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New BK Anus Burger

Now appearing at your local Burger King: a couple of new burgers - Steakhouse and Loaded Steakhouse. I went to try the Steakhouse. Patty, cheese, crispy onions, and a hearty special A1 steak sauce. Hold the pesky lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. The bun is the regular sesame seed type of bun. Their website says the Steakhouse comes with the corn-dusted bun, but mine did not.

I ordered two and made it a double.

The patties were quite good. Good quality anus. BK at one time had the Angus Beef Burger and these patties remind me of those. They are thinner than those were but tasted very good.

Overall the Steakhouse Burger is OK. The meat and bun tasted good, but the cheese and crispy onions were nasty. 2 good, 2 bad. Tiebreaker: the A1 sauce. A nice smokey flavor, but a bit too sweet. I'd say pass on this.



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