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Size Does Matter

T-bonz and I were in the Big House over the weekend, and we found time to hit Alfonso's again. It's a killer Mexican place in the Conoco. We hadn't been there in a while (here's the last time). I know I said I wanted to try each menu item, but the Yumbo was calling my name. And here it is:

Forearm to end of my index finger. T-bonz went with the enchilada and tostada combo:

The first bite:


That's the guacamole and the sour cream to which I said "NO". But with the Yumbo being so delicious, I tried to keep going. Guacamole and sour cream made for a super messy experience:

Thankfully the dude saw and offered to make me one without the guac and sc. In the beginning after hitting guac & sc I thought "oh well" and would have eaten it. But another Yumbo was readied and I could enjoy the steak, beans, rice, and pico without the nasty-ass guacamole & sour cream.


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