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Look at My Big Meat

Kaz says:
To be the meat you must eat the meat

So a meat-eating I went. T-bonz, Guapo and I met at Traildust for an early bird feast. Bonz and Guapo are two terrific athletic supporters.

Traildust has the biggest steak in Denver that I know of.. 50 ounces, the Bull Shipper they call it. Plus you get a salad, two sides, and bread. I went with the baked potato and cole slaw.

El Guapisimo scored. He order some combo of steak, shrimp and ribs.. Another rib order was canceled so the chef threw them on Guapo's plate. Suh-weet. Free meat. Can't be beat.

The 50 ounce Porterhouse had the t-bone in. At home I weighed the bone - just under 7 ounces.

The steak wasn't too big around, but it was thick. And hot.

It was pretty tasty. I ordered it Medium, and the center was warm and pink. The outer edges were a bit overdone, but it was a big hunk of meat.

There was no fat to trim off, but there was some gristley spots. Those tended to be around the bone where the meat connected.

I had not had a single steak that size before. I think a little over 1 1/2 pounds was my previous steak max. The Bull Shipper is not something I'd go out of my way for but it was a good warmup and I'll know what to expect as far as the digestion of a large piece of beef.

In the end, my take -
Steak, baked potato, cole slaw, dinner salad, 2 pieces of Texas toast, a few onion rings.

Guaps' grin must be because...

... he's got some tasty leftovers...

Good stuff.



Blogger Mega Munch said...

That's some good looking meat. I need to grab me a giant steak SOON!

Blogger Skinnyboy said...

Well hey Dave!


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