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Hamburger Eating

Saturday was hamburgers.

You will only see me and Mad Stork in the photos and videos. Why? Only two of us showed up to eat. 2 people. But we came to eat, so we did.

You can see I only used water. I forgot my usual. I started to get flavor fatigue at burger #5.

There were only two of us eating, but still a pretty good crowd watched.

The burgers were frozen 1/4 lb patties. They were grilled, and then slapped on grilled Sara Lee buns. Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee.

You can barely make out the syringe, but here is Stork pumping his veins full of some juice.

In the end:
Olde Tyme Drafts & Dawgs
Freshly grilled hamburgers
12 minutes
1st - Stork, 10 1/2
2nd - Me, 9

And T-bone did get two video snippets:

and you can hear some commentary in the background in this one:


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