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Big Texan, Big Deal

How the MEAT beat ME this time.

So this is how I thought it would end:

But here is how it did end:

The steak dinner sounded innocent enough. Baked potato, dinner salad, dinner roll, 3 shrimp, and the steak.

The steak was cooked perfectly. It was quite tasty, very flavorful, and no gristle or fat whatsoever.

There was some paperwork to complete, and then it was on.

Much of the next hour was this:

The steak really is not that big. This really shouldn't be so hard to do. I thought the steak would be more daunting - plate-sized (which it was) but thicker throughout. It was a few inches thick in the middle but the edges were normal. My steak was 71 ounces. I thought the steaks were 72oz uncooked, so I thought the steak would be around 60 ounces cooked. No luck there. I asked for no dressing on the salad. Thinking save space, and it would be lower calorie as well. Thankfully when I was eating T-bone had the waitress bring a bit of ranch dressing. That helped to lube the mouth and gave me a moment break from the flavor fatigue. Going in I thought 40 minutes for the steak was doable (and it is). Then eat the salad, then potato, then shrimp. In about 20 minutes I had eaten 1/2 the steak. On schedule. I ate one shrimp, and then continued with the steak. The outer parts of the steak were moist, but as I got nearer to the center it got pretty dry pretty fast. You do get a small bowl of au jus to dip in but the juice developed a weird salty aftertaste after a while. I think at 45 minutes I ate the salad and the other two shrimp and the roll. So just the potato and the steak to finish. I decided to finish the meat at least, and then eat the potato. When my hour ran out, I had eaten:

64 ounces of delicious top sirloin (71oz beginning weight - 7 ounces remaining)
dinner salad
3 fried shrimp
dinner roll

With a few minutes to go I cut up the steak and doused it with the au jus. Next time the plan will be much the same, but faster. I was taking small bites - and that's fine - but do it faster. And do not over-chew. Get on with it.

Afterwards, I was pissed and didn't deserve it, but we got some frozen yogurt:

Big Texan, we will meat again soon.

A complete slideshow of photos can be viewed here. I have some video to post too.

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Anonymous erbivore said...

Nice work! We got one of those steaks here that I'm looking for an excuse to try.

Anonymous beautifulbrian said...

Nice try Andrew. It's not easy at all. I can attest. I tried the 76oz at J&R steakhouse in LI NY on two separate occasions 2001 & 2004. I was able to complete both times but it really takes its toll on you. You need three years to recover which is why i didnt go back until 2004. At J&R they demand you eat the fatty part around the bone which is twice as aggravating. If it wasnt for the baked potato and the 6oz of pasta salad i dont think i would have made it. The side orders are actually a welcome addition besides all that damn steak and helps get it down towards the end

Blogger Mega Munch said...

Not bad, bro. Good use of ranch dressing to address the flavor fatigue issue. I'm a big fan of that stuff (in eating contests and otherwise). I'm SO hungry for a giant steak right now, it's not even funny. Too bad I have a cereal eating contest this evening or else I'd go out and get me a steak TONIGHT!

Blogger Wild Bill said...

Good try, Andrew. Dave - there is a place way up on North Front Street, right before the Rockville bridge called the Glass Lounge. Big steaks there, not 72 oz, but nice sized. Inexpensive too.


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