 71 ounces. I thought the steaks were 72oz uncooked, so I thought the steak would be around 60 ounces cooked. No luck there. I asked for no dressing on the salad. Thinking save space, and it would be lower calorie as well. Thankfully when I was eating T-bone had the waitress bring a bit of ranch dressing. That helped to lube the mouth and gave me a moment break from the flavor fatigue. Going in I thought 40 minutes for the steak was doable (and it is). Then eat the salad, then potato, then shrimp. In about 20 minutes I had eaten 1/2 the steak. On schedule. I ate one shrimp, and then continued with the steak. The outer parts of the steak were moist, but as I got nearer to the center it got pretty dry pretty fast. You do get a small bowl of au jus to dip in but the juice developed a weird salty aftertaste after a while. I think at 45 minutes I ate the salad and the other two shrimp and the roll. So just the potato and the steak to finish. I decided to finish the meat at least, and then eat the potato. When my hour ran out, I had eaten:

64 ounces of delicious top sirloin (71oz beginning weight - 7 ounces remaining)
dinner salad
3 fried shrimp
dinner roll

With a few minutes to go I cut up the steak and doused it with the au jus. Next time the plan will be much the same, but faster. I was taking small bites - and that's fine - but do it faster. And do not over-chew. Get on with it.

Afterwards, I was pissed and didn't deserve it, but we got some frozen yogurt:

Big Texan, we will meat again soon.

A complete slideshow of photos can be viewed here. I have some video to post too.

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Dispatch.02 from The Road

It turns out the Big Texan Steak Ranch has a killer 72 ounce steak. I ordered that along with a dinner salad, baked potato, 3 fried shrimp, and a dinner roll.

I started with the steak. After 20 minutes I had eaten just over 1/2 of the perfectly medium grilled hunk. Then I had some of the salad, then more meat, and some shrimp, more salad, and on. At about 45 minutes, 1/4 of the steak to go. In that time I had eaten the shrimp, the salad, and the roll. Now I had the steak to finish and that potato.

At the end of an hour of eating, I had not started the potato and I had just 7.1 weighed ounces of steak left. Dang. Next time.

And of course there will be photos and some video when we get home. We're thinking tomorrow we'll drop by the National Helium Monument or something.

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Steak time

Oh yeah, we are going to eat around 3:30pn CENTRAL or so. Plan accordingly..

Got Gear?

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Dispatch.01 from The Road

Tommye & I are in Amarillo. Later we will grab a bite to eat. You can watch it here:

http://www.bigtexan.com/72ozlive.htm and click "Watch It Live"

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Road Trip

Tomorrow T-bone and I dump the twins and hit the road. Where will the journey go?

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Hamburger Eating

Saturday was hamburgers.

You will only see me and Mad Stork in the photos and videos. Why? Only two of us showed up to eat. 2 people. But we came to eat, so we did.

You can see I only used water. I forgot my usual. I started to get flavor fatigue at burger #5.

There were only two of us eating, but still a pretty good crowd watched.

The burgers were frozen 1/4 lb patties. They were grilled, and then slapped on grilled Sara Lee buns. Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee.

You can barely make out the syringe, but here is Stork pumping his veins full of some juice.

In the end:
Olde Tyme Drafts & Dawgs
Freshly grilled hamburgers
12 minutes
1st - Stork, 10 1/2
2nd - Me, 9

And T-bone did get two video snippets:

and you can hear some commentary in the background in this one:

Take Off Now

If you have not gone to Las Vegas recently then you have to go there now! One of the wildest vacations I had there was in the summer of 2006. Wild for sure, if not quite off-beat. I went there for a day – or not even a day, just a few hours. I was there to compete in the Goldenpalace.com World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship. It was being held at the Thomas and Mack center on the campus of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas as part of the Arena Football League’s Fan Appreciation thingy. It was June, so it was quite hot. But the competition was quite fun. Joey Chestnut was there, so was Sonya Thomas, Rich Lefevre, and a bunch of other eating personalities. But before the competition was the wild part. I hopped a bus over to the strip, and beginning to the north I walked into each casino and went in the restrooms. I was in search of the best bathroom. Got photos too. In the end, I think the Luxor had the best. I could have saved the long walk! The Luxor is on the south end, so the whole walk from the north could have been avoided!

But you can get more good ideas if you check out Trusted Tours & Attractions. Their site is great. What can you find? Things to do in Las Vegas? How about things to do in Chicago? Yep. They have many sightseeing tours and much more. And looking for ideas on what to do? Then sign up for the Trusted Travels eNewsletter and enter to win a $150 iTunes gift card Offer ends Saturday, May 31st, 2008.

Eat the Meat

Saturday was hamburgers at Olde Tyme. Not a spectacular turnout of contestants. Me and Stork. Two people. Two. But we came to eat, so we ate. I'll have pictures and video up tonight, but until then:

Olde Tyme
Freshly grilled hamburgers
12 minutes

1st - Stork, 10 1/2
2nd - Me, 9

Past Blast

In my trip review from the Nathan's qualifier in Tempe last year I had an interesting photo. Here it is along with the comment about it.

I showed T-bone this one, and ran the comment I was going to post by her. She, being of much better judgment than I, said DON'T. So I won't make the comment about a Kung Fu sign being in the window of Planned Parenthood and relating that to their abortion methods. I won't do that so you can say whatever you want to about that.

It's Official!

T-bone and I are pleased to announce we have bestowed the "Pet C" designation upon Frank! And quite fittingly I came home from work to this:

And after our walk, here's Frank chilling out after snatching my underwear.

Not the underwear I was wearing.