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My Body Fat %

At the office yesterday the Health Center was doing body fat measurements. Only a select few were willing to face up to it. Here's my result:

The tests were done using calipers. They took three measurements at each of three testing areas: chest, tricep, thigh. Of course there is a great deal of room for errors, so the curiously too precise sounding 6.44% doesn't mean too much. No single result on a single day can mean that much. Use the results to measure overall progress.


Anonymous Kevin Ross said...

I'm not sure I trust the calipers much. I think the person performing the test can err quite a lot, as you said and it probably varies based on things like water retention. Although you clearly have a very low BF%, I don't think it's really as low as the 6% range. That's like on-season competitive bodybuilder stuff. You should see if you can find a place with one of those dunk tank thingies to get a really accurate reading out of curiosity. I've always wanted to try that, but I have no idea where to go that isn't wildly expensive.


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